Saturday, January 30, 2010

Isak happenings

For those of you wondering, just what I do all day, here's a brief synopsis, sans Lucy girl, of how Isak and I get along alll the day long. We do laundry, as he gets a free ride in the hamper from bathroom to the laundry room. (our new hamper as wheels...I know, super luxurious.)
We usually do some kind of "art time" when Lucy is napping, that involves play dough or coloring or me cutting out stuff for him. Really, its whatever he decides he's in the mood for that day. I bought some craft supplies at wal-mart today, pom pom balls and popsicle sticks, maybe we'll create something with them next week. (can you tell I'm not crafty at all? I think construction paper and glue sticks are pretty awesome).

We play "Isak Robot", yes, that is my red colander on his head. He is starting to be really fun and wanting to dress up and play pretend. I guess this means I should break out the sewing machine again and get crackin. The other day he was also "fying" around my living room with his superman cape on. He will also, on occasion, decide he wants to try out the potty chair. I've decided not to make potty training a battle and just wait till he's ready. We will probably start this summer. I'm in no big rush and would rather it take a week or two than 6 months. This is my theory, anyway, so I guess we'll see if he's ready this summer or not. Anyway, on this particular occasion, he wanted his hopdog, iphone, sippy cup, and also the "white gun" on the floor, but it wouldn't fit...
When he does use the potty chair, he gets a lifesaver. I know, life is super exciting around here.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I have been looking for a toy kitchen for Lucy for her b-day, I have found a couple I like and then I discovered this one. Its red! And guess what's its called? Lucy's red vintage kitchen! It has her name it! That means that she really needs to have it! But it also is sold out at every US distributor until mid Febuary...sad day. Perhaps I will just print out a picture and give it to her on her b-day..she's one, she'll probably love the paper more than anything. I can live out my dream of having an awesome red kitchen through my kids...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Alright, here is a quick update of what we did this week. Isak scored himself a "bubble machine gun" at the store for sitting well while I did grocery shopping (judge if you must, bribes work and no, I have no idea how he knows what a machine gun is). He spent most of next hour running around the house in a daze. I worked all weekend (yuck) but am finally off orientation and am now flying on my own. Hopefully it goes well, I'm excited but a little scared too.I made airplane pancakes with molds that kevin's aunt sent us a few christmases ago. There's a trolley, plane and train. I'm still figuring out how to use them correctly, but my sad attempt at least made Isak happy. And I even snuck in some blueberries for some extra antioxidants. Isak has insisted on wearing the color blue for the past 4 0r 5 days and refers to himself in the 3rd person as the "blue guy". The "blue guy wants to eat" or "the blue guy wants to take a nap now", luckily he has lots of blue pajamas and shirts or else I might be in trouble. He also refers to kevin and I in whatever color we are wearing...the pink guy, the green guy, etc. Still calls Lucy "baby" but will now also occasionally call her "the pink guy". I think this might be progress, can't tell yet.

Also trying to work with Isak on telling people his name...he knows the letters in his name, knows his colors, and can count reasonably well but for the life of him will not tell you his name. I'm guessing this will change eventually, probably when he sees a purpose behind it.Lucy is getting some more teeth and is a very whiny, snotty mess. She has been sleeping well though which is good since Isak still has yet to sleep though the night since we moved. Today I put up a blue canopy over his bed (we bought it at Ikea a couple years ago for cheap) and told him it was his blue fort. I told him it would keep him safe at night and that he didn't need to come get dad. He looked at me very serious and kept repeating "the bue fort keep me safe, don't need to go get my dad" over and over again. WHen I laid him down for his nap today, he said it again to me. So funny, hopefully it works but I'm not holding my breath.

Kevin has started studying for his CPA exams again which means he's gone till 8pm 3 nights a week. We have been dealing with this by bugging my parents and traveling down the street to visit "sam's house" (kevin's mom's cat). And they are probably getting away with more as the day weans on but oh well. Our life is gradually getting less chaotic and more organized, we're getting more moved in and stuff is being put away. I finally got a new vacuumn (so exciting) and no longer have to sweep the carpet. I am trying to train for a half-marathon in pullman in march, it helps me keep my sanity to run a little each day. Other than that, we have Lucy's one year b-day coming up in a couple weeks...can hardly believe she's going to be one...where oh where did the time go??

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do you ever just have one of those weeks where it feels like you can do nothing right? Lately I have been feeling this way, kind of discouraged with everything. My job is going okay but its hard to have to prove yourself all over again and try to make people believe you're really not an idiot. Its also difficult to make friends at work and get to know people and the "feel" for the place...I was just getting really comfortable in Boise and BAM! time to move. So, that has been kind of frustrating. I've been a nurse now for 4 years but it kind of feels like I'm starting from scratch which is a little discouraging but I suppose its how it goes.

Anyway, Isak has been waking up really early 530-6 am the past few days which has not helped. I have no idea why, he goes to bed at the same time, he's just waking up and not going back to sleep. I am absolutely not a morning person and this has been hard. It makes for a rather cranky mom and a toddler who is very awake and really wants to be played with. I really need to try and be a nicer mommy in the morning and well, all through the day. My house is in the midst of still unpacking although its getting better. I suppose I have just felt stretched a little thin lately and wish I didn't need so much sleep at night. Anyway, so despite all my wallowings, I decided to try and do better today. So while Lucy napped this morning Isak and I....Got out the play-dough and made some awesome many colors. Made a couple forts and ate fudgesicles in them and took turns "hiding" in them. Really, Isak just wanted to jump on the fort with me inside. He thought this was great fun.

Lucy loves to hang out by the fireplace and she's pretty nimble when it comes to manuvering herself off and on. I love this look, its like she's already 14 and saying "seriously mom?"

Isak playing with my stethoscope the other night, he loves to listen to his heartbeat. Lucy loves it too, she loves to chew on the plastic ear buds. Ahh, perhaps they will become doctors...hhahah

Lucy is getting bigger, she drinks really well out of a sippy cup and loves to "help" me fold laundry/shake it around and laugh hysterically.

Really, how bad can life be with these two little people in it? I am so grateful for their happy little spirits and a very nice husband who lets his haggard wife take a nap on his lunchbreak and go for a much needed run once in a while.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dancing babies..

What happens at my house when I'm at work...apparently I'm missing out on all the fun. Isn't Lucy a great walker? My kids are such talented dancers....who knew. I don't think the rhythm comes from us.....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Moving update

Wow, I have not blogged in a very long time. Let me name all of my excuses...Isak, Lucy, we moved, new calling, no internet, and oh wait...I have a job too. So putting those all aside, here I am. We spent our first night in the house last Thursday. We managed to get some stuff painted and unpacked before moving in but it is still a complete disaster. The last time we moved Isak was just learning how to walk and I remember it being much more manageable. Isak is constantly wanting to "help clean up the ew's" and we have other tools lying around from cutting various trimwork. I'm trying to just focus on one room at a time but unfortunately I still have to live in ALL the rooms so this isn't working very well. The house needs some work but it is all liveable and I think it will be really nice when we finish moving in. Isak "helping" me clean up the "ew"/sawdust from cutting baseboard. Yes, it is a complete disaster in the background. I have no shame.
Kevin's aunt Lori made Lucy this very adorable hat. She was very tired when I took this picture and not wanting to smile. It also has two pom pom things on top. Its vey warm.
I was just telling kevin we needed to get rid of this thing since we're not having any more kids for a while and its rather cumbersome. Apparently Isak decided he could still get some use out of it..although he got stuck on his way out. This is his "bue payroom" that he tells me about all the time. He really can't say his "L's", perhaps this is why he refuses to say Lucy's name still...