Thursday, July 28, 2011


Lucy got her glasses on Wednesday and so far she has done really well. She is a very active little girl and I was worried about her pulling them off and smashing them but she has done great. I looked through her lenses and was amazed at the prescription, things 100 yards away were all the sudden right in front of my face. I wish she could tell me, "wow I can see so much better" or "this isn't helping me see at all!" but she's too little. So we got back in a couple months to check her eyes again and hopefully they have improved. We got her 2 pairs as we know we are going to need a spare. They isn't a ton of choices for kids this little but it gets better as they get older and she got some pretty cute ones.
So far they have stayed on during watercolor time (and while drinking the paint water).

And have stayed on while she's eating the tops off of the carrots. I know I say this all the time, but this girl eats the weirdest things! Her latest is eating the clover out of grass and chewing the bark off of sticks. I swear she's not nutrient deficient either. Today while she was eating this carrot top she looked at me and went, "this is mummy!". Yea...she wouldn't eat her garlic bread or ravioli but she will eat weird plants outside. And on another note, Holy Pumpkins! I only planted a little row of pumpkin seeds and appraently forgot to read the package on the seeds about spacing. My poor watermelons are growing up underneath the pumpkins and well, it should be interesting. So if anyone needs a pumpkin come October, I think I will have some to spare!

Monday, July 25, 2011

So last week Lucy got her first official hair cut. She just took an inch or so off but its made her hair much more manageable. This was pretty much the best picture I could muster with her completely distracted..
My brother Mark came over last week to play with my kids on his day off. He has been home from college this summer working and we loved having him close. He came equipped with nerf darts and Isak was in seventh heaven.
We even wrapped him up in a lemur tortilla and threatened to eat him :).Isak really loves to dress up, I think he was in at least 3 different costumes that day.
Isak grabbed my camera the other day to go take pictures of the pumpkins that are overtaking my yard. Who knew little pumpkin seeds could grow so big? Apparently I should have read the packaging on the seeds and spaced them better because now they are overshadowing my poor watermelons. Isak took this lovely picture of lucy and I, not too bad, at least we are both in the picture! So Lucy pants loves to be wrapped in her pink blanket, her "dee dee!". She brings it to me several times a day, drops it at my feet, and demands to be wrapped up. She then goes limp and she wants to be swaddled and carried like a baby. It was cute the first 2 times, now it is getting old. She is 32 lbs, that is one big baby to be carrying around! She loves this thing, she has 2 of them, both are equally matted and gross, and I have to be very sneaky when I take it to wash it as she can tell which of them is softer and always wants that specific one.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have been trying to play catch-up from the time my sister was here but in the process everything that is going on currently is getting lost. So I will continue to backtrack while trying to move forward a little. So here are the top 5 most exciting things that happened this week, in no particular order....

1. We took Isak in for his 4 year check up on Friday and I took Lucy with me as I noticed (and everyone else noticed) her left eye turns in quite often. Isak is growing and developing great and the poor little boy had to get 4 shots and has to go back for 2 more later. Lucy, however, got a referral to the eye doctor and several screaming eye drops later, we discovered she is very far-sighted. And she gets glasses! Poor girl. I guess it runs in Kevin's family. She did great identifying all the little pictures in the mirror with each eye and charmed the pants off the nurse. Right up until they had to put drops in her eyes and it took 3 of us to restrain her :). She didn't love the eye doctor so much after that. We ordered them on Saturday and she should get them in the next couple weeks. I am quite nervous to see how she will do with them as she hates things on her face and is always pulling her sunglasses off. Hopefully when she realizes she can see better with them she will like them!
2. Kevin and I had the opportunity to go to girl's camp last Tuesday and spend the night. We had so much fun. I got called into Young Women's the end of May and have absolutely loved my time there and getting to know the girls
Here they are at the top of the slip n slide in their "train". Watching those girls made me tired, I'm only about 10-12 years older than most of these girls but holy cow their energy! I've forgotten what its like to be 15 and have a super fast metabolism and be able to eat whatever you want.
Kevin was there to help us with our tin foil dinners which was greatly appreciated. He kept commenting on how girl's camp was nothing like boys camp. No killing squirrels or lighting random things on fire and we had decorations of all things! He was pretty perplexed.
While we were gone, Kevin's mom took our kids overnight and Isak discovered the marble set. I had the same one as a kid and we played with it ALL DAY the next day. He loves it and also loves creating guns with the different parts, go figure....
3. We discovered the splash park at Columbia Park in Tri-Cities. My kids loved it, especially Isak, and we had to pull him away crying to get him to leave.
Lucy was a bit more cautious and doesn't love soaking herself in the water, but she still jumped right in and played a bit. She kept coming up to me and going "I all wet mommys, I all wet!".
4. Pretty much everyday, the kids and I spend a significant amount of time outside on the trampoline. It never gets old and some of their favorite games to play on it are chase, Lucy loves ring around the rosie, and duck duck goose.

It may never get old because Isak is always being more inventive....he dragged out the leapfrog table and was doing tricks off of it. Other ideas that have been stopped by me quickly: Leaping from the trampoline into the pool, onto the bouncy castle, and trying to shove each other off the trampoline. Never a boring moment at my house people.
5. Today was the weirdest weather. It is the middle of July, but this morning was rainy, windy and just plain cold. We attempted to play outside but ended up making a fort over the kitchen table and dragging the stuffed animals under it. We also made pictures of the sky, complete with lightning and birds, and Isak worked on writing his name. We are getting there, I am not in too big of a hurry with him. I figure he will get it before too long and there is no need to frustrate him with the whole tihing.
6.....Whoops. I forgot, there is a number 6. Probably everyone knows by now, but I am 14 weeks pregnant. We are due in middle of January and are very excited. I have been sicker with this one than with the other two but I keep my whining to Kevin and immediate family. I am hoping it will get better soon as I could sure use some more energy to keep up with these two kids. And don't hold your breath, we won't find out the sex till its born, we did it with Lucy and I am completely convinced that it is the only way to go. One of life's only true surprises. And here's to hoping that number 3 will be our mellow one....I can hope, right??

Friday, July 1, 2011

Aquatic Center

Isak has been taking swim lessons the past two weeks at our local pool. I've been a little skeptical about how much he has learned as there were 7 kids in his class and one teacher and many times it appeared that Isak did as he pleased. But apparently he passed and got a tootsie roll and can go on to the next level. I think we will wait till next summer when he's a little taller as he was the shortest and one of the youngest in his class.
Right after he finished with his swim lessons, we went and spent the day with my family at the aquatic center. This pool is huge compared to ours and has way more things that my kids can do so they were in heaven.
We had about 5 adults for 6 kids so we were pretty well covered. I was even able to race the water slides with Kevin and Valerie.
The kids loved the body boarding feature they have in the simulated wave pool. All of them tried it out, even Isak, although some were better at holding on than others.

Isak stayed on for about 2 seconds, but apparently, being swept up and wiping out didn't scare him at all and he asked to do it again.

Poor little Caleb about lost his swimsuit on it, good thing he's too little to be embarrassed by it!
Isak's favorite feature by far was the lazy river (and Lucy's too) and he went around countless times. While Lucy was quite happy to just sit in our laps and be carried around and around, Isak was insistent that he have his own tube, although he had to stand on his tippy toes.