Friday, January 31, 2014

End of January.

 Edyn discovered she loves mangoes, doesn't seem to care if the peel is on or off.
 The kids and I have been creating some new juice combinations. I can put a whole lot of carrots, cucumbers and kale in it without them noticing as long as there is also green apples, mangoes, lemon and lime. I think with this one we might have thrown in some pineapple and an orange.  Isak and Edyn will always drink it, Lucy is usually done after one glass.
 This is me at about 7 months pregnant. I'm trying to document a few pictures from this pregnancy to look back on! The black shirt doesn't do me justice, I feel gigantic.
Lucy had her first dance performance and was very excited. Sadly their costumes didn't come in in time so she borrowed one from a friend that wore this last year at her recital.
 As Lucy was running into the building she bumped into some boys and yelled, "Watch out boys! Beautiful girl coming through!" Hahaha. I'm so glad Lucy doesn't have any self confidence issues! She is by far the tallest one in her class so she was in the middle. She did a great job and followed the steps very well and showed herself to be pretty graceful. She sure has come a long way since last year's cheer performance at the high school when she just got up and did her own dance in front of everyone.

Her official recital is in May and I'm excited for her, she really loves ballet and tap and its been good for her to have to follow directions and hold still. Although I'm pretty sure her favorite part is always going to be those huge floor to ceiling mirrors.  Great job Lucy!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Edyn's Birthday!

 Our little Edyn turned two on the 12th and she was pretty darn excited for her "Pony Cake!!"

 Miss Edyn knew about presents and Lucy was more than willing to help her open them.
 She got a train track with train, a play cell phone, books, toy animals for her zoo, and a cake with a rainbow and pony that she's been asking for for forever.

 Edyn really loves her train and track and spent a long time watching it go around and around.

 Edyn ate her cake using the legs of her pony. It was pretty impressive.

 Happy Birthday to my sweet Edyn girl! You are definitely a firecracker in our house and keep me on my toes. She adores Isak and Lucy and loves to play with her ponies and animals and choo choos. She talks better than my other two at this age and can say just about anything she wants. She doesn't like it when we sing to her and expresses her opinion very well....She has a short fuse and is quick to temper. She is also incredibly loving and loves to climb in our bed and cuddle with us in the morning.  Now if I could just get her to keep napping all would be well!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

 On New Years Eve we had a bunch of friends over and ate and lit off some fireworks that we had been storing away since July. The kids LOVED the fireworks, not so sure about the neighbors, and we discovered our house can hold a whole lot of people!