Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The day the toaster died

So the other day we had a tragic accident in our house that ended in the death of our toaster oven. I had worked the night before but kevin was gone the next day, which meant that I took a nap with Isak but other than that didn't get to go to bed. So I wasn't operating at 100%. I decided to heat up some leftover pizza in the toaster oven for lunch, simple enough. I began to smell burning fumes from the kitchen which isn't that unusual because there is always something smoking in that little oven because its kinda crappy and well, yeh. Anyway, So I went to retrieve my pizza to find flames coming from my pepperoni. They were little, so I turned to grab something to extinguish the flames and when I looked back, flames were leaping from the toaster oven. This is not an exagerration, by the way, there were Flames. So ignoring the fire extinguisher we have so handily nailed to our wall (I love student housing) I grabbed a glass of water and thew it on the oven. The glass on the front of the oven shatterred everywhere as I realized that it was still plugged in as smoke began to rise. Luckily Isak was busy in the next room, completely oblivious to his mother's near electricoution. I called kevin to inform him of the passing away of the oven and he just laughed at me. And then made some comment about throwing water on plugged in appliances. Oh well. I claim exhaustion. At least now I can save up to buy a red kitchen aid toaster oven, and become one step closer to converting my kitchen to a red kitchen aid empire.