Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Here are some very belated Christmas pictures. Isak made out like a bandit and had more toys than he knew what to do with but he had a lot of fun opening them. Last year he just played with the wrapping paper so it was fun to see him actually participate.
My sister sent him some elmo slippers which happen to match my own (I've had mine for years, they're very warm). I think he loves them mostly because they spell ELMO on the side and he is currently obsessed with pointing out letters, although most of them are "A".

Kevin and I got him a little chair/rocker with a matching ottoman for him to sit in. He sits in it but so far he's mostly used it as a jumping pad and climbing tool.

Mostly I sat in my chair and took pictures while Isak ran around and screamed. It was fun having my mom here with us and Kevin had a lot of time off work so we had a lot of quality family time. And I had 2 people to wait on me and bring me food and tell me to go back and lay down. I have 3 weeks left of the bedrest thing and hopefully less if my doctor lets me off early for good behavior. I think I can make it.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Kevin graduated with from Boise state this past weekend with his masters in accounting, techinically he was done back in august but the "official" ceremony wasn't until December. Since he has yet to walk at a college graduation, I forced him to take the morning off of work to walk. He wasn't exactly thrilled, but we all enjoyed watching him and I know that someday he will thank me. It was fun having our parents here and family, Isak spent the majority of the ceremony being chased around the arena by various relatives. I was even given special permission to attend by my doctor as long as I followed some of his provisions, like taking the elevator with all the elderly people in wheelchairs.

. Kevin and I were originally planning on heading out to Washington the day after Christmas to see our families but that has all changed due to the bedrest so Isak got to open a few of his presents early. Kevin's parents got him this awesome little ride on motorcycle that he absolutely loves. It hasn't taken him much to figure out how to open presents and he gets pretty excited. He's already taken to standing on the motorcycle and jumping off of it (no suprise) and will ride it from one end of our living room to the other.

Don't you love kevin's yellow hood? His "dress" also had these weird sleeves built in that could double as gloves, something that might come in handy given our crazy weather lately.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby Update

Well I haven't been the best at this lately but now I have something exciting to talk about and I have a reason to blog other than Isak. I had some contractions last night and this morning and went into my doctor..and didn't get to go home. I'm a little dilated and my cervix has shortened quite a bit so I earned myself a few days at the hospital (on the floor where I work...weird). And best of all I get to be on bedrest at home till 36 weeks, which at least is not the hospital. So this has been a crazy day for Kevin and I and a little scary at the same time. It is difficult when I work with this stuff all the time to have it happen to me and to not let my mind go wild with all the possibilities. So I have decided to focus on all the positive things that have and will come out of this experience.
1. I have a wonderful husband who holds the priesthood and was able to give me a blessing which has been a huge source of comfort.
2. I have great family who are rearranging all of their schedules so they can help me take care of isak while I'm on bedrest and Kevin is working.
3. Isak is too little to remember any of this and will likely have no long term issues from his mom not being able to chase him and pick him up for a month.
4. I now have time to learn lots of new stuff, how to knit, be crafty, read the classics, catch up on my tv shows
5. I no longer have to cook or worry about what is for dinner or go grocery shopping.
6. I no longer care if I get stretch marks or gain too much weight, none of that seems to matter right now. I just want a healthy baby.
7. I don't have to work for a month
8. I can catch up on my sleep.
9. Someday when this child is being really awful and ornery and I can remind them what I went through for them and hopefully spur some guilt in my favor.
10. I was stressed about getting everything done in time for christmas and now I have the best excuse! And I can still wrap presents while lying down and mix up cookie dough. So it will be okay.
11. And I almost forgot, I am especially grateful my doctor did not start my on magnesium sulfate which is literally the drug from you know where.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This past weekend we ran down to Utah for a quick trip to visit some friends before we had two babies to drag with us and before I get any larger. I also saw the lights on temple square for the first time which were beautiful, apparently they started putting them up in August.
We also made a trip to Ikea which was wonderful and I was able to pick up a few things for the house that I've been wanting for a while. I got this toy box for our front room which didn't look so big at the store but in my living room is huge. Isak can fit into it with all of his toys.

We stayed with Scott and Crystal who were nice enough to let us invade their house and have Isak drop a wooden reindeer on their baby's head. Aubrey and Isak played pretty well together and especially enjoyed tipping over the recliner together.

I know I post videos of this kid all the time but really, what else do we have doing on at my house? At least this one is right side up. I apologize for his sagging pants and diaper, we seem to lose bits of clothing as the day progresses only to have him end up in his pajamas.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Okay so this past week has been a little crazy and I am tired so that equaled no blogging. Thanksgiving was great, my parents and brother were able to come up to our house and we had lots of fun and kevin and I enjoyed the extra sleep. Mark was able to come up for the whole week on his break and it was great having him around the house to lift heavy Isak. Below is this lovely "italian" jello he made for the dinner, we've had it for years at thanksgiving but Mark now loves it even more because it resembles Italy's flag. Kevin and I ventured out for black friday which was a first for us and while entertaining, it was a little too crazy for me. My mom and I found some great deals on fabric though and I have enough stuff for multiple baby blankets which should keep me busy for a while.

Isak amazingly decided to keep this stocking hat on his head at random times , usually he refuses to wear hats and will rip them off as soon as he can feel one. Perhaps there is hope for this winter.

This is our first holiday season in our house and we were very excited to decorate and put up lights. Unfortunately the inflatable santa helicopter with rotating propellers was sold out at Lowe's, we were planning on mouting it to our roof, but maybe next year.

Isak LOVES christmas lights and was really excited for our lights and tree. Our neighbors have a teeter totter snowman lawn decoration and Isak is constantly trying to run to their yard and jump on it. I think he was pretty confused as to what Kevin and Mark were doing up on the roof and why he couldn't be up there as well.
I try to avoid pictures of myself on this thing at all costs but Mark took one of Isak and I over the break and I don't look like a beluga whale just yet so I thought I would share.

This little video is sideways (sorry) I keep forgetting my camera does that when I hold it a certain way and then I can't change it. Isak was being pretty funny tonight (we always think he's charming) and was hauling his rabbit around chatting. This is him trying to shove his rabbit in the fridge and talking randomly while doing it. There's tv in the background and kevin laughs really loud at the end because he didn't know what I was doing...but you get the idea.