Monday, October 25, 2010

This past weekend was super busy. Kevin and I got a deal on some armoires they were moving out of the Red Lion in Richland (us and many other people) and we got them for $50. So Kevin and his cohorts who were also purchasing these spent most of Friday and Saturday morning hauling these incredible heavy things onto a trailer and then unloading them. I am going to probably refinish them, not because they need it, but more because I have 3 identical armoires and need to make them look diferent. Anyway, they are huge and very, very heavy. Above is Keivn and Reuben displaying their super awesome moving belts. They were both super sore on Sunday. I am thinking when we move again we might leave some of them with the house. Anyway, I will put some pictures up when I redo one of them.

Meanwhile, Lucy tried to pose for me before church on Sunday. It would've been great, except she was yelling "cheese!" at Kevin, not me. Today I was trying to pack, unsuccessfully, as Lucy was unpacking everything as soon as I turned around. And then Isak, bless his heart, thinks he is spiderman and can do "tricks". He climbed to the very top shelf in my closet and perched himself there. And then wanted me to close the door. He's very big into finding little hiding places these days and stowing himself away.

This, of course, made Lucy quite angry that Isak was up high and she couldn't reach him. She yelled and persisted until I sat her next to him. Meanwhile, nothing was getting packed.

This picture is quite distorted the more I look at it, Lucy is not that huge. I think that Isak was leaning back or something.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkin patch

Today Isak's class went to the pumpkin patch. Isak was more excited to jump off the hay bales, but he had fun picking out a pumpkin. Lucy got to come too, although she spent most of the time tripping over vines and eating dirt.

Isak picked out the biggest pumpkin he could find and has been asking to carve it ever since. My camera showed up in the mail right after we got home so I took some pictures of the kids outside with it. Aren't they cute? Well, Lucy looks a little crazed in her picture, but I'm just so happy to have a working camera again. We had a new couple in our ward over for dinner tonight and it turns out the husband went to WSU and knows my old roommates and alot of the same people I do. Small world. And, it sounds like they will want to go out and do stuff which is a double plus! We already have them booked for a double date tomorrow night! Yea for new friends!

Friday, October 15, 2010


I should be sleeping right now. My kids are sleeping, and I am working tonight, but instead I laid in my bed for over an hour, wishing I could nap. Isak ran into our room last night at 3am, screaming, "I want my ironman costume!", completely hysterical. He must have been dreaming. See, we went to the temple last night and Kevin's cousin, Angie, was kind enough to take our kids during the session. She has very awesome toys at her house, like real doggies and ironman costumes, and we had to pull our kids out when it was time to go. Isak was insistent he also needed an ironman costume. But after discovering they cost $20 and knowing it would be half price after Halloween, I conveniently forgot and distracted him elsewhere. Apparently his subconscious knew better and made itself known in the middle of the night.
Our camera is officially unrepairable. We took it to a camera shop and the parts would cost close to a new camera. This makes the 2nd one in 2 years. The first died by falling off the top of the car, and this one died in the hands of a 3 year old. And Lucy about finished off our laptop this morning, slamming down the already cracked lid. Good thing money grows on trees, right?
We are going to Wisconsin in 12 days to visit my sister and her family. I am very excited, we only get to see them maybe once a year. Hopefully I will have a new camera by then. That I will have to keep in a steel case...protected by fire....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Isak broke my camera this week, shoved in the lens while it was out, so I am cameraless. I have had to resort to using Kevin's phone for pictures. Anyone know of a camera repair shop nearby?Meanwhile, I dressed Lucy really cute this morning for church. I love picking out outfits for her, and so far, she doesn't care what she wears. Its so fun! Boys just aren't the same to dress. Unfortunately, she did not want her picture taken. I hit a couple garage sales this weekend and picked up these awesome 3 wheel trikes for a total of $5 for both. With some new batteries, they are as good as new and the kids love riding them around. Completely worth $5.

Kevin and I went on a nice little date Saturday night and enjoyed a leisurely weekend at home. Oh and Boise State won. Again. And moved up to #3 in the rankings. I made Lucy a BSU tutu. I will have to post a picture soon. Kevin and I have decided if they go to the championship game, we will mortgage our children and go. I think its a great idea.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The house is mostly repainted, if you look close you can still see the red, it will need a few more coats. Yesterday we were driving in the car and Isak said, "mom, its so hot outside, you would cook just like a pancake!". I have no idea how hot that is but apparently, hot enough to cook some breakfast food.
Lucy has been saying some funny things lately. Her new phrase, "oh man!" and her favorite.."allllright!". She will also try to count..1,2,8,9,10! only its not super intelligible. Today she had an "accident" in the bathtub so I took her out, wrapped her in a towel and sat her on a chair. While I was cleaning it she walks in saying "pottee..pottee.." and promptly peed all over the floor as well. Isak then walked by and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, this is not good. This is not good at all". So helpful. Lately when we have been putting him to bed he has been yelling at Kevin from his room.."I just so mad at you daddy I can't sleep! I'm just so angry right now! I can't even take a nap I so mad!". They are funny kids, so funny, they I cannot wait to go to work today at 3 and let Kevin have them all night!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kevin and I were painting our front door today with the paint sprayer. We caged Lucy successfully but Isak was wondering around. Since he's old enough to not touch things and to listen (in theory), we thought it would be fine. And it was. Right up until he picked up the spray gun and gave it a squirt. ALL over the front of the house. Fun thing about sprayers, it sprays dots of red everywhere. Luckily we have some extra paint.
One very sad little boy in timeout. He is so very naughty sometimes,but, we love him. Isn't that the saddest face ever?
Kevin was working on putting up our fence today and dug a hole for the post. It was also big enough for Isak and Lucy to squeeze in. I thnk this is one of the few pictures I have of them together both smiling. Don't mind Lucy's mullett, I was sleeping and Kevin was in charge of her hair, bless his heart.