Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We enjoyed the last of the snow on Sunday and kevin pulled the kids around in the sled. They LOVED it and I think Kevin got a great workout! My large pregnant self was inside the warm house in a chair I think at the time they were freezing outside......

The snow was quickly was melting by Monday but Isak was desperate to make a snowman. So I helped him scrape him up the last of the snow and we built a sad little snowman that the kids loved.
When Kevin came home from lunch he made him a second snowman which Isak promptly destroyed. His favorite part of building snowmen is jumping on them.
I attempted foam curlers in Lucy's hair the other night as well without a lot of hope. She really dislikes having her hair touched, brushed,braided or anything else that would make it super cute. She let me put in a few curlers which I tried to tie some fabric around for the night.
When she woke up, most of them had made it through the night and at least some of her hair was curly.
It turned out pretty cute! Now if only she would let me do this more often.....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First Snow!

It snowed today and the kids were super excited. Isak kept running out into the snow in his socks and telling me he needed to clear the driveway. Then he found, his water bottle and wanted to stick it outside so the water would freeze. He was also very insistent all afternoon that he go out in play in it but I told him he had to wait till Kevin came home. It was freezing outside and I knew he would be outside for a while and well, my coat barely zips up so right now and being outside in freezing weather isn't super appealing. I'm a great mom right now, I know. When the snow stopped, Isak started crying and telling me to bring the snow back and it took me forever to get him to understand that it would stop and start for a while. And no, despite being super mom, I do not control the weather. Anyway, I was VERY excited when Kevin came home from work and took crazy 1 and crazy 2 outside in the snow. I won't even go into the theatrics that came when Isak realized his mittens didn't exactly match.But they did love the snow. Even Lucy is much more adventurous than last winter and was very insistent on making a "dowball!. I can't wait till there is enough for sledding! Although I probably won't be doing any of that for a while...

Kevin and I had a pretty productive weekend last week. My parents were gracious enough to take our kids Friday night and Saturday so we could get some projects done and so I could sleep since I worked night shift.We got our front room painted on Friday night and then Kevin got his floor put in for our shed on Saturday with the help of some great friends. I was able to start sewing the squares for Isak's quilt which I'm realizing is going to take me forever to finish. Its suppose to be a christmas present so hopefully I can finish in time. Anyway, it was fantastic to be able to get so much done! This is what people must be able to accomplish all the time who don't have kids!Our kids were so tired when my parents dropped them off, Isak fell asleep on the recliner and slept for an hour. I don't know if its nesting or what but all the half finished projects we have around our house are driving my absolutely crazy. That and I feel like the walls are closing in on me in our house and we really need that shed before the baby comes so I have a place to put everything! I don't even have room for its cradle right now and haven't been able to dig out any of my boy baby clothes because I can't find them. I have a couple months..I can do it, right??
Speaking of babies, Lucy really likes to sit in the bumbo chair and say, "I'm a baby". Its fairly awesome, especially when she's in her raincoat and blanket sleeper.
Isak loves me to play war with his army guys and the playdough with him. He takes his colored pencils and uses them as missles and they fire them at each other from their mounds of dough. I love him but oh my goodness he is so demanding. He gets upset whenever I talk on the phone with him there because I am not paying 100% attention to him all the time. Its exhausting. I love spending time with him but it would be nice if he would play be himself for 10 mins during the day! He's going through a phase where he loves to tell jokes that he's made up and he thinks they are hilarious. Its pretty funny. He says the funniest things. Tonight he was in bed yelling at Kevin and I because we couldn't find a stuffed animal of is and I heard him yell "why is no one paying attention to all the feelings I am having?!" He loves feeling the baby move and talks about it frequently, I just hope he loves it as much when he/she shows up and starts taking a lot of my time!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We had our ward's trunk or treat on Saturday night which was pretty small affair. Isak was a leopard and Lucy was a ladybug, both costumes we were gifted to us by my sister in the past year so I had to do absolutely nothing! Thanks Valerie! The kids got some candy and Lucy quickly figured out that if she put her bucket back up towards people and the candy bag, she would get more candy. Somehow she ended up with twice as much candy as Isak.

On the actual day, Isak had a Halloween party at preschool that I got to go help at. He wore his costume and was extremely excited to go show all his friends and see their costumes. Spending 2 hours with several hopped up 4 and 5 year olds in costumes was definitely an experience.
Kevin was also out of town all day Halloween so I got the lovely job of getting the kids ready for trick or treating. As you can tell, Lucy was just so excited. But this picture pretty much explains her personality the last 3 days, apparently puberty hits at 2. Who knew? She is impossible to reason with and will throw giant tantrums over anything, like green watercolors or not holding owl puppet. She can communicate when she wants too, she just would rather scream and be completely irrational. I love her, yes I do, but when I got pregnant I purposely put 3 years between my kids in a hope that Lucy would be more independent since Isak was so little when Lucy was born. I didn't realize I would still have 2 babies! She has no desire at all to leave her crib, to be potty trained, to try and dress herself, or well do anything that requires any effort at her part. Isak was so completely opposite at this age, wanting as much independence as we allowed, that I have no idea what to do with her. Anyway, this is about Halloween so I shall continue.
Lucy eventually obliged to go outside when she realized she got to bring her candy bucket with her and fill it with more candy. My nice friend and her family offered to go with us so I wouldn't have to drag the kids around by myself.Isak as a leopard and his flashlight/sucker that I'm pretty sure he doesn't know is candy yet and just likes the face reflection that the laser puts off. Notice the new door in the back? We put it in on Saturday and I love it! It lets so much more light in our house and looks so much better. We trick or treated down our street towards Kevin's mom's house and the kids did pretty well. Lucy rode in the stroller and hopped out for every door. It was pretty cold but their costumes were very warm. They both got a decent amount of candy that has been relegated to the top of the fridge and I am attempting to control their daily intake.

Lucy apparently got a little too much candy and needed her glasses back on, as you can tell. She was sitting in the chair and noticed me reaching into her candy bucket. She yelled at me, "Hey! dats mine! top it!" (stop it). Then proceeded to go grab her bucket while giving me the stink eye. I guess I should know better than to try and take Lucy's candy. The kids had a great time and even Kevin got home in time to join us for a few houses. Speaking of Halloween, look at the giant pumpkin shaped baby in this picture....
Alright, I know you have all been dying to see this. Take a good look, the next time you see this baby it will be outside in a blanket :). I am about 28 weeks in this picture, not sure how I can get bigger, but I'm sure I will. Isak loves feeling the baby move and will often come up to me during the day and put his hands on my stomach. If he can't feel anything, he will say, "Mom, wake the baby up so he can kick me!". I am glad he is so excited, especially since Lucy will probably be having a much harder time with the baby and relegating her status of "the baby". I have awesome heartburn, upper right rib and back pain, but otherwise feel pretty good and have been able to keep running. I have done absolutely nothing yet in preparation, I should probably figure that out soon, like buy some diapers or something :).