Wednesday, November 28, 2012


We had a great Thanksgiving this year. Isak's kindergarten class had a Thanksgiving party/celebration that I got to attend with him. They went from classroom to classroom and did turkey bingo, ate a small thanksgiving dinner, and did some other crafts. It was a lot of fun. My brother Paul and his wife Amanda came up on Monday from Idaho and my brother Aaron flew in that night from Texas. Isak LOVES his uncles and was pretty excited they were coming to visit. 
 I made my first layered jello and it turned out pretty good! It takes all day and you have to keep adding layers so I definitely think its a once a year kind of thing. We had Thanksgiving on Tuesday with my family as that was when we could all be together. And we got to have it in my new kitchen which is almost completely done!
 Edyn and Lucy scored some early Christmas presents, these Reindeer antlers, which they wore proudly. Dinner was super yummy and afterwards my mom, Amanda and I went to see Breaking Dawn II while the boys saw Skyfall. Paul and Amanda had to leave Wednesday but Aaron was able to stay for almost 10 days. Isak cried when he left, he really loves his uncle, we will have to maybe make a visit down to Texas sometime..

Another great thing happened last week, The Cougars won the Apple Cup! It was a great game, wonders never cease. We also had Black Friday and I bought way too much crap and now I have my kids Christmas presents as well as bday presents for the next year. 
 I found a sweet deal online where they design an outfit for your kid and ship it to you and the first time its $8 total. I found this cute outfit for Lucy and then promptly canceled the service. I think its $40 a month normally...who does that? Crazy.
On Thanksgiving day we ate dinner with Kevin's family and opted for ham instead of Turkey. It was delicious and we had way too many leftovers. Kevin apparently had some too late at night and was up all night Thursday puking his guts out. Then I got some form of his disease and we took turns being sick all weekend. Good times.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Edyn started crawling the beginning of November and got fast very quick. She eats everything in sight..except bottles. She's super cute and we love her.

 Lucy got to go to a princess ball with Kevin. It was a fundraiser in our community to raise money for the junior miss program. She got to go on a carriage ride with him and thought it was the best thing ever. All her prayers since then have included wishes to go to a princess party .

 She was ready way ahead of time and has recently discovered Cinderella and started to show interest in some girlier things. Its been fun.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


 Halloween this year was interesting as always. Luckily my kids have lots of costumes so its just a matter of picking which one they actually want to wear on Halloween. Isak got to wear his costume to school that day and wore his bird costume. I thought his teacher would appreciate him not having a full body suit he had to climb in and out of all day. Can you imagine 20 plus kindergartners wearing costumes and trying to use the bathroom all day? I would go nuts. Anyway, He really wanted to be iron man for Halloween night and Edyn recycled the awesome skunk suit while Lucy rocked the crazy chicken outfit. Can't believe I scored that for a $1! Look at that orange hair! She got lots of comments on her costume, I thought it fit her personality quite well :).
 On Halloween night we had a trunk or treat at the church and then went to some friends houses and the hospital to trick or treat.
The kids went around once and got quite a bit of candy. Edyn wasn't enjoying it quite as much, it was pretty cold.
 Isak's class went to the pumpkin patch the week before and each got to pick out a pumpkin for a $1. I was glad I got to go and meet him there, he was pretty excited to see me when he got off the bus.
                         Isak's whole kindergarten class at the pumpkin patch with their pumpkins.

 Lucy also went to the pumpkin patch with her preschool and was so excited!! She was talking about it for days before hand and kept asking "we go to the pumpkin patch?" multiple times a day. So when the day arrived, she was pretty pumped and ran towards the pumpkin field. She wanted it to be "perfect" and must have gone through about 15 pumpkins telling me that "its not perfect!!".  Kevin and I really aren't like that, she's pretty OCD at times, really don't know where it is from. I finally got her to stay with one and hold it long enough for a picture. She's sitting next to one of her very favorite friends, Eliza. They are very cute.

The youth in our ward put on a Halloween carnival the Wednesday before Halloween and had games and some treats for the kids. They got to do a cake walk and wear their costumes. It was fun.

 We carved pumpkins this year and when I say "we" I mean Kevin and I...I think Lucy might have helped paint a pumpkin but that was about it. But they were very excited about the whole process! Edyn is rocking her cow outfit. Its awesome and has a tail and whenever Kevin puts on her pajamas he puts her in these. He told me the other day he's going to be really sad when she outgrows them.