Friday, November 7, 2014


This year for Halloween I put in as little effort as possible, as usual.  I am definitely not that mother that stays up till all hours of the night sewing Halloween costumes. I AM that mother who scrounges yard sales and clearance racks for cheap costumes, however, which is why I told my kids to go pick out of our large array of get ups.  Luckily, my children are fairly still easy to please.  Quinn was a skunk, which every child of mine has been as a baby. Love this costume. Edyn was a chicken and made awesome screaming chicken noises "bwack, bwack!!"  Lucy wore her Ariel dress and wig that she received for her birthday this year and completed the ensemble with her choice of bows for her hair.  Isak really wanted to be Minecraft Steve (thank-you half off Wal-Mart clearance) and we just made his pick axe diamond sword. Which in the picture is of course backwards so you can't even see it.

Our trunk or treat at the church was Halloween night as well so we started there and then perused some nearby streets.

Oh and Kevin and I decided on Halloween we should dress up as well, haha, for the first time ever.  I donned Isak's batman mask and cat tail and Kevin wore his dryasabone and the creeper face.  We are definitely not coordinated but we had fun!  Please notice Edyn's mismatched socks and Quinn's feet hanging out in this picture.
Of course within 20 minutes Isak realized he could hardly see with the box on his head and it quickly became his trick or treat bucket instead. Lucy also ripped off her wig and just wore her dress.  All in all, the three of them did great going door to door and even Edyn had a pretty good handle on what to do and what to say.
And don't worry, I've already found Wal-Mart's 75% off costumes for next year! Hahaha.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Playing with Quinn

 Isak and Lucy made Quinn a baby boat out of the laundry basket and stuck him in it. They thought it was so funny and Quinners didn't mind too much either.  Isak loves to carry him around the house and play with him and get him out of his crib.  It is so nice having a child old enough to be of some serious help with it comes to baby number four.

 After Halloween every year, the kids always request that I make their pumpkins "throw up". They think it is hilarious.  So this year we tried red wine and rice vinegar as well as white along with food coloring and baking soda.  The red actually made the best reaction.  It smelled horrible, the kids thought it was awesome.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

 I took some pictures of the Quinn and Edyn today out in the leaves. Quinn is 7 months old.
He has one tooth on the bottom of his mouth and is pretty much the happiest baby ever.  He loves to eat and loves his mom and dad and siblings more than anyone.  He can sit up by himself but has no interest in trying to go anywhere which I am more than okay with.  He tolerates Edyn pretty well and she can make him laugh more than I can.  He babbles all day long and yells when he's unhappy but is easily contented. He reminds me so much of baby Isak in his looks and like Lucy in his temperament.  We sure love this sweet boy in our family!

 Edyn is 2 1/2 years old, she will be 3 in January. Recently potty trained she is definitely the fire cracker in our house and gives me a run for my money.  She also makes me laugh on a daily basis and has a lot of sass to her.  She likes to pretend she is a dog quite often, especially at the store, and if she gets in trouble will often resort to barking then whimpering like a dog.  If you don't do what she says the first time, she will repeat it in a loud, demonic sounding voice.  It's quite lovely.  She loves animals of all kinds, especially cats and likes to chase the cats at Isak's piano teacher's house while he has lessons. She also loves her nana's kitties and follows them around talking to them often.  She is very cuddly and likes to curl up in my lap and tell me, "I yuv you mommy!". Very sweet.  Her other favorite thing to do is bug Isak and Lucy and get a reaction out of them, which isn't hard, and then laugh and run away.  She is usually the first one up every morning and she bursts into our room yelling "wake up! wake up! What are you doing?!" She also high knee runs down our hardwood hallway so its impossible to ignore her.  She is already giving me gray hair, but we all love our little Edyn.