Sunday, May 31, 2009

Catch up and Pictures

Our computer still isn't working so I have resorted to using Kevin's work computer that doesn't work so well for pictures or editing...or really to much besides the internet and I suppose whatever work he does with it. Summer is finally upon us and we have capitalized on the community pool we have in our subdivision. The water feels as warm as bathwater and Isak absolutely loves it and never wants to leave. Unfortunately I can't take them by myself because its too dangerous (how would I jump in after Isak while holding Lucy?) but we like to go in the evenings when kevin comes home.

Isak is very buoyant when we go to the vest and water wings.I found this squirt gun for him at the dollar store and he loves it. I know someday I will come to loathe water guns but for now he has fun and doesn't know how to fill it up himself.

Lucy's very cute swimsuit. Ignore her very red eyes, as I said, no editing program to fix that.

Isak loves to feed his animals and tries to feed his sister things so we have to watch him. Usually its just a sippy cup shoved in her mouth but I caught him trying to share his popsicle so we have to keep a close eye. Although Lucy seemed to like the taste.

My sister sent Isak this awesome bubble machine for his birthday. He loves it and runs around trying to squish the bubbles. Its great because all I have to do is turn it on and walk away.

Lucy's hair is starting to have sprinkler effect. Its getting so long that it is starting to flop over on the sides..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Isak!

Isak turned 2 yesterday and we had a little party for him. We had a small one with some family in Othello a few weeks ago and another one for him yesterday with a few friends. I made him a Spider cake with matching spider cupcakes that Isak correctly identified as "the bugs". Isak is a very nice little boy and extremely active. He has been practicing being two for a while now so I'm thinking he will be very good at it. He loves to be outside and "exploring", finding bugs and defenseless cats. He loves bubbles, sprinklers, kitties, chips, popsicles, and mauling his little sister. He sleeps with his stuffed dog and bunny and carries them around when he's tired. He has a big heart and still loves to cuddle with his mom. I really wanted to include some baby pictures of Isak but alas our computer isn't working and I am using a different one with none of my pictures on it...picture a really chubby baby with blonde hair. Anyway, we love you Isak and are so glad you are part of our family!

Isak and his cake. Really he ate all the ice cream and scraped the frosting off with the fork. He kept eyeing the cake all day and asking for it so he was pretty excited when it was time to eat.
My pictures upload sideways on this computer, I have no idea why. This is his spider cake.

And the spider cupcakes that were much easier in theory to make than reality.

We bought Isak a bubble gun that shoots continous bubbles and a waterpillar sprinkler. I think the sprinkler was kind of scary for him, it kind of weirded me out too but I think he will get use to it. The bubble gun was a huge success and Isak went through two bottles of bubbles in about 30 minutes. Good things bubbles are so cheap!

And cute pictures of Lucy because she is three months and super adorable. I went shopping for her yesterday for our family pictures and found that white dress for $4 and pink jellies for $2. This sunhat was also one of my great finds for $2. I also found her a pink swimsuit and denimn overall skirt thing for cheap. I have to find cheap clothes becauseI have such a hard time resisiting all the cute little girl things that are out there! Our pool opened up this weekend in our community and we are taking the kids swimming tomorrow, we'll see how it goes..!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Isak as he was pulled out of the bathtub tonight due to an untimely accident:
"Bye the poo poo, see ya poo poo". Crazy kid. He says good bye to everything.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hospital Stays and Other Excitement

I spent the last couple weeks in washington while Kevin was out of town for week. It was suppose to be just for a few days while he was gone, but he ended up having to work unexpectedly out of town the next week as well, so I opted to stay in Washington.

I was going to do a few posts on my trip but then something more exciting happened Friday night. I had just gotten out of report at work when the phone rang and my friend told me my husband was on the phone with a screaming baby in the background. I figured that Lucy was misbehaving and that he needed to bring her in to nurse or something. Actually, Isak had fallen flat on his head on the road and had a huge bump and Kevin was bringing him into the ER to get checked out. Luckily I was able to run down and meet him and help him with the kids. To make a long story short, our little Isak ended up having a CT scan that revealed a small skull fracture at the base of his skull with a tiny amount of bleeding between the layers of the skull. But the ER doctor reassured us that there was no bruising of the brain so there would be no long term effects or brain damage. I think at this point I was numb and unable to process anything he was telling us. So he got to stay overnight on the pediatric unit for observation and ended up going home the next morning. Isak was incredibily awake and active the whole time this was going on. He never lost consciousness or vomited or got sleepy.He was running laps around the peds unit and kept demanding we take him to the elevators. The nurses kept saying, "wow, he's doing so well!"...we took him to the outside play area and the lady checking the kids in and out asked for our last name.
We had to diaper him standing up because of his head..that was interesting.
She went, "Oh Isak, the active one". Apparently his short little stay earned him a reputation. The worst part was because his head was (is) so tender he couldn't lean on anything to get comfortable so he couldn't fall asleep. Even tylenol with codeine didn't too much, it was very hard to watch, he would just wander around his room holding his doggie and his bunny trying to get comfortable. Eventually he let me rock him to sleep and that is how we spent most of the night.
The crib that Isak never slept in, I ended up dragging the mattress onto the floor and that's where we both ended up sleeping..yes it is as comfortable as it looks.
He had his lightning mcqueen quilt grandma grimmett made him
The neurosurgeon told us it will take a good 6-8 weeks for the bump and swelling to go away. We are so thankful that he is okay and that it wasn't worse.
Its a good thing I already got his haircut because he sure wouldn't let me do it now.

This experience really made me realize how lucky I am to have a husband who holds the priesthood and can use it without hesitation. It also made me think about what a huge responsiblity children are and how Kevin and I are completely accountable for everything that happens to them. They are our responsibility to raise whether they are healthy or if they somehow become disabled or ill. I walked by the PICU while I was at the hospital and have no idea how those parents with chronically ill kids or have kids with cancer can do it. They have my full admiration and I pray that that is not a trial I am called to bear in this life.
So Isak is doing really well and just an FYI for all you parents, codeine can have a hyperactive effect on your kids rather than a sedating effect..hence the no nap today. So glad I paid the $50 for that prescription...

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Excuse the randomness of this post but I finally uploaded all my old pictures off our hard drive onto this computer and I cannot get over how many similarities there are between lucy and Isak when he was a baby. However, I did not include a picture of Isak as a baby on this post I'm realizing so I will add one later. The picture of the baby in the carseat was me when I was a baby and I look exactly like Lucy! My sister's little girl Maddie also looks very similar to her when she was this age. So fun! We are headed off to Moses Lake for this next week while Kevin goes to Pocatello for work. I did the single mom thing last month for a week and I'm not feeling up to it so soon again. At least this way I won't have to sleep in our house alone which is by far the scariest part of having Kevin gone.

Above is Kevin holding his little brother..Isak looks a lot like him at this age. I can't get him to hold still long enough to get a good picture with Lucy but I think you can probably see the resemblance.

Above is Lucy

Above is my niece Maddie at Lucy's age...

And then Me also at Lucy's age. I think we all look pretty similar..