Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Preview of my children in the "easter" outfits. Yes, it is that hard to get a picture of them.. And now for a little story. There once was a cute little girl who loved to read so much, that she would even try to look at her books while she was walking.
She would get so excited and loved to play peekaboo with the books. Sadly, she also ran into things.

And would fall down, and cry.
And then she would need her daddy to help her feel better. And then she would get down, and do it all over again. The End!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Good Morning

What I saw this morning when I walked in the door from work...puts a smile on my face. Apparently Isak said it was okay if Lucy sat there..as long as "the baby doesn't drink my pink one" (strawberry milk). Perhaps they will love each other stil.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Silence is never good at our house. Neither are open cupboards that have no doors. And neither is one curious 1 year old little girl. I would like to say this is unusual...but its not. As Isak would say..that's a naughty baby.
But look how happy she is? Now how can you be mad at that little face?? Isak never got into stuff like this at her age. He liked to climb stuff and run everywhere and give me heart attacks. Lucy likes to dump stuff out and try to eat everything. Makes me kind of scared to have anymore. Good thing that won't be happening for a while.For the past month, Isak has been asking to make cookies almost everyday. I can only put him off for so long before I give in. So far I've managed to keep it down to twice a week. I then pawn them off on Kevin's coworkers to keep myself from eating them all. Now if only I had a new oven to cook them in...one that wouldn't trap all my cookie sheets inside once they get hot so its a major tug of war to pull them out.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What we have been up to this week....
We are loving this warm weather we have been having. Kevin had the kids "help" him wash the car on Friday.Isak was just excited to see the hose out for the first time this season. Lucy loves to run around outside but wasn't too sure about getting wet. Her and Isak are about as opposite as can be in this aspect. Isak will be soaking wet and blue and refuse to come inside and Lucy gets splashed with some water and begs you to hold her because she is freezing. Such a girl.
We have been spending lots of time at the park and Isak has had me identify what every light box, electrical outlet and building are used for...and what every warning sign says. It can take a very long time just to walk from our house to the toys...across the street.
Isak is starting to say some very funny things, I have to remember to write them down so I don't forget. Yesterday he told grandma that Sam the cat is fat...pretty sure I didn't teach him that word but its amazing what they catch onto.
He's also informed me that he doesn't need diapers because he wears "my underwears because I am potty trained!" (yea...kinda).
He also mentioned to me, staring at a plate of newly baked cookies..."mom, the cookies are looking at me!...

Lucy loves to have her feet and back rubbed. Seriously? She's 13 months old! On Sunday she had her head in grandpas lap and her feet with kevin and had one rubbing her feet and the other rubbing her head. Her eyes were half closed and she was loving every minute. I think we're in big trouble!

I have also been obsessed with craigslist lately, trying to find random things for our house. I finally found this awesome solid wood coffee table with matching end tables in Kennewick yesterday. I think with a little paint they will give some color to my very brown and boring furniture. Good thing my house is small, there is a limit to how much random stuff I can buy. Otherwise, we are gearing up for kevin's sister wedding in a few weeks and kevin's #2 CPA exam.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So every once once in a while, I decide to do somthing productive. My idea of crafts usually consists of gluing popsicle sticks together but I decided to branch out. I can sew in a straight line at least, sometimes even in a square. I found this awesome fabric last year in boise when a speciality fabric store was going out of business. I've been wondering what to make with it and then decided it would be perfect playroom curtains! If you don't look too close, they look pretty cute.My other project..I've been carting around this beast for 3 years...we found it at goodwill when we first moved to Boise and needed a little tv stand. I'm kicking myself now that I didn't buy the matching one to go with it but it would've been a pain to move around. Anyway, its not exactly updated but I figured a little spray paint might make it look more presentable. It took a while, I had to scrape the doors once and work on it when my children were sleeping...which is why it took 2 weeks. Anyway, Isak thought it looked it pretty good..."wow mom, that's nice"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What we've been up to today...Isak loves to help me vacuumn stuff with the "vacuumn gun"/hose attachment. We have to watch him though, sometimes he also tries to vacuumn his sister,,,
Isak has been talking really well now for a while and so I guess it was inevitable that he would learn other awesome phrases, like "hey, stop it" and "I don't want to!". It has made life pretty awesome. I have to sometimes remind myself what a sweet little boy he can be sometimes when he's not kicking his sister in the face and throwing a huge tantrum. Today we played outside and made cookies, his favorite. His potty training is going well and he seems to do a little better everyday.

Lucy has been getting into trouble lately also, if you can't tell by that sly smile on her face. She loves to pull stuff off of shelves and dump it everywhere. She also loves that toilet.

Below, Kevin caught her red handed trying to put Fiber 1 bars down it. Yesterday I caught her throwing her yogurt from the fridge into it. Works so well when we are also potty training.

Kevin has been studying hard for another CPA exam coming up in a few weeks. I don't think I will know what to do when we get to see everyday at 5pm...I'll probably find more stuff for him to work on. Or hand him the kids and maybe I'll go do something. Whatever I can find in this exciting, exciting town of Othello.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I apologize for the quality of this video, it was taken with my phone in the car in the bright sunlight. Lucy was giggling and squawking at something for a while in the backseat and this is what I caught...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quiet weekend at home...

We had a great weekend just being home and working on some house projects. It was really nice to be home on a saturday and have nothing that we had to do or anywhere we had to be. Kevin and I saw the new Alice in Wonderland movie on Friday. We both liked it, it was kind of strange but then again, the story is kind of strange. The Walmart here had a big 50% off clearance sale storewide and I stocked up on a few toys for next christmas. I also got tons of craft paints for $.15. Isak scored some toys he got to open now..I got this cute little fireman dress up costume for $3. Lucy loves the axe it came with and carries it around the house. And, as pathetic as this may be to admit this, I took both kids to the store by myself for maybe the 3rd time ever. But then again, if you have met my kids, you might understand why I never take them by myself. I think Isak is getting better, however, I think I could venture out again if I was armed with an ample supply of fruit snacks and life savers.
Lucy has reached the "I'm incredible naughty on purpose stage" and likes to dump things out, play in the toilet, run towards the street, and continues to put everything in her mouth. She's figured out that she doesn't have to be carried and will lunge towards the ground whenever she wants down and then take off. She also has discovered how to bite Isak and dump my brown sugar all over the floor. Good thing she's cute, I think its her saving grace. Isak is big lately on having us read warning labels, signs, stickers and likes to repeat what they say...over and over and over. Lately he has been repeating the "explosion hazard", "shock hazard" stickers from the washer and dryer and tells me everything is some kind of hazard that will blow up his playroom. He then proceeds to tells me I need to unplug them before the repair man will work on them so he doesn't blow up. Today he kept telling me that people need to "please knock on the door" so they don't wake up the baby(I have a sign over our doorbell).

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm back! I thought my camera was gone forever, really it was in a drawer in my bathroom for the past 2 weeks. I even bought some disposable cameras for our trip to Boise last weekend just so I could have pictures. Good thing I found it, I really didn't want to buy another one. We went down to Boise last weekend to visit some old friends and family we haven't seen since we moved. It was great, minus the fact the kids gave me their stomach flu on Friday and I spent most of that day in random beds and trying not to get everyone else sick. We shot down to Twin Falls on Saturday afternoon to visit Kevin's brother Nathan and his wife Stephanie and their baby Conner. It was good to see everyone and get caught up. We stocked up on Boise State gear for the upcoming football season and I'm proud to say my house will be obnoxiously flying a bright orange flag every game day. I'll put up pictures of our trip when I get my lovely disposable camera developed. I hope I remember how to do that. Meanwhile, both Isak and Lucy have had colds so we have been hanging out at home and at the park when its warm enough. I though I would gather Isak's arsenal and take a picture. I realize some mothers may be appaled at this and think I'm a horrible mom for letting my son play with guns. I think little boys should be allowed to play with boy things as long as it is done appropriately. Isak loves it and Im pretty sure he won't grow to be a cold hearted killer when he grows up. Did I mention this tough little guy's favorite song is "I am a Child of God?. Yea, I think he'll be fine.

The red toy kitchen came yesterday! Kevin and I spent last night putting it together. Its really cute and very red. I'll put up some better pictures of it later.