Sunday, February 27, 2011

President's Day Weekend.

Presidents Day weekend we went down to Boise and then to Twin Falls to visit some friends/family we haven't seen in a while. Silly me, I didn't start taking pictures till we got to Twin Falls. We stayed with my brother and his wife Thursday night and had a great visit and my kids loved chasing their kitties. Then we stayed with Kevin's aunt Susan and her husband John Friday night and got to see some more family. I also got to see some friends in Boise that I have't seen in a while and catch up with some girls I use to work with. It was a whirlwind but really great to visit with everyone. We got to Twin Falls Saturday aftternoon, just in time for Conner's 2nd birthday party. Conner got this sweet little car that Isak liked to push him around in and Lucy liked to shove him out of :). Isak got this spiderman mask at Target while we were shopping for Conners b-day present. I have been trying to find him a Spiderman costume but since its not Halloween time, this mask was a great 2nd option, and much cheaper.
Kevin's sister Lindsey and her husband popped in to so it was like a mini family reunion, minus Jason and Whitney. We had tons of fun, staying up late playing Kinnect, having a huge nerf gun fight and even got in a little shopping.

By far the kids favorite part of their house was GusGus the hamster, who was recently acquired by Nathan and Steph. Lucy was so excited, I thought she would hyperventilate. She would just stare at him in the cage and then we let him out to run in the ball and she just kept saying "hi gusgus, hi gusgus" over and over. Poor Skeletor, the other hamster, didn't get nearly as much attention. Probably because he's a biter. Isak thought he was cool but wasn't too sure about holding him. Apparently Conner likes to try to give him rides in his little push cart.

Sorry kids, I am getting you any pet hamsters anytime soon.We got Conner his very own automatic nerf gun for his birthday, a rite of passage for every 2 year old boy.We had lots of fun and loved visitng everyone. Did I mention Stephanie is 8 months pregnant too and super cute? She is. Sorry that I didn't get pictures of my trip to Boise, I promise I love my family there equally too. I love that even though we moved away, we are still close enough to visit once in a while!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lucy's 2nd Birthday

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alright, so Lucy's "official" b-day party was on the 10th. Both sets of grandparents were there, minus sickie Bob, and Great Grandma Grimmett. My mom scored Lucy this awesome Cat in Hat Hat, complete with bowtie (not pictured). Lucy about had a heart attack when she saw herself in the mirror she was so excited. She couldn't quit grinning and kept yelling "cat in haaat! cat in haaat!".
For dinner I took the easy route and did mini pizzas with strawberries and jello. Total Lucy food and she was pretty excited. She even got Kevin to hand feed her some of her meal.

This was her cake, she LOVES cat in the hat and all of the books and the PBS cartoon. The cake was fairly simple, the hardest part was getting the stripes to not blend.

Lucy was very excited about her cake and even more excited that people were singing to her. I uploaded a video above of her blowing out her candles. She made us sing to her twice.
She got a pretty princess mirror that lights up when you push a button and says "you're a pretty princess". She LOVES it and carries it around in front of her face. She also got a microphone to go with it so she can sing to herself and record her voice.

Being the frugal mother I am, I regifted this shopping cart from her aunt and uncle from christmas and gave it to her birthday along with some baby doll accessories I bought a year ago at walmart during their huge clearance sale.

She also received an awesome Fisher Price barn set that makes varied farm sounds, a fairy costume complete with butterfly headband, playdough, and some books. She really loved her birthday and had a great time, I must say, she thoroughly enjoyed each of her presents.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I need to post a few pictures of Lucy's birthday party. But first, I wanted to write down some funny things Isak said to me this week that I don't want to forget.
Isak: "Mom, I know a lot about gargaling. Gargaling make me nervous".
Isak: "Heavenly Father is going to create an army for me to destroy the ghostlight"
Isak: "I have a very important meeting tomorrow at the preschool".
Me: "Oh really Isak? What is it about?"
Isak: "I have to tell people about Jesus. I can walk there, just down the street".
Isak: I just need to tickle my nose. Electricity would be very DANGEROUS to tickle my nose with!
There is a little girl down the street who recently moved into our ward. We've had them over a few times to play and apparently she really likes Isak. She brought him a valentine on Sunday and he walked her to Primary at church on Sunday. Its pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shameless Plug

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Lucy!!

Happy Birthday to my Lucy Lou! I can't believe she is already 2! Where oh where did the time go? It was just yesterday she had her sticky uppy hair and was so itty bitty.
We are celebrating Lucy's birthday tomorrow night with our families but we still had a really fun day today with her, although she had no idea what was going on. She just thought we were giving her what she wanted more than usual.

She got to lick the beater from her cake.

I let her open her birthday present of fruit snacks, flouride free toothpaste, and toothbrushes. She loves to eat/suck on toothpaste and I thought I would get her some that was at least safe for her weird habit. We got her other stuff too that weren't grocery items, like large amounts of playdough that she snacked on this morning. Yes.

Then she scored some chocolates from her Nana which totally capped off her day. Some even made them into her mouth. We got her a Happy Meal for dinner which she got to eat while watching Toy Story. Pretty much the best day ever for Lucy.
Lucy is super fun at this age and has so much personality, I often wonder how she fits into such a tiny person. She loves to sing, even when she doesn't know the words, and will sing along at church quite loudly. She loves to bug Isak, its her favorite hobby, and she is really good at driving him crazy. I told Isak Lucy was turning two today and he asked, "does this mean she's going to quit bugging me?". I told him it probably meant she was just going to get better at it.
She likes to count to 10, although she will usually skip some numbers, and mostly does it so she can clap for herself when she's done.
She is not shy at all and LOVES attention. She loves people watching her and telling her she's cute and will perform anytime she can tell she has an audience. One of her favorite things to do is to tell me "you're funnyy" and laugh and repeat this again and again.
Her favorite book is green eggs and ham, which she calls "haamm!hammm!".
She sleeps with her "deedee" (pink, furry blanket) and will crawl up in it when she's tired.
She will often demand to be put in her crib if we don't do it fast enough. That girl, like her momma, loves her sleep and knows when its time to go to bed.
She can be pretty naughty and defiant and gives us her "devil smile" quite often.
She loves to wrestle with Kevin when he gets home from work .
She still sleeps in her crib and has never tried to get out, which is not suprising . She would much rather just yell and have someone come pick her up. Way too much effort to climb out.
She has the prettiest blonde hair and blue eyes. This will be a problem when she gets older.
Anyway, I love her at this age and she is so much fun everyday. I love having a little girl.

After Isak was sick last week, I got the evil twin of Isak's virus that Saturday and was super sick most of the weekend. So far, Lucy and Kevin have escaped it and I'm praying it stays that way. So for now, Isak is well besides just being extra cranky. Apparently that was a side effect of the virus. Or of being three. Once we were feeling better, Isak and I made some heart shaped cookies. Isak thought his "tommy gun" would make a much more awesome cookie cutter.The library in Othello had a "block party" this week with several different block stations with all types of blocks. Isak's preschool went on Monday and he loved it, especially knocking down his towers.

Every morning, Isak will ask, "What are we going to do today mommy? Do you have any ideas?". He then proceeds to tell me if my ideas are good or not, fortunately, most of the time he likes them. They usually involve him and his "projects". Now, I am not that mom that is super awesome and does organized preschool with my kids everyday. I'm just not. But, Isak loves to cut and glue and paint so we usually do playdough or some kind of art project. Many times Isak will figure out his own "project" like the day we made ninja warriors out of paper plates. Anyway, the above is a rainbow he made by cutting strips of scrap paper out and placing enormous amounts of glue everywhere.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I was suppose to go help at Isak's prechool this morning. I was in charge of "snack" and had a great idea planned...ego waffles with strawberries/whipcream/blueberries and syrup. I even brought the toaster. As I was unloading out of the car, little Isak started puking all over the sidewalk. I managed to find someone to give my stuff too and hauled Isak back home. Poor kid. His biggest concern was that his coat was covered in germs and that now he needed a new one from the coat store. I was wondering why he wouldn't eat breakfast this morning and why he kept telling us his pillow was too hot last night..Luckily, Isak is pretty good when he is sick and I have to do alot of investigating to tell if he's done being sick or not. I am more worried about his little sister who is a big weenie when she is sick and will more than likely come down with the same thing. Hopefully she can wait till Saturday afternoon....when I'm at work :).