Thursday, July 23, 2009

Really we don't have much going on this week. My mom is here to visit for the week which has been nice because I get to sleep in an extra hour and its nice to have another adult around to talk to and help entertain my kids.Its been super hot so we've been spending a lot of time at the pool. Yesterday I was walking with Isak to the pool and he insisted on bringing his dog and bunny (aka, hop hop). He kept telling me, "doggie go to da poo, doggie go to da poo" (pool). He was very dissapointed when I told him that his animals couldn't actually get in the water with him.
How I found Isak one morning as I was doing laundry upstairs. Hanging from the chadelier. I swear some days this kid really does belong in a zoo. Below is Isak and his friend Cole who just turned 2. We met their family when we first moved to Boise and became good friends. And apparently they also both love popsicles and running around in diapers.

Okay, so this is why you don't take your husband shopping with you. I had to pick up a few things at target, like baby food, and took them along. Of course kevin found this great nerf gun that was on clearance and wouldn't this be a great gift for Isak at some point? And such a great deal! I relunctanctly agreed, only to have the gun of course out of its package by the time we got home and Isak holding it in his lap. Funny thing, its so big Isak can barely use it and someone else has to pump it up for him. Hmm, almost seems like it would be more for an adult male trying to live out his childhood still through his child.....Although I must say, its works great to tire Isak out. We shoot the dart, he runs and gets it and brings it back. A great way to tire him out before bed.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last weekend

We went home to Washington last weekend for a quick visit. My brother was visiting from Texas and hasn't seen lucy yet so we thought we would go down and introduce him. It was a lot of fun to see our families. Above is Grandpa Bob holding a sleeping Lucy and below is my dad with Isak and is super awesome hat he stole from them.

Aaron with Lucy, he loves his nieces and nephews. It was fun to see him and we wished he lived closer so we could see him more! Isak especially loved having all his uncles around to play with him. While there, Kevin decided to have Lucy do an impromptu Haka dance. Apparently the moves are not correct but Lucy didn't seem too care..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hungry Baby

We started rice cereal with Lucy on Saturday. To no one's suprise, she loved it. She's been eyeing our food for a while and is always trying to grab at it. This was on saturday she had her first taste of rice cereal. I gave it to her again on monday and tuesday. Today I thought I would try some pears and see how she did.You know those gerber two packs of baby food you buy? How they are suppose to last a few days, especially with a little baby who is just starting baby food? Well I gave her half of one mixed with rice cereal for lunch. She ate the rest of it for dinner. And when I came home from the gym tonight to my great suprise, Kevin informed she had eaten the other pack. The ENTIRE pack of pears. In one sitting. He told me she was hungry. Obviously. What is with my kids and wanting to eat me out of house and home? Isak has gotten a little pickier so that is starting to balance out I suppose. Seriously. I was so hesitant to start baby food with her because I knew this would happen. She's going to spurt up even faster than she already has. Sigh. Her and that tongue. Its all from the Gilbert side. She has it hanging out most of the day. I think she likes to chew on it.

This sweet picture I took of her today during her nap. I love her little hands and arms. And those chunky cheeks.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July, birthdays, and Old friends

Yes, that handsome man is my husband, about 6 years ago. Kevin turned 28 on the happy birthday! I figured that this is the 7th birthday I have celebrated with him, that's alot of birthdays. Wow, he's getting old. We celebrated by going out to dinner a few nights before and he got some new electronic thing that he wanted that supposedly is suppose to make our lives easier but I still haven't figured the thing out yet. And best of all, our good friends Scott and Crystal Harris came to visit us on his birthday so we got to hang out with them and their girls!
I found this great picture of crystal and I 5 years ago, the summer she got engaged. The picture above it is the day she got married. I have one from when I got married but she is pregnant andwhile I think she looks great, she would probably kill me if I displayed that picture. We figured it out and we've known each other for 17 years! That's a really long time.

THis is us pre baby and pre husband. We were single, cute and didn't have a care in the world. I sometimes miss those days...

Because now we have responsibilities, in the form of toddlers. But they're pretty cute so I think we'll keep them.We had lots of fun with them while they were here. We took them swimming at our little community pool and went out for ice cream. Kevin and Scott went golfing while crystal and I chilled out at home with the kids. It was great to catch up!

Crystal's little girl, Olivia. Isn't she cute?
Aubrey and Isak playing Guitar Hero. t of fun playing together.We set of some fireworks with Isak on Sunday night because I worked the 4th. He loved them.
Here he is playing with the tanks. Luckily, he was still scared enough when they were lit that he didn't want to go any where near them.

Isak and Lucy before church on Sunday. You can't tell in this picture, but she is turning blonde quickly. I think she and Isak will have the same hair color.

V ideo of fireworks with our neighbors. That is Lucy talking in the background.