Monday, October 26, 2009

Lucy started officially crawling this past week, she still likes to "sit spin" as we call it but she moves around pretty well and is now actually moving up on all fours.
I think she looks a little like Alice in Wonderland in this dress. Isn't she cute?

Isak and Lucy watching some TV together with grandpa (who was cut out of the pic, sorry Bob).

Isak has found a tree to climb in the backyard. We officially now have renters in our house, we just need to find a place here in Othello that is available. So far we have come up with nothing but we haven't been looking for very long, hopefully something hospitable will pop up soon. Meanwhile I've decided to channel my domesticity (is that a word?) into fixing up my in-laws basement. We've already made some great progress and I have a great motivator in that I'm living that right now.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Time

I took the kids to the park today (again) and Lucy sat in one of the swings, she is getting so big! I think this confuses Isak, he always looks at her strangely and will sometime say, "baby, out".
She loved it though and really likes watching Isak swing as well and will always laugh at him.

I took the kids to the pumpkin patch today with some ladies from church and their kids. It turns out there are lots of crazy little boys Isak's age with a similar energy level and they had lots of fun chasing each other and jumping off hay bales. Isak also insisted I carry him as well as Lucy which was rather difficult, I could only do it for a little while. They are over 50 lbs together and that's a lot to carry!

This child really has no fear. These hay bales were about 6 high and he would look at me and go, "big jump? big jump?" and then jump towards me and hope I would catch him. I'm already getting gray hair.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Theoretically, right now, I should be sleeping. It is Isak's nap time and he is sleeping and usually miss Lucy naps at the same time. But today she decided a 20 minute siesta was all she here I am, awake. She is trying to crawl/lunge herself all over the floor and I am going to update everyone since evidently, sleep is not a current option. Above is Lucy trying a popsicle, and below is her reaction. She got over the initial cold shock and ended up eating the whole thing. I'm not certain if 8 months olds are suppose to eat popsicles, but I''m beginning to think my kids eat a lot of stuff probably before they are suppose to. Anyway, she loved it and I'm guessing there will be war soon enough in our house with her brother over popsicles.
Not much has changed regarding our whole situation or with our house...we are in limbo at the moment and probably will be for some time. The whole thing is very frustrating and makes it difficult to feel settled when we will move at least a few more times probably before being anywhere for any length of time. I really miss having my kids little rooms that I can decorate and having a house I can hang pictures in and stick my half-made hand made crafts in. I miss having my own kitchen and being able to walk my kids through the neighborhood to the play equipment. I think the basic, everyday routine stuff that I took for granted is what I miss the most. Isak has had some difficulty with his bedtime routine and Kevin has been lying down with him everynight to get him to fall asleep. I'm guessing he's going to be out of sorts for a while and will just get used to it. Anyway, I think I hear a little knock at his door so I think he's awake. Below is another cute picture of Lucy and below that is a video of her trying to crawl/lunge. My next update will have pictures of Isak, I haven't had a chance to take any cute pictures of him between all of the lovely tantrums lately...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Today Kevin was nice enough to take Isak with him to the airport to pick up his mom while I stayed home with Lucy. It has been wonderful! I got half done with a baby blanket while Lucy slept and also got a nap. I think we might even go to the post office. Below are some pictures of us at the park...our new favorite past time. We think we found someone to rent our house in Boise so hopefully we will have a house soon.

Isak really loves the swings. He frequently asks to go "too high" and lately has been saying, "I fly, I fly" while swinging, it is very cute.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Last night was a very long night. Isak woke up around 1am and didn't go back to sleep till after 4. There as lots of yelling and door pounding until finally we let him sleep with us which I think has happened exactly twice in his little life. He slept in till 9am, I cannot say the same for his sister. Lucy woke up at 5am and didn't want to go back to sleep until 6. I am tired. I think Isak might be getting his 2 year molars, at least that is what it feels like and I have no other answer for his weird behavior..other than maybe an ear infection but he has no other symptoms. Anyway, hopefully he will take a great nap today or it might be a really long day.

Lucy and I spent some quality time together this morning while waiting for Isak to wake up. She is trying really hard to crawl and will "lunge" forward on her toes.

Lucy up on her tippy toes...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not much new happening with us this week. Isak still loves and torments his little kitty on a regular basis. Lucy is pushing two new teeth through the top and they are just about there so horray for that! I'm really hoping she doesn't turn into a biter with 4 teeth rather than just 2 but time will tell. Our home is officially on the market and we are going through that long process so hopefully it will sell quickly. We already have had several people interested in renting it while we are trying to sell it so hopefully that will pan out as well.
Isak and his cat. I'm really hoping this cat survives Isak's toddlerhood. I guess me and this cat both are hoping we survive. Otherwise, we are doing fine. I will probably start looking for work soon as I feel my brain turning to mush and I really miss working, if even for a just a few days a week. Kevin is enjoying his new job and loves that he doesn't have to dress up everyday (although I think they should make him). I discovered Othello's one and only bike path...all 2 miles of its beauty..but it was a great attempt and it is better than nothing. I have started running quite a bit for lack of anything else to do and also in an attempt to hold onto my sanity. My next goal is to find a double jogger and make Kevin run with me in the evenings. We'll see how that goes...

Isak is starting to talk really well. I'm not sure why the kiki was going to "fall down", but whatever.