Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oregon Coast and Cows

Wow what busy couple weeks we have had. I have been a horrible blogger but hopefully I will make up for it with the many many pictures I have posted. I took off to the Oregon Coast with Isak by myself with Kevin's family, it was quite the adventure. His grandma rents a house on the Oregon Coast every year right on the beach. It was a lot of fun but a lot of work for me. I have sinced informed Kevin I am never going anywhere for that long with our children by myself until they're old enough to drive themselves. We managed to squeeze a couple days in at home and Isak got to see the cows at the dairy. He really liked them and despite all the flies, he was very cute with them.
Isak absolutely loved the ocean. I'm beginning to learn that this child has no fear. The water was so cold it hurt my feet but Isak was sitting in it without problem shoving sand into his mouth.
Luckily we found a little tidepool of sorts near the ocean that wasn't as cold that the kids like to play in. Isak got to meet his cousins Claire and Josh for the first time and they had lots of fun playing out on the beach.
Lincoln City has this wonderful outlet mall that is always the highlight of our trip. We love to shop there and almost without fail every year buy something that is all the same. We loved these yellow jackets we found at the Hollister outlet. They are so soft and warm!
Isak discovered he loves chairs. Rocking chairs, recliners, doesn't matter. He probably sat in every chair in that beach house at least twice.

We found this awesome little park that had this wooden play equipment that was shaped like a castle. It had tons of little coves and small places to hide.
Isak and Claire. Isak out weighs her by about 10 lbs and 4 months. She is so sweet and little and so light to carry!
Did I mention how much sand this kid ate? I was cleaning sand out of his diapers for days. He ate it in fistfuls.

The baby cows were really fun and licked Isak's hand...he loves anything that is furry and moves.

**a side note. For all of you that are oh so perceptive you may have notice my addition to the "gilbert family". We are in fact expecting a baby in mid febuary. I am about 3 months along. Suprised? Well, we kind of were to. Isak is 14 months for those of you doing the math and that makes him 21 months when the baby is born. Much closer than I ever intended but this was very much the right decision for Kevin and I despite the many fears and doubts I have about my abilities to take care of 2 such young children. We feel we will be blessed and that Heavenly Father very much wants this little spirit to join our family in Febuary so here we are. Don't expect any pics of the "bump" anytime soon. I haven't been feeling too "perky" lately but I think it will get better.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Birthdays, Fireworks, and lots of crazy baby

Wow this has been a crazy week. Kevin's birthday was on the 2nd, he turned 27. I made him a pumkin pie and we went to an indian restaurant for dinner. It was really good, Isak was his usual active self and we took turns chasing him around while the other ate. The owner of the restaurant took kevin's picture wearing a white "birthday" turban with a jewel in the middle. I tried unsuccesfully to scan the picture but its pretty priceless.

Isak has also had lots of visitors. His cousin Dagan came to visit with kevin's cousin Misty from Californina. They were visitng his aunt susan that lives here in boise and stopped by. He weighs about as much as Isak only he's 3 months younger. They had lots of fun chasing each other around.
Crystal and Scott stopped through on their way to Washington last monday night and we got to see their girls. Aubrey and Isak followed each other around and kept taking toys away from each other. They were very cute.
I got to meet Olivia who is crystal's new little baby. She is very cute and so little. It was fun to hold her and remember what little babies felt like. (but not so fun I want another one anytime soon....)

We went and saw the fireworks with our friends at the Park here in Boise. We happened to campout near another family who had twin 18 month old little girls. They took quite a liking to Isak and kept coming over yelling"baby" and trying to grab him. Apparently Isak is quite the ladies man and never knew it. Kevin bought him some little fireworks which Isak thought were sorta interesting. Mostly he just wanted to touch the fire. The big fireworks show scared him and he kept whimpering so we walked around with him until it was over.