Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

 We had our annual easter egg hunt this year out at Kevin's parents' house.   Lucy was quite excited to have an excuse to wear her bunny ears and Edyn even had a matching pair.

 We had a great turn out despite the slightly chilly temperatures and the kids all had fun finding their eggs.
 We let the little kids 4 and under start first then let the older kids out a few minutes later. Each kid could find 12 eggs and once those were all found we let everyone out for a free for all to find the rest of the eggs.
 Edyn found her twelve no problem and wanted to start eating them right away.

 Isak found his twelve and was pretty excited to have Grady and his other friends there to search for eggs.

 Edyn even found an egg by "Bob" the bunny that is located right by the front door. She loves his ears.

We had a great time and my kids loved filling and then finding their eggs.  I even hid some eggs for them again tonight in our backyard and then they hid them again for me.  Great tradition I'm glad we have with our kids and friends!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Quinn is one week old as of yesterday. He is a great baby with so far a very mellow personality. He still hardly cries, just squeals or whines a little if he needs something. He is so sweet and cuddly and I can't get enough of his newborn squishiness.

I turned the big 3-0 yesterday. I can't believe I'm old enough to be 30, I swear I just graduated from high school..wasn't it yesterday I was visiting Kevin in Hawaii this time of year on my spring break? And now I have four kids? Its amazing how fast time flies!
 We went to my parent's house Saturday and watched conference and had a delicious lunch. My mom made me homemade chocolate cake and put 30 candles on was quite smoky for a while. Probably can't do that in any more future birthdays!
On Sunday my sister-in-law Stephanie made this beautiful cake with my kids and it was also super yummy.  We spent the day with Kevin's family and watched conference and had a big dinner. It was a great laid-back birthday, to be expected with a one week old, and I was so glad that I wasn't still pregnant on my birthday which also was my due date! 
 Isak has been asking and asking to feed Quinn so I pumped a bottle for him to give him. He was pretty into it for about 5 minutes then he was done. Isak is so proud of this little brother of his, he took some pictures of him to school today for show and tell.
 Lucy's reaction to the baby has not been what I expected. She is very cautious around him. I pretty much made her hold him by putting him on a pillow in front of her. You can tell by the look on her face she was done! She likes to pet his head and talk about him but she doesn't want too much else to do with him. She refers to him as "Isak's brother" and I have to remind her that he's her brother too!

Edyn really loves the bouncer that I brought out for the baby. Granted it is pink from the two previous girls that occupied it so I can't blame her. She loves to lay in it and rock herself and asks for a "Banket!" and a "drink!" then she settles herself in. Its pretty awesome. 

 Lucy brought home her school picture from preschool today. I love her toothless semi awkward smile, she is so pretty. Her registration for kindergarten is next week..ahh! It is going so fast!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Our FOUR kids! They are so cute. And so so completely crazy. Edyn started calling me "EENA!" tonight instead of mom, that's fun.  Isak only had like three emotional breakdowns today. My great friend took my kids for like four hours and I napped and had some wonderful quiet time, it was amazing. I even vacuumed and cleaned my kitchen. Kevin's aunt brought us a delicious dinner and I've decided I can't possibly think about losing the baby weight until we done receiving such yummy food. Quinn is more and more awake each day and eating more at each feeding. And best of all, this is the weekend so Kevin will be home the next two days to help with all the crazy. We just might survive!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

 Quinn is four days old and we are adjusting to being a family of six! The first night we brought him home he slept for 6 hours! This baby so far has proved to have a pretty mellow personality and takes a pacifier and a bottle so we will keep him! I love that I can pump and have Kevin do one of the nighttime feedings so I can get a block of sleep, its such a blessing. Edyn never took a bottle and it was hard, especially when I had to go back to work. In fact, Edyn was such a hard baby that I'm hoping Quinn's sweet personality has been sent as compensation...
 He has since slept in about 3 hour blocks at night and hardly cries, just squeals when he is hungry. I want to freeze time and his tiny newborn self, they grow all too quickly.  I'm making a conscious effort with this baby to not stress about anything and just enjoy him and drink him up as much as I can.  I've spent a lot of time in yoga pants, not cleaning my house and instructing Kevin to remind me to not do too much. My parents and Kevin's parents have helped us endlessly and we have had many thoughtful friends bring meals and offer babysitting. I feel so blessed and loved to have this little spirit in our home and I can't wait to see the cute baby he will grow into.

 A few more pictures from the hospital before we went home.

Quinn all ready to go home in his car seat and his too big clothes :).

Quinn's Birth Story

38 weeks pregnant. I was hugely uncomfortable and sore and ready to be done!  I had my last week of work that week so I was hoping to be able to finish that out before the baby came. My doctor appointment last Thursday let me know I was dilated to about a 3 and he went ahead and stripped my membranes (ouch!) and instructed me if I did go into labor to A). Tell the nurses I was only a 2 in the office and B). Do not tell them he stripped my membranes. I was guessing by this little information that he was probably on call this weekend and wanted to deliver as many of his patients as possible while he had to work anyway.
 My friend at work told me all about a plant called "Ruda" that you make into a tea that a lot of the ladies in Mexico take to induce labor. You mix it with the Mexican hot chocolate that comes in little tablets and then drink it. It grows naturally and you can buy the plant off Amazon even. Anyway, she was kind enough to make me a few glasses, sent me with the extra, and wished me luck. I did research this before I took it and found it to be safe so I didn't see any harm in it. Like most things, it wouldn't work unless my body was already ready to go into labor. I took it Friday evening and woke up at about 3 am Saturday morning contracting. They were mild but hurt enough I couldn't go back to sleep. So I cleaned my kitchen and scrubbed the floor and waited for everyone else to wake up. By the time Kevin woke up at 7, I was pretty exhausted and was able to go back to sleep for a while. But they were still there when I woke up and continued throughout the day. My family showed up that afternoon with my brother and his wife visiting from Idaho and we barbequed and took a few walks. By the time we got done walking, they were stronger and hurting more and were about every three minutes. We decided to head down to Tri-Cities and just get it checked out. We walked around Costco for a while and then the mall before going into the hospital. I have super long early labors so I knew it would be a process. Sure enough at the hospital they had me walk even more before checking me again. I was only dilated to a 4 when they rechecked me but had enough change they admitted me. I labored through the night, lots of walking, using the ball, jacuzzi, was still only 4 by 3 am and completely exhausted. My cervix was thinner but that was about it. By this point, I wasn't hurting much but it was enough I couldn't sleep. I knew eventually I would need pitocin as I have had to have it with all my kids. My uterus isn't super effective on its own. I explained this all to the nurse, asked her if I could have the epidural so I could sleep and then if we could start Pitocin. The doctor said I could do whatever I wanted so I got comfy with the epidural then we started Pitocin. It was so nice to be able to sleep!  The doctor came in in the morning and broke my water and made a comment about how he was so surprised I didn't go quicker. I felt like I was disappointing everyone with my lack of progress, it was my fourth baby after all, how long should it take?!  By noon I was 5 and woke up from my nap with my right side of body feeling contractions. The nurse checked me and I was 7.5. My brother and his wife stopped by on their way home and their were a great distraction. I didn't let the anestheist try to fix my epidural as I was afraid it would stall my labor again and feeling the pain let me feel like I was doing something to progress. By the time my brother left, they checked me and I was complete. I wanted to labor down for a little while and when they rechecked me it was time to push. The doctor came in and I pushed twice, his head was faced sideways then flipped anterior at the end and out he came. My first thought was, That's a huge baby! He had the cord wrapped around his neck once and was super purple.   He pinked up right away but his face was pretty bruised from how quickly he descended in the birth canal.
 Quinn Reed Gilbert, 8lbs even, 20 inches long.
 The doctor was impressed with his size, I wasn't that surprised, I figured the kid had to be huge from how I had been feeling all week and my inability to walk well. I didn't have much fluid either, also not a surprise to me, I had suspected it was low the week before and had been measuring smaller and smaller. So it really was all baby! My biggest one so far, I'm glad he was a week early and didn't go past his due date, he looked like he was ready to come out.

The delivery rooms at this hospital were super nice and I was so impressed with the staff. They always let me sleep and never woke me up to do vital signs or give me medicine unless I asked them too. They let me feed my baby on my schedule and left Kevin and I alone a lot of the time, it was so nice! By far the most sleep I have ever had in a hospital.
Poor Quinn had quite a bit of bruising and swelling right after he came out. It looked quite a bit better the next day.

 Oh you have to love those lovely post baby pictures with the swollen mommy face...
 Quinn's first bath.
 My parents brought the kids up a few hours later, Isak was extremely excited about Quinn. Edyn wanted nothing to do with me, I think she was freaked out about the hospital. Lucy likes him but hasn't wanted to hold him yet, I think she's a tad nervous about him.
 Isak is so excited to have a little brother after two little sisters.

 Kevin's parents came up as well to see Quinn and Edyn was quite curious about her little brother.  We went home the next day, Quinn's billirubin was a little high due to all the bruising he had but after a few follow up levels its been fine.