Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lake Tahoe

We went to Lake Tahoe this past weekend with Kevin's family and had a lot of fun. It was very pretty and Isak loved playing on the beach and running all over the house. We spent some time with some good friends of kevin's family that were generous enough to let us stay with them and put up with crying babies. Below, Isak and Kevin while our on little "nature" hike we took down a trail. We were supposed to be able to look through this glass partition into the lake but it was closed. We saw some beatiful blue jays though and tons of chipmunks that Isak had fun chasing.
Along the trail, found this great bridge that overlooked a stream. Luckily we kept Isak from jumping in.

Lucy and Conner posing. They had lots of fun pulling at each other and staring at each other.

Lucy and Conner in their bumbo chairs, enjoying some delicious pears and bananas. At one point Lucy finished all of her food and started trying to eat Conner's.
Kevin and I also got a chance to go out one evening with everyone and do some quick touristy browsing at all the little shops.

Lucy also loved the sunshine and spent most of her time under the umbrella and being held. Or trying to attack her cousin Conner.

All of us minus Vicki, who we missed very much!

Isak also loved playing in the water and was demanding Kevin take him to these rocks that were a ways down the shore. He kept finding chipmunks there and was very fascinated by them. He started yelling "stop!" whenever they would run away.

Videos of Isak driving the boat above and Lucy and Conner eating in their bumbo chairs. I'm guessing unless you're family or completely adore my children, they won't be too interesting.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Well this is very late and for some reason blogspot is not letting me upload pictures so this one will have to do. Happy belated anniversary to us! We celebrated 4 years on the 11th..I say "celebrated" loosely..really we saw each for 15 minutes and exchanged cards before I went to work. Very romantic. The above picture was the spring before we got married when I was visiting Kevin in Hawaii. He once mentioned to me that I married "Hawaii" kevin and am now married to "accountant" kevin. I can relate to this and blame most of it on the two little rugrats that we have acquired in the past 4 years. Good thing they are so cute. Perhaps one day we will be young, thin, tan and attractive again and can visit white sandy beaches in the sun. Without the sounds of screaming underslept children in the background. Sigh...I have lots of catching up to with our trip to tahoe this past weekend and if blogspot ever starts working again, I will upload all of my pictures!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lost Camera

I have no pictures for this post because I believe my camera has passed away. Sadly, I think it may have fallen off the hood of our jeep and has gone missing. You see, I have been painting Lucy's dresser for the past week in the garage and was taking some "before" shots of it and placed it on the car so it wouldn't get run over. I think I may have taken off in the car without realizing it was still there. I really can't remember if I took it off or not and there are no signs or remnants of it around the neighborhood and none of my neighbors have seen the thing. It was old but it still worked fine and unfortunately still had some pictures on it. So we are going shopping this week for a new camera as we have some family trips coming up and it is a complete necessity. I also need new running shoes but decided a camera was a more immediate need and I can't take pictures of my adorable children with new shoes. So this is a quick update as to what we've been up to the past few weeks with pictures to follow:

-Lucy's room is close to being finished. I repainted a ghastly green dresser that I found for $10 at a garage sale that was covered in paisley contact paper. I did her name in cute letters, my mom sewed her some cute pink sparkly curtains with a matching pillow, and bought her a cute floor lamp from Target. I just need to hang her birth announcement and some pictures and I'll be done.
-Isak is fearless with the water. Like, super scary fearless. He thinks its fun to dunk his head and run to the deep end and jump in. He really doesn't care if we're there to catch him or not. Its a great workout trying to sprint swim to where he is so he doesn't drown. Luckily he has a life jacket and he's pretty good about putting his head back and kicking his legs. I think its because we go swimming to much that he's very comfortable. I'm pretty sure he'll be ready for swim lessons next summer.
-Lucy loves to sit in her bumbo chair that I found at a garage sale for cheap. I was anti bumbo chair because I think $40 for a baby chair is ridiculous but $14 is okay and she loves it. She has 2 teeth that have broken through on the bottom and she loves to chew on everything. She's a great eater and loves baby food. Her 6 month appt is on Monday and I'm excited to see how much she's grown.
-Isak randomly decided to sit on the toilet on Friday and strained some pee out. I'm sure we are no where close to being ready for potty training but it was exciting all the same. Wow, you can tell I'm a mom when that was the highlight of my Friday..
-Kevin and I are completely uninteresting so there is nothing new with us. We're getting ready to go to Lake Tahoe next week with Kevin's family and I'm visiting my sister in Wisconsin shortly after. I'm also attempting a race of sorts that hopefully doesn't kill me while in Wisconsin so we will see how that goes.
I'll post some pictures as soon as I find a camera!