Friday, August 29, 2008

Campbell Reunion Take 2.......

Well here's the rest of our trip. We headed up to a friend's cabin in Island Park for 4 days and while we were there we toured yellowstone and played at the lake. Also, I would like all of you to take note of the monumentous occasion that has been documented in the above picture. Yes, that is my husband who I somehow conned into running a 5k with me at the mesa falls marathon and fun run. I am so proud of him! I doubt he will ever do it again, at least not unless I'm giving him a motorcycle or something, but he finished. If you do remember, I had grand plans to run this marathon back in May. I did it a couple years ago and it was a beautiful course but then well for obvious reasons I couldn't run the marathon this time around being pregnant so I settled for the fun run. We both got 2nd in our age groups which I don't think is too shabby for a pregnant lady and a guy who hasn't ran a foot race in well his life.
In fact, my sister and I got pretty much our entire family to do the fun run with us. Notice the matching yellow sweat bands in the below picture. Even Valerie's kids did the 1 mile race and we all placed somewhere in our age groups because well lets face it, ashton isnt that big of a town. Valerie did the full marathon because she is super hard core and also placed in her age group which is probably a lot cooler. She ran the race with a nasty case of poison oak all over her legs which made her seem even more daring.
Before the Race. Notice Isak pushing the stroller in the background.
Isak loved wearing our medals around his neck. I think someday he will be a great runner. Or probably more like a wrestler.
My brothers at yellowstone. I think my dad would set up a tent there and live with the bears and elk if he could. It was really fun.
The three of us at the "paint pots". The geysers and pools there were amazing. The sulfur stunk and it was quite windy when we were there but amzing, nonetheless.
We had played lots of games, including one of our family favorites, Settlers of Catan.
So this had been a long day for isak and I don't think he had gotten his morning nap. By the time we were waiting for old faithful to erupt, he had about had it and kevin decided to placate him with blue m&ms. .....what could i do.
We saw a lot of these super blue pools, I think the color comes from all the sulfur. They were beautiful.
Us in front of Old faithful. It was very geyser like and exploded up in the air although this wasn't my favorite attraction at yellowstone. We stopped at a place called midgeyser basin where there is a billows of steam coming up out of this deep cliff that has this beautiful deep blue pool at the bottom.You walk along a boardwalk and on either side there is steam coming up out of this billowing water/lava looking stuff. It was blowing pretty hard and I was convinced i was going to get blown into the molten hot lava.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My baby Goliath...15month checkup

Isak had his 15month checkup this morning and Kevin got to take him in to the doctor. I figured since Kevin starts his job this next week it was probably one of his only chances to take a kid of ours to the doctor by himself. That and I woke up in the middle of a night with a pinched nerve down the side of the neck and in excruciating pain. It feels a little better now but I can't make any sudden movements and can pretty much just look in one direction. Anyway, Kevin did a great job of taking Isak to the doctor and getting his shots. Here are the stats:
Weight: 26lbs 8oz (75% percentile) Height:34 1/4"(100%) Head:50cm(100% and the nurse let out an audible gasp when she measured his head) Apprently Isak is growing well and he's right on track for where he should be. The doctor was even impressed that he's starting to string together words like his favorite phrase "I want that". I'm guessing his growth will start to slow down or else I'm going to have to start using a leash to carry him around....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Campbell Family Reunion..Part 1

This past week we had my campbell family from my side. It was a lot of fun and sad to see everyone go back home. We had lots of swimming, kayaking, geysers, hot tubbing, games, eating, and of course, our "untalent night" that was quite entertaining. I included pictures that were from the rest of our time here in Boise and I'll do another post that shows our time at the cabin, yellowstone, and the fun run.
Martin and Maddie loved uncle kevin, mainly, climbing all over him and making him play with him.

All my siblings and I. Aren't we cute?

Isak insisted on wearing these swim goggles one morning for a few hours and wouldn't let us take them off. He wouldn't really put them over his eyes but liked them dangling from his neck
We had family pictures on Tuesday and we were all quite color coordinated. Isak loved the photographer's stool that had a picture of a puppy on it and insisted on sitting there.
My wonderful niece madeline posing for a picture. She likes to pretend to be a different animal almost everyday and was a unicorn and a cat among other things while she was with us.
We went swimming at the YMCA in Caldwell where they have a splash park, water slides, and a lazy river. Isak loved playing in all the fountains and trying to jump into the deeper water.
Caleb and Isak in the bathtub together. They loved taking baths together and got a long really well. My mom spiked their hair.
Yes, this would be Maddie in her cat costume. She wore it to my brother's house to show his cats. Isak was very confused when she had this on.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Random happenings

We have had quite a busy week. Actually our whole summer has been really busy but thankfully
it will start to wind down soon. My family came up this past saturday for the start of our "campbell family reunion". This included my sister and her 3 kids from Wisconsin that I haven't seen for over a year and my brother from Texas that I also haven't seen for a long time. Its still in progress and Wednesday we're heading up to island park to a friend's cabin for some fun at yellowstone and a fun run in Ashton, Idaho on saturday. I will have many pictures and many stories I am sure.

Isak loves to read, rather loves us to read to him. The same books over and over and over again. If kevin and I are both home, he will have one of us read him a book and then run over and demand the other one reads the same book again. Hopefully all of this reading will make him a baby genius. The next picture is pretty gross, be forewarned, but its a funny story.

So the other morning my dear sweet husband got up with Isak so I could sleep in from working the night before. I woke up at around 11am and was picking up our living room when I noticed something odd about our air duct. We have a grate that sits over it usually and Isak has perfected the art of taking it off and throwing stuff down it. Well apparently he ate too much for breakfast and needed a place to um dispose of it. So he neatly vomited down our air duct. I wanted kevin to clean it up since just looking at it made me want to puke but I forgot to tell him about it till many hours later. By then it had pretty much dried and puke air had been pumped throughout our home although there was luckily no scent. Kevin got the job of cleaning it up and did not keep it quiet that it was quite unplesant. A few perks of being pregnant I suppose.
My sister's kids with kevin on our couch...Caleb, Martin, and maddie.
We went to the zoo here in Boise today and I was suprised how interested Isak was in all the animals. I thought he might be too little but he loved it, especially the monkeys and the penguins and his favorite, the mekur cats. This is him in the tortise shell.
Isak was a trooper. No morning nap and he was great the whole morning and even made it through lunch at a restaraunt behaving pretty well. We all crashed when we got home.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gilbert Reunion

So this past week we went Again to another family reunion. Kevin's gilbert side had a get together down in fruitland Utah at a place called Reid Ranch. If you picture the middle of nowhere, this is pretty much what you get. We traveled a looong ways to come a dirt road that was 13 miles long and had lots of rocks and gravel and stagnant water pools. At the end of this road we found the ranch. We had one big large lodge that had several rooms that housed us all. The "cafeteria" where we received 3 square meals a day, some more questionable than others, was down the patha little ways.
Isak in his new life vest. Really nothing to do with the reunion but its cute and he can't bend over in it which is funny.
Isak, Josh, and Claire, all the little cousins in kevin's immediate family. Trying to get all of the cousins in one picture would have been impossible. These children look happy right? Focus on Isak's smiling face and then check out the next picture....
It was very short lived. Isak had a long day poor kid with more cameras than he probably wanted in his face.
Kevin on his horse "cookie". I wonder if any of these horses had last names.
The view from the lake. It was really pretty there.

Inside of the lodge where we stayed. There were 3 total levels and no air conditioning.

If you can't tell, I was a bit nervous to ride the horses. I guess "ride" is a loose term. Really we sat on them and they trotted along a dirt path. At least this is what most of the horses did. I was privilged to have "Tiny", the pony that a mind of its own and wanted to stop and eat, go off the path, and was incredibly slow that prompted the guide to yell every 5 minutes "kick Tiny". Kevin thought this was hilarious and kept looking back to see how far behind I was. I kicked that thing multiple times to finally make it go and then it scarily would start to gallop ahead. I hate horses.
Hmm. For reasons I did not understand, we were fully equipped with life vests and helmets for our little horse ride. I think its because incase the horse threw you off the side of the cliff into the waiting water below, at least there was a chance you would float.
Kevin's vest was a little small....
dumb horse.

The paddle boats were lots of fun. Isak came with us for a brief little ride around the lake and then kevin and I tried our hand at it by ourselves.
Lindsey had lots of fun with us and she was great to have to watch Isak at meal times and whenever we needed her too. I hope she doesn't get married for a long time so she can continue to be such a great aunt to isak.
Kevin attempted to "tie" our paddle boat to nathan and stephanie's so that they could tow us. It kind of worked for a while but I was afraid kevin would end up in the lake.