Saturday, June 6, 2015

Isak's Baptism

 My Isak was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ tonight of Latter Day Saints.  In our church when kids turn 8 they get to make the decision to be baptized.. Isak has been so excited for this day especially when he found out he will get his own membership number and can start doing his own family history work.
 We bought him his own set of scriptures with his name engraved on the outside with a case in hopes that they won't get lost.  Kevin and I each wrote out our testimonies and tucked them inside his case.  I'm sure in a few years or so he might more fully appreciate those.  My mom picked out his cute suit for him and well, he's pretty darn handsome.

 Isak asked me to speak on baptism for the program and at first I was a little nervous. We have stake baptisms here and there were four kids total getting baptized which means a lot of people in the chapel.  I tried to point out to him that any grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, dad could speak as well and he was insistent that I was the one to give the talk.
 My back is still having issues although getting better and I was worried if I would be able to stand up for that length of time and do what I needed to do.  Of course, with some prayers and an amazing doctor who gave me a house call today, I was able to follow through with it.  It was a great experience and I loved that I could directly talk to the kids at their level and make it as simple as possible. Much less intimidating when you realize you're really just speaking to four 8 year olds and not a bunch of adults.

Isak had his foot stick up the first time he was immersed in the water so he had to be dunked twice, poor kid. And he said that water wasn't very warm! Watching Kevin be able to baptize then confirm Isak was one of the best days of my life. Knowing he holds his priesthood worthily and that my son is willing and wanting to go through this covenant and receive the Holy Ghost just made it super sacred and special for me.  So thankful my parents and Kevin's parents, and kevin's grandma could be there as well as Kevin's brother's family and other friends.
 I love that Grady and Isak who are essentially cousins (technically 3rd cousins but we call them cousins), were able to be baptized on the same day and that Kevin and Todd were able to baptize them. Pretty fun!

I love this wild crazy family of ours, even Edyn with her wild just woke up hair that I didn't have time to fix and we just went with it.  So grateful that they are ours forever and so proud of Isak today!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Isak's poga stick routine

Isak chose to poga stick for the ward talent show and he did a great job. He is pretty brave for getting up there in front of so many people.  He really wanted to participate and this is something he really enjoys that he's been practicing getting better at.  Isak is remembered for our last church talent show three years ago in which he took up the invitation for any last minute acts and proceeded to imitate the previous teenage break dancer.  I was so shy at this age, I'm not sure how I have two kids that are so unabashed about this stuff.  I love that he and Lucy have a safe place to practice getting up in front of people and building confidence that way.  That's still hard for me to do! I sure hope as they both get older they will keep up their willingness to try new things.

Lucy's dance for the talent show

This was Lucy's talent for our ward talent show last night.  At first I really wanted her to do one of her practiced dance numbers from her recital and it made me nervous that she just wanted to make up her own moves. She didn't decide on the song or costume till the day of and I'm not sure when she came up with her moves.  Lucy is a born performer, I seriously would have been petrified at this age to get up in front of people.  She hammed it and did really well, it looked like she practiced! She was definitely in her element. Prior to the show I asked if she wanted her hair in a ponytail. She looked at me and said, "Oh, so I can see the people clapping?" Haha. No lack of confidence there! Then as I was explaining to her how she would need to go up the stairs to the stage she said, "Oh mom, do they have my backdrop ready?" Oh Lucy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Kindergarten Graduation

 Oh my little Lucy graduated from Kindergarten today.  While I do roll my eyes a little at the ten balloons and bags of candy every other parent seems to bring for their 6 year old, it is pretty cute.  Even the pomp and circumstance that they have them march in to is pretty darn fun.  But my dear girl, I hope that this is one of many, many other graduations you will have! When you graduate from high school and college, that will warrant some gifts.  Lucy was of course, appropriately excited for the occasion, carefully laying out her dress and hair ribbon the night before and telling me how to curl her hair.
 Lucy couldn't help but wave at me and my dad and Kevin several times during the ceremony.  They sang two songs and I couldn't help at laugh at the enthusiasm Lucy had with singing and hand actions versus Isak who sang the same songs two years ago and barely moved his mouth. Hahahaha.
 And oh  my goodness, the class of 2027?!! What the heck!
 Lucy really grew a lot this year, both socially and academically.  She learned how to deal with her emotions without having yelling outbursts and crying.  She learned to read and can write and draw really well.  She made new friends and she really likes school. I think she's a little sad it's over.
 I threw my back out a few days ago for the first time ever and it was a true blessing I could get up and go to her graduation.  I had pain on Friday, worked 12 hours Saturday, hurt Sunday, hurt more on Monday but limped to work for 8 hours.  That night I was hurting so bad I couldn't sleep and just laid there crying. As someone who has endured a long natural child birth I feel like I have a pretty good pain tolerance but that felt like my upper back was having labor contractions .  Poor Kevin didn't know what to do, no medication seemed to touch me. I finally fell asleep and on Tuesday I could hardly walk.  I had to call in to work which I haven't had to do in years and my amazing family took my kids so I could lay on a heating pad all day and take ibuprofen and muscle relaxers.  I had Kevin give me a blessing Tuesday night and today I feel so much better! I'm still laying in one spot on a heating pad but I no longer scream when I have to move and was able to go to Lucy's graduation.  Kevin has thrown out his back a few times and I'm always so annoyed with him but I now have a whole new level of sympathy. That stuff hurts!
 This is some examples of Lucy's work this past year. She is quite the artist and I always love going through her papers because the back of every blank page is covered in drawing and coloring.
 Lucy's self portrait is just awesome. I love the details. She was wearing a shirt with little rhinestones on the shoulders and her scarf. I love her glasses and the bow in her hair.
 Lucy's favorite place is our local ice cream called Fruitaletas. I love the little chairs she drew outside.
Everyone in her class made a snowman and got to name them. They were posted on the classroom wall for a while. I love that Lucy randomly named hers "Henge". I was so lucky to be able to help out every Monday in Lucy's class for an hour and do math with the kids. I got to know everyone in her class and I love working with this age. Although I definitely couldn't do that all day everyday!  Mrs Bartkowski was her teacher and was pulled out of retirement to teach this year of Kinder and I wish I could just take her with me for Lucy every year.  She was amazing and so patient and so very thorough.  Lucy has Miss Fullmer for first grade which is who Isak had and we loved her.  She also happens to be a friend of ours and in our ward so it works out great!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Happy 8th!! Birthday Isak!

My little Isak turned 8 last Saturday. I swear, I feel like I just had the kid. He had a pretty great birthday. The day before was no school so we let him take a couple friends to the trampoline park about an hour away.  They had a blast and talked nonstop and Isak managed to lost his glasses in the ball pit. We got them pizza on the way home and they were golden.
 Isak's birthday party the next day was pretty simple. He wanted a mad scientist party and we combined that with a water party.  We had the kids build molecule structures out of gum drops and marshmelows and toothpicks as they arrived.

 After that we let them place baking soda filled balloons on water bottles filled with vinegar. Everyone loved how the balloons inflated from the reaction.
 Next we played pin the reaction on the flask.  It needed to be a bigger flask but they liked it anyway.
 Next we made penny shooters and let the kids shoot pennies all over the yard.
 The dinosaur pinata, not really in theme, but at Wal-Mart and convenient. It made it through two kids before it was smashed. They get stronger as they get bigger!
 Next they had a pretty fun water fight with balloons and water shooters.
We also sang Isak happy birthday while surrounded by Diet Coke bottles.  Kevin and I dropped Mentos in them and Isak got a good spray! Then we let his friends rinse him off. I think the picture is on my phone so I'll have to add it later.
 Isak got to open presents and he opted this year for the four layer chocolate monstrosity from Costco as his cake.  It was super delicious and I think is still sitting in our kitchen as it is SO MUCH cake!
He got a great Lego table from Kevin and I complete with a bunch of Legos I scored at a yard sale a few weeks ago.  He got a few Lego sets, water guns, volcano set, MineCraft figures, new books and more fun stuff for summer.  And he got crepes to eat, his favorite food ever. He's getting baptized June 6th and met with our bishop today.  I can't believe how he's growing up.  Isak has the best sense of humor and is a great help with baby Quinn.  He is a terrific reader and has over 460 AR points, a record at the school for 2nd graders. Another kid once had 600 points in 5th grade. The next girl below him has 190 points.  For every book you read you take a test and its worth so many points.  The bigger the book the more points.  Picture books are work like a point, Harry Potter is worth 20-30 points.  I'm so proud of him and glad that he enjoys such a valuable skill so much. He is friendly and makes new friends easily and I love that he has all types of friends.  I can always count on him to do the right thing and I'm so glad that he's our oldest to set the example for his siblings.  I love this kid so much and am so excited for him to be baptized next Saturday.  Happy Birthday Isak man!

Lucy's Dance Recital

 Lucy's dance recital was Friday night. She performed in two songs, one ballet and one tap. She did a great job and was so happily waving at the end of the first performance the curtain closed right on her waving arm.
 Lucy loves when she gets to wear makeup for these things and gives me the best smiles.

 The theme of the recital was Around the World and the countries Lucy danced for was Germany and Russia.
 This year my mom was on top of things and made sure Lucy had flowers with her requested sour gummy bears waiting for her at the table. She was quite excited.
Thanks to my parents and Kevin's mom for sitting through two hours of dance to see Lucy! She's always entertaining!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Family Pictures

 We had our family pictures taken this year middle of April up at the oldl train station out of town.  It was slightly scary there and I'm not sure if I would choose that location again, but my kids got some great pictures!