Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! Isak was a one eyed green monster, he was very furry and cute. He was also rather grumpy for the occasion so we cut out early on the trunk or treat and saw a couple neighbors before taking him home and putting him to bed. I think his favorite part of the whole night was discovering our next door neighbors have a cat that they let him pet. At the bottom of the post is a video of him playing in his green costume.

Nathan and Stephanie came up last weekend to visit and we had a lot of fun. We took Isak to a little corn maze/farm they have down the road from us and they had some goats he got to pet. We successfully kept his fingers from getting bitten, however, Isak did try to climb on top of the goat at one point but we rescued the poor goat.

Nathan and kevin as a farmer and his wife

Stephanie and I are due just 4 days apart. She is having a boy and we don't know what we're having but I have a feeling I am having a boy too which would be really fun to have cousins so close together. We took a prego picture together since I am too much of a chicken to take one by myself. Kevin and Nathan are also expecting......we're just carrying ours a little lower.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


What a busy week this has been! Kathy came to visit to help out with Isak while I was suppose to go to some classes. There was a big mix up (apparently I need to check my junk e-mail at work more often) and I didnt get the right info in time so i didnt get to take the class. I'll have to do it in January which is okay except for poor Kathy had to drive all the way down here, but at least she got to hang out with Isak for a bit. And she bought him these awesome superman pajamas that also have a cape.

Isak in his awesome frog boots. We also decided it was time to cut Isak's hair because its been almost 6 months and he had started to look rather mullett like.

"Before Shot", combed to the side. kind of looks like little girl hair.

Kevin really wanted a mullett cut before we chopped it and I tried my best but it was pretty long.
Isak eating his pudding, after his haircut.

Right after his haircut. He did really well, he only cried when he dropped his sucker and realized no one was picking it up because it was covered in hair. The lady was nice enough to give him a second one. He just sat in my lap in a daze, eating his sucker which she cut his hair. He looks so much older to me now, Kevin said when he got home, he doesn't look like Isak anymore. It'll take us some getting use to, but he's still our cute little boy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tag! I'm It!

Tag! I'm It!

*Post the rules on your blog

*Write six random things about yourself
*Tag six-ish people at the end of your post
*Let each person know he/she has been tagged
*Let the tagger know when your entry is up
Six Random Things About Myself

#1 I'm scared of escalators (too many dateline specials)
#2 I have really long toes (Isak got them too)
#3 We want to adopt a kid after we're done having our own
#4 I'm beating Kevin and all of his little Othello friends in fantasy football.
#5 I use to be able to run really far for a really long time and hope to be able to again.
# 6 My son has been sleeping with his furry halloween costume for the past week

I tag whitney, susan, emily, crystal, vicki and whoever else feels like doing this tag.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ear Infections, snow, and new coats

So I will go back to Friday morning, nice and early. 340 AM to be exact. Kevin and I were awoken by screeching coming from Isak's room. Not crying, not yelling, but squealing. Very loud squealing and the sounds of running feet along a crib mattress. Occasionally we would bursts of laughter in between the squealing. Yes, Isak was wide awake, apparently having a party in his crib with his stuffed animals in the middle of the night. This continued for about 15 minutes and we decided to ignore it in hopes that he would go back to sleep. It got quiet for about 10 minutes and then I started to hear whining. Isak hasn't woke up during the night in months so I decided to go check on him. He was fine, just apparently very awake. He went to back to sleep without too much trouble and woke up bright and early at his usual time.

My first thought was that he had an ear infection because he's had a cold for the past couple days and I couldn't figure out why else he would wake up like that. So using my "motherly instincts" that have been right maybe a handful of times, I took him to the doctor that morning. Well the kid actually was starting an ear infection in his left ear and we started him on some antibiotics. Can I begin to tell you how many times I thought this kid has had an ear infection and its just been teething? I felt bad he was sick but somewhat glad that perhaps after a year and a half I might be figuring something out. He's never had an ear infection and well never had any medicine but tylenol and seems to be loving the yummy tasting amoxicillin and sucks it down with no problem. Anyway, it was a very long day for my sick little boy and the above picture is him when we got home from the doctor. He was such a good boy and held tight to his bunny the whole time we were at the doctor. The doctor was trying to look in his ears and asked isak, "do you have kitties in your ears? where are the kitties?" Isak looked at me and said somthing like, dubba dub a duh? like, "what kitties, where are the kitties mom?". It was funny.

This was our little snowstorm we had here friday night. It only lasted a couple hours but the flakes were huge and we got a good inch or so.
Isak in his new winter coat. Its reversible and in boise state colors. Its pretty puffy and I think he has a hard time getting around in it but he's getting more mobile. It should keep him very warm this winter.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I love this little boy

This is Isak playing teletubbies on the computer, I think he likes it because they cheer for him. Its pretty funny to watch because he usually makes this face, and I think he was feeling tired when we took this. I love this kid.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Random Pictures

Today was a long day, kevin isn't home yet because he had to stay late so Isak and I toughed it out together. It actually wasn't that bad, I'm just used to being able hand him over in the evenings for a bit. The above is a preview of Isak's halloween costume. We had him try it on for lindsey when she came this past weekend.
Isak has taken to giving his stuffed animals "rides" on his lawn mower around the kitchen. This started after we started giving isak rides on his lawn mower. He's such a smart boy.
Isak and his beloved rabbit that was rescued yet again from the refridgerator.
I was wiping down some of our doors the other day and Isak started yelling and pointing at me. I gave him the dusting cloth and this is what he started doing. He proceeded to try to wipe down the front of the dishwasher, oven and cupboards. Hopefully he wants to be this helpful when he is older, this could be useful....

Monday, October 6, 2008


My camera is fixed, thanks to a replacement battery charger. I have no idea where the original one went to but perhaps when Isak starts talking in coherent sentences we can find out. At the top of blog is isak cuddling with his doggie. He loves his stuffed animals and we here him every morning in his crib talking to them. Its very cute. This is a little video of Isak "jumping". He has started doing a lot of new things this past week and is growing way too fast. I asked him if he wanted mashed potatoes for lunch today and he looked at me with big eyes and said "yah!" and ran towards his highchair. It was funny. He also tried to stuff his bunny into the produce drawer in our fridge and insisted on taking it with him into the grocery store today and on walk around the neighborhood. Kevin and I aren't nearly as exciting but we're doing fine. Kevin has just gotten the study materials for his CPA exam and I'm really glad I became a nurse because it does not look like fun. Funny how I had to take one big test for my licensing and I get trusted with people's lifes and kevin has to take 4 big tests and audits people. Apparently we know what's important in society.

I'm feeling fine, just getting bigger and this baby seems really active for being so early but hopefully its getting it all out now. I am working myself up to put up a pregnancy picture but I'm not quite there yet.