Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday Lucy!

 My sweet Lucy turned 6 a few days ago and she has been SO EXCITED for her birthday now for months.  She's been telling the poor primary chorister at church for the past 5 months that her birthday is coming soon and is almost here.  She wanted a Barbie birthday so I attempted a Barbie cake.

 Per tradition we played heavy heavy hangover with all her presents. Isak was happy to oblige.
 Lucy saw this My Little Pony bathrobe months ago and and was thrilled to get for a present. She immediately had to put it on, of course.

 Lucy's friend birthday was on her actual birthday after school and everyone got a Barbie crown and colored Barbie coloring sheets as guests arrived.
 Lucy wore her birthday crown from school that day and I brought cupcakes earlier to her classroom with of course, Barbie rings in each one.
 Then we played pin the sunglasses on Barbie. I loved the Mask the game had for the kids to wear, especially when Isak decided to give it a try....
 Of course we also had to go on a treasure hunt for the treat bags, which ended up being under the trampoline. Then we went outside and played smack the pinata for candy.
 Lucy got several My Little Ponies, water toys, play dress up stuff, candy, and games.  She had so much fun and enjoyed decorating for the party as much as she enjoyed having it.
Below is my little Lucy the night before her 6th birthday, with her nails done and hair in curls in preparation for the big day.  Oh how we love this sweet little girl! Lucy is a special kid. She is friendly and kind and always thanking me for doing the littlest things for her and giving out compliments to others left and right.  She loves Fancy Nancy books, anything My Little Pony, pink and purple and fluffy dresses, rainbows, unicorns and she loves to draw and write cards and notes.  She enjoys Kindergarten and making new friends and is one of the most positive and upbeat people I know.  She was my easiest baby and her easy going personality is such a great addition to our family. We love our Lucy!!