Saturday, January 28, 2012

Edyn is growing like a weed. Yesterday I noticed her newborn pajamas were too small and her legs wouldn't straighten out in them. Just in the past week it seems she has grown a ton. Which would make sense since she eats constantly! This picture is from the beginning of this week, she was about 12 days old. She has got a serious pair of lips on her...

Lucy and Edyn and I hung out while Isak was at preschool on Wednesday. I had to buy Lucy some new clothes as her pants and her shirts no longer met and all her pants were too short.
I love these leggings. They are totally Lucy. Especially when she rocks her green frog boots with them.
"Can I hold it mom?" Lucy loves to hold Edyn. She always tells me, "she's scared" whenever she makes a noise. She also tells me that "she's cute" about 10 times a day.

Edyn at about 2 weeks. She's starting to wake up a lot more during the day but still wakes up 3-4 times a night to eat. She's so much fun, I just wish she would stay little forever but learn how to sleep through the night at the same time...if only that were possible!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Lucy was pretty excited to find her sunglasses today. She insisted I wear mine as well and when she found I wasn't wearing them, she politely shoved them back on my face. It was kind of hard to do laundry this morning...
Can you find the almost 3 year old? It might be hard for a few reasons. For one, her crib resembles a small zoo and oh wait, what is that in her mouth? Oh yes, a pacifier. She never took one as a baby and I tried. Never had an interest and we never had to break her from it or go through any of that. So now I really can't understand why she loves the dang things so much and keeps stealing them from Edyn's baby stuff. She asks for it throughout the day, "Where my binkie go? I want my binkie!". I mean, seriously child? You are almost 3! I am trying to get her to sit on the potty once a day just to make an effort with the whole potty training thing and here she is wanting a pacifier! I am having to hide them from her which is hard considering the newborn in the house that actually uses them. I can't figure that kid out. She's just weird, and I mean that in the nicest mommy way possible. She eats play dough with a fork. I love her and she makes me laugh a whole lot, but oh my goodness. I hope her turning 3 will tone down the crazy a bit.
I am very lucky this week, my visiting teacher arranged dinner and somewhere for my kids to play almost everyday this week. I feel guilty as I am doing pretty darn good other than just tired and think I should be able to handle things but I am certainly not going to turn down a chance for a nap! Today they were gone for 3 hours and I felt like I was on a mini vacation. I got a nap and cleaned my house and sat and cuddled Edyn. It was awesome. And my kids loved being able to get out of the house and go play with their friends. I hope I am able to return the favor soon for someone else because it totally rocked!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Since Wednesday this week, we have had about 7-8 inches of snow. It started to melt today but we had fun while it lasted!
Kevin and Lucy sledding down the hill. Isak got a new sled for Christmas and was pretty excited to try it out.

Lucy just wanted to sled down the hill on her bum, she was so excited.
Its amazing how fast you can go when there are three of you on the sled! Amazingly, we didn't even wipe out.Then today Kevin took Isak sledding behind the Jeep with his dad. He had a ton of fun and afterwards played on a snow hill with the neighbor kids. He was pretty worn out when he was done.
And all this snow of course calls for cinnamon rolls. I know at some point I should do something about this baby weight but snowy weather and freezing cold just screams cinnamon rolls! And they were delicious.

Edyn was jaundiced so we had to put her on a bili blanket at home. She looked like a glow worm. She was attached to this hose thing and was not portable at all. I think it kept her warm though, she slept the best she ever has with that thing on! She only had to have it on for 24 hours, thank goodness, then I decided she looked better and returned it. The next day they drew her level and it had dropped by 5 points so she is doing much better.
We had a movie night at home last night. Isak and Lucy made a "nest" on the floor. Lucy has really been teasing Isak a ton lately, she loves to get a reaction out of him. Since they are pretty close to the same size these days, they are much more evenly matched. Sometimes, I just let nature take its course...
Yes, poor Isak. I can't understand why he wasn't more excited for another sister.....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Edyn Girl

Edyn at 4 days old. She loves to be awake between 2 and 6am. Likes to be held upright. Hardly ever spits up. Definitely a more delicate eater than her siblings, she might actually be average weight and height!
Likes to cuddle at night and will only sleep well if she is lying next to me. We are working on this because it is not very comfortable for me!
Since my mom has been here helping during the day, I have been spoiled with naptime everyday during Lucy's nap and Edyn just sleeps right along with me. It has been rather awesome. I have been amazed how good I feel after having her and how quickly I have recovered. Aside from being pretty lightheaded/dizzy over the past day or so which is apparently related to being dehydrated (I'm not convinced), I have been feeling good. I drink over 64oz of water alone during the day mainly because breastfeeding makes me so thirsty! And my dr. told me today to add another 32oz. Seriously? I will try but that is a whole lot of water!
Edyn went in for a quick checkup today at 5 days old and she is 7lbs 4oz, almost back to her birth weight. She is also pretty jaundiced so tomorrow she gets a biliblanket and gets to hangout like a glowworm for a while.
Isak has come around and has decided that he likes his little sister. Lucy has always been in love with her and really likes to hold her. It is so fun to watch them love her!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Its official...Isak and Kevin are out numbered! Its a GIRL!!
Edyn Hahana Gilbert joined our family at 0714pm on 01/12/12. She is perfect! We loved the name Edyn and Hahana (not Hanna) means "to shine" in Maori which I thought was a beautiful. We have been seriously sleep deprived as is expected with a newborn but I will do my best to rundown all the good times that happened with her labor...Wednesday while I was at preschool with Isak I had a sudden numbness in the left side of my face. It was brief, maybe 10 minutes, but scared me so I called my doctor and went in to see her that afternoon. Following the numbness in my face I felt tingling down my left arm/leg that wasn't significant but it definitely noticeable. While at the doctor they determined that everything was fine, I was pretty dehydrated but otherwise fine and she checked me and I was 4cm dilated so she went ahead and stripped my membranes. A new experience and definitely not a fun one. I contracted hard for the next 2 hours then they stopped. I went to the gym and ran a couple miles to see if I could start them up again. About 830 that night they started again, mostly cramping and irregular. By midnight they were getting stronger and Kevin called his mom to come stay with our kids. I noticed I was leaking fluid around 1230 and figured my water had broke. I was still fine with staying home, the contractions were not that strong, but Kevin really wanted me to go into the hospital so I complied. I was still 4cm dilated went I went in but more effaced and they admitted me. I got my epidural around 3am and well somehow stayed in labor for the next 17 hours. The night nurse told me I was 7cm when she left at 730 then the day nurse informed me I was only 5cm. Yes, that was awesome. So they started Pitocin and did that all day and my day nurse left at 3, telling me I was 10cm dilated and they were letting me labor down. I should mention that I have back labor with all my kids and they are all facing up instead of most babies that face down so it takes them longer to descend and for me to dilate. Its as fun as it sounds. Anyway, my next nurse came on and told me I was not complete and was only 8cm. Get the pattern here? I was a little frustrated to say the least and really tired. It was at this point I started doing fun stuff like blacking out and scaring my nurse. I had low blood sugar and my blood pressures were low and the room was spinning a lot. I think it was mostly from sleep deprivation and just pure exhaustion. They also described it as a big hormone dump and it was my reaction to all the adrenaline. Good times. Anyway, eventually my doctor came in and finally found the rest of my bag of water that hadn't ruptured all the way and did that. After she did that I kept repositioning myself to try and get her head to turn face down. Then my epidural which I had for over 12 hours had been gradually wearing off and was no longer effective. So I was maxed out on Pitocin and feeling every contraction for the last hour and refused any kind of bolus from the epidural for fear it would slow down my labor again. Finally I went complete at 7pm and was very ready to push. My doctor came in and I only pushed for 5 minutes and out she came! It hurt so horribly awful and I couldn't quit crying when she came out, mainly because I think I was so relieved it was finally all over!

Wow, that was a lot of info. This is me in labor with my epidural when it was still working. Thats why I look so happy.
Edyn right when she came out. She was starving and wanted to nurse right away. I think she hadn't eaten in over 20 hours too and was hungry!
She has a cleft chin just like Kevin and her siblings and has long fingers and feet like her big sister. Her hair has a reddish tint and her eye shape reminds me of Kevin and Isak's.
Weighing in at 7lbs 6oz and 20 inches long.

Lucy was so excited to see her. She kept saying "She's so little. She's cute!" She is in love with her and especially loves all her fun accessories like her binkies, her bouncer, swing, cradle and carseat. She loves to climb in them and shove all her stuffed animals in them and run around with Edyn's binkies in her mouth. Yes, we have to watch her.
Lucy and Isak were the first ones to come in and see her and Isak was pretty disappointed it wasn't a boy and has been rather wary of her ever since. My parents and Kevin's parents came in next and we told them it was a girl. I don't remember most of this because I was in some kind of sleep deprived coma and my nurse shoved some toast and juice in my mouth before I konked out again.
Here she is all ready to go home! I realized I need to stock up on my hair accessories with all these girls...
Our family at home, Edyn is one day old. We have our hands full!
My big baby and my little baby. I had to laugh when I looked at Lucy's size 6 diapers and Edyn's newborn diapers.
Here she is today at 2 days old. I need to take some more of her tomorrow but for now I think I need to go to sleep as this little girl thinks that she needs to wakeup at 11pm for the day.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Isak has been saying some pretty great stuff lately. My favorites from the past couple weeks.
Putting him to bed one night, he insisted on sleeping with his new zhu zhu pet from Christmas.
Isak: "Mom, he's nocturnal, he doesn't sleep at night so I can't go bed either".
Me: "Isak, if he's nocturnal then he has to come stay awake with me in the living room".
Isak: "He's diurnal! He's diurnal!"
We have an insect book that talks about butterflies that are nocturnal or diurnal which is where he got this from. Crazy kid.
Isak: "Mom, did you know that the largest beach in the world is in Idaho in Africa?".
He's been obsessed about the planets lately and loves to ask which gases are on which planets, how many moons they have and likes to inform everyone we know that Pluto is no longer a planet. Anyway, I'm sure there is more that my foggy pregnant brain can't remember but he is sure entertaining lately!