Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pregnant and not loving it

Alright well I have been horrible at updating this and I have no real excuse. I am still pregnant despite 4 weeks of bedrest and being told I was in "preterm labor". Apparently it worked well...too well...and now I am term and could deliver and of couse am still pregnant. The baby will come when its ready though and I'm trying not to fixate on it too much. I have started doing sets of stairs everyday and running a mile every night when kevin comes from work.. I figure this will help prepare my body for the whole labor thing even if I have to end up being induced. We had some snow a few weeks ago and Isak loves to play in it, mostly poke it with stick and make holes and then lay in it and roll around.

Kevin has started busy season and is working 11 hour days which makes for long days for Isak and I and makes him tired. This makes me want the baby to come all the more so then I can at least see him for a few days.

Since I've been on bedrest and have been very pregnant, Isak has gotten away with a lot. I figure I can retrain him once I'm done being pregnant. He's watched too much tv and gets pretty much whatever he wants because I'm too tired to argue.

have no idea where Isak learned to wear a helmet when riding his motorcycle but apparently safety is very important to him because he started doing this on his own.

This is Isak hanging out in his chair with his dogs, taking it easy. I love it when he's this relaxed...
Below is a little video of Isak, I tried to catch him whining with his eyes closed for Whitney but I'm not sure I captured the full beauty of it. He's really good at whining and will run into random furniture because he walks around doing it with his eyes closed. Its hard not to laugh.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quick Update

Our computer's power cord has passed away, another one is on the way but mean while I am pictureless for this post. I was officially taken off bedrest yesterday (yay!) but probably won't go on any long labor walks for another few weeks. They told me it was up to me how active I wanted to be depending on how early I wanted to have a baby. I'm not that anxious so I will try to take it as easy as possible (and as easy as Isak will let me), for the next few weeks. Meanwhile kevin has been out of town a lot the past few weeks and is finally home for which I am very grateful. I have been lucky to have my mom and mother-in-law stay with us the past few weeks to help out which has been great with Isak. I am now just trying to get everything ready for this baby and wrap my head around the fact that I will soon have 2 kids and will probably lose what little is left of my sanity.