Monday, October 7, 2013

 My parents took Kevin and I and Isak to a WSU game in Pullman the end of September. We were uncertain of how their season would go so we made sure we picked a game we knew they would win...the game vs University of Idaho. This was Isak's first college football game and he was pretty ecstatic that he was old enough to go and the only kid we brought with us. 
 We sat in the endzone and I was unsure of how Isak would do with such a long game. Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. He did great and was cheering the whole time.  Kevin and I were thoroughly entertained by the U of I cheerleaders who were sitting facing the megatron screen eating popcorn and snacks during the first half in their sweatsuits. We kept thinking, "Aren't they suppose to be cheering?" But there they sat, eating their popcorn. Finally right before half time, they started to warm up and then they performed during half time and cheered the second half. Maybe I was just jealous of their young metabolism. Anyway, also entertaining and true to the college football experience was the pair of drunk guys sitting behind us. Our first clue was how they sang the national anthem along with the singer at the start of the game. At least they were friendly drunks, and aside from accidently hitting Kevin in the head a few times, were not a problem.  One was in a whoopee cushion costume and he kept high fiving Isak every time they would score a touchdown. Brought back such great memories of my own experience at WSU at the football games!
It ended late and Isak ended up falling asleep soon after he got in the car on the way home. It was a great night and even better that WSU won!