Saturday, September 28, 2013


Lucy girl started preschool at the beginning of September.  I drop her off in the morning and the Lucky Lion bus brings her home. I originally was picking her up but she badly wanted to ride the bus and since we live in town and its a novelty, I decided to let her. The school district is nice enough to offer busing services to and from the preschool, no matter where the student lives. She LOVES preschool and wants to go first thing in the morning when she wakes up. The fact she has to wait a few hours is always hard for her. She bounces in the school and declares "I'm here!" and waves me away, hangs up her back pack and runs into the classroom.  And I see her again two hours later.  The only thing I don't like is I'm not sure what she's doing while she's there. She's been singing a lot so I'm guessing they must do a lot of songs. And she does bring home coloring and writing practice.   When I ask her about what she did at preschool she responds with "I did lots of things. It was so fun. I love preschool!". And the other day I found out from her that she spent some time in timeout and it was somehow connected to an apple. With her preschool last year I helped out quite a bit and knew what was going on so its been different.  However, she appears to be learning quite a bit and I know that the school district preschool has great teachers and a good set up. They retest the students every three months to ensure the highest need kids are enrolled. I'm pretty sure she will be tested out in December and I feel really bad because she will be devastated. I went ahead and put her on the waiting list for another preschool in January just in case it happens.  But who knows? Maybe she will decide to only half answer all the questions again and get to stay in longer!


 The second week of September we had the Adams Country Fair. We look forward to this every year and my kids love going to see the animals and of course, the rides. My parents joined us this year and it was nice to have an extra set of hands to help with the kids. We saw all the animals and Edyn really loved the cows, bunnies and goats and tried to talk to all of them.
 One of my kids favorite parts of the fair is always the petting zoo. They have a llama, donkey, kitties, puppies, bunnies, ducks and some other poor unfortunate animals that get to be manhandled by overexcited children all day.
 We ran into our friends while we were there and Isak was excited to have his friend, other Isaac, at the fair as well.

 And Lucy attempted to feed the animals and was super excited (as usual) to see "Ashalynn!!" (ashlynn) at the petting zoo. These two I'm pretty sure were sisters in another life.

 Isak really wanted to try these balls last year and we didn't get a chance so this year we decided to let him and Lucy try it. Turned out to be the best ride we paid for all night. They were giant blow up balls that floated in a shallow wading pool and the kids could run in them and bump into each other. They each got about 10 minutes in there and it was only $5 a kid. They reminded me of the Zorbing balls we used in New Zealand only our kids weren't rolling down a hill in these things...
 The rides are always a little pricey so we let each kid pick out about three rides. My children of course want to go on the craziest ride they can find so I had to steer them towards these very calm spaceships. They talked Kevin and I into going on the Octopus with them which turns these cars very fast as you're going up and down in the air. I went with Isak and Kevin went with Lucy, I'm pretty sure I was much more freaked out about than Isak was. We got done and I was trying not to vomit and he said "That was fun mom! We should do it again!". Um no. I'm not a big ride person, I think I liked them more when I was younger but in my old state I get motion sick easy and I hate heights. I still ended up on the ferris wheel too somehow but the kids loved it and I survived.

Edyn rode the carousel a few times with my parents and I think that was plenty enough excitement for her. At the end of night we got ice cream and elephant ears and watched this very cool reptile show that also featured a cougar and wolves. We had to pull our kids out of there and they collapsed into bed tonight and slept very well. Next year I promise to be more on the ball and have the kids enter something in the fair.  A lot of the Lego entries looked very similar to stuff Isak makes and is all very random so I think he would do great.