Friday, June 29, 2012

Swim Lessons

 My kids love the water. They have no fear of it what so ever which is why they will take regular swim lessons every summer until they are very proficient swimmers. This was Isak's 3rd year of lessons and Lucy's first year.  I just had them go to our local pool where I was pleasantly surprised with the class sizes this year. Both their classes had 5 kids or less. Lucy's class was just an introductory class to the water where they played fetch for rings a lot. Since Lucy doesn't er listen very well or follow directions very well, this was a great class for her.
 Isak was in learn to swim 2 and actually learned to float and do some kicking/arm strokes. He can swim really well with his life jacket in the pool but I need to work with him some more so he can have it off eventually.  Somehow they both passed, not sure how that happened, and their last day of lessons was free swim. They really loved that and Isak swam all over with his life jacket on in the lazy river.
A few weeks ago Isak and Lucy were out playing in the bouncy pool and Isak asked me for the dish soap. Not thinking, I found this about 20 minutes later and an empty container of dish soap. They had LOTS of bubbles and the slide was very, very slippery!
 I think bubbles might be my kids very favorite thing ever .
And this is Edyn sporting her baby Nike's that are soon going to be too small. Baby shoes are so impractical. And so very cute. Which is why I never spend more than a $1 for a pair. Look at how much she loves them!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

 Happy Father's Day! For Father's Day this year I made candy bar letters spelling out in chocolate our love for our grandpa's and Kevin. I think they were a hit. Lucy was pretty excited anyway and got Kevin to share some with her.
 Kevin is a great dad. He just got back from a very long trip to California and we all really missed him. He gets up with our kids every morning and lets me sleep because he knows I have been up with Edyn during the night. He always puts me and the kids before his own wants and we feel very lucky to have him.
 He even coached Isak's soccer team for 2 seasons which was no easy task! Hard to keep this boy from doing cartwheels and wrestling during every game.
He's also a pretty good sport about swimming with our kids endlessly, especially Lucy who just wants to jump in the water and Kevin to catch her and repeat about 20 times. What a great workout! And to my own dad who I didn't get a picture of today, I love you too. My dad is wonderful and has always been a great influence in my life. And thank you to my great father in law who raised such a nice son who knows how to work hard and is willing to learn how to fix/remodel just about anything in our house. We are so lucky to have you all in our lives!