Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Quinn!

 Our little Quinn baby turned one yesterday! He's been walking since 10 months, has never crawled, and loves to eat just about everything. He wore his birthday suit for the occasion..

 Quinn had some great assistance from Edyn in figuring out his new toys.
 Quinn got some spaghetti before his party, one of his favorites, and gobbled it right up.

 Quinn's favorite person in all the world is my dad. I seriously think he likes him more than Kevin or I.  My dad retired a year ago and has come up at least once a week since then to spend the day with us and Quinn has gotten very attached to him.  But who wouldn't love the guy who gives who whatever you want and takes you outside all day everyday?!
 Quinn got some trucks, a little toy kitchen, a play keyboard, and some other toys.
 He also didn't want anything to do with his cake which is weird.  My first baby to refuse their cake! He did like the frosting but didn't want anything to do with it after a few seconds.And this is my 4th first birthday cake picture in this highchair.  It's probably time for a new one!
Quinn is the sweetest, most good natured baby.  He has finally started sleeping at night and is pretty happy most of the time and easily entertained by his siblings.  He loves to be outside and loves anything with wheels or that he can throw or hit stuff with.  He is definitely a boy through and through.  He takes two naps a day and will self feed a lot of food but still likes baby food and his bottles before sleeping.  He weighs just over 24lbs and his head is well over the 100th percentile.  He is almost identical in size to Isak at this age.  Happy birthday sweet boy!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Quinn is turning one soon and I just love little boys in overalls with their chubby wrists and feet.  It's been so warm lately and this little boy is growing so fast!