Sunday, March 25, 2012

This past Friday Kevin and I went and saw the Hunger Games with a group of friends. Kevin's dad offered to stay with the kids so we went to a late show after they were asleep and took Edyn with us. I have never taken a baby to a movie so I wasn't sure what to expect. I ended up sitting in the cry room on some plastic lawn furniture watching a 2 1/2 hour movie. She wasn't bad, just a little fussy and she fell asleep pretty quick. I just didn't want to have keep getting up and down and bothering people during the movie. Needless to say, we won't be doing that again anytime soon! The movie was well done, I think the over all theme of it all bothered me a lot more when it was in movie form versus just reading about it so I''m not sure I'll see any of the rest of them in the theater.
Then Saturday Kevin and I participated in a fun run here that was put on by a friend of ours in honor of her mom who passed away this past fall. It was her birthday and she had always wanted to do a half marathon so the race was a 5k/10k and a half marathon. Kevin pushed the stroller with the kids and ran the 5k and I did the 10k. It was also 36 degrees that morning and windy and I was FREEZING and so were my poor children. I finished in about 50 minutes, which is definitely not breaking any records but considering the weather I was happy I could push myself that hard.
Then weirdly we have been having very warm weather since then and Isak gets out the hose whenever he can. Here he is with my dish soap making bubbles down our driveway.
And my Edyn girl. She is at such a fun age when they start to notice the world around them and she loves it when people pay attention to her. She will smile and coo and kick her legs. She also isn't so content to just be plopped in her swing anymore when I need both hands so I've found she just cries a little more than the other two did because I'm busy! But, I also have Isak to help entertain her and she loves him so he will frequently sit and talk to her and make faces at her while I'm making dinner or taking Lucy potty.

Monday, March 19, 2012

In March we were lucky enough to have Kevin's sister Whitney and my sister-in-law Stephanie come visit us with their kids. They were brave and came with their kids and no husbands so we had a ton of fun and got to spend a lot of nights staying up late.

The kids had a lot of fun riding the tractor with grandpa and trying out Nana's new gator she bought for transportation around the yard.
From the top, Lucy, Isak, Conner, Naomi.
Isak made sure to wear his helmet and was fully prepared for anything that might come his way...

We visited the dairy and the lovely cows which the kids loved to try and feed. We also did some shopping while the girls were here and went to Tri-Cities without our kids. It was awesome. We also celebrated Kevin's dad's birthday while they were here and all the kids gave him a pair of black dress socks...

The kids really liked having their cousins around although I think Lucy and Conner were a little tired by the end of their visit.....
Conner and Isak really loved playing on Nana's bed, just like a balance beam....
Edyn turned 2 months on March 12th. She is 11lbs 14oz (76%) and 22.75 inches long (66%). She's a big kid, just like all our other babies! She has pretty much outgrown all her 0-3 month footie pajamas and her onesies are getting tight. She has started to smile when you talk to her and making cooing noises. She is noticing her surroundings and definitely does not like to be left alone.
She sleeps from midnight to 6am straight pretty consistently and while that is super awesome, I just wish she would go to bed a tad bit earlier. She takes a pacifier, the first baby of ours to do that and it is Awesome. She is by far our most laid back kid and least fussy. That could be her personality or the fact she is number three and has learned to deal with her problems on her own....
She blows out her diaper at least once a day but hardly spits up at all and doesn't seemed bothered by anything that I eat. She sleeps in her cradle great and loves her swing and doesn't mind hanging out on the floor while Isak and Lucy are in her face. We love her!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My sister sent me matching pajamas for my kids for St. Patrick's Day. They are awesome. And, just to mention, Lucy's and Isak's are the same size....
We don't really celebrate other than maybe wearing green because well, we really aren't that Irish and we don't drink. So, there's not much to do. I worked the night before and slept half the day anyway!
And this sweet girl..she has 2 chins...totally doesn't get that from me....

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Edyn's blessing

Edyn's blessing was Sunday and it went really well. Well, minus the fact that Kevin forgot to check his phone for memory and when he turned on his voice recorder it told him his memory was full. So, we didn't get any of it recorded. Which is fine, I just have the other two kids' blessings recorded and it was really nice to go look back at what was said. And her bonnet was on inside out which probably only I noticed once it was over. But Kevin did a great job and she looked gorgeous.

We had a small lunch at our house afterwards for our family that attended the blessing.
Edyn had her own dress and bracelet but I used the same bonnet my mom made for Lucy's blessing. It matched her dress so well and is so pretty I had to use it again! Kevin's Aunt Lori made her the super cute beaded socks and my mom found her the shoes.

My dad, Kevin, Bob, and Uncle Jerry (not pictured) and Uncle Brad (not pictured) were in the circle. Brad even had his gall bladder out like 4 days before so we were grateful he could stand for that long during the blessing!
Oh we tried so hard for a family picture. This is the best we could come up with. Those kids are so wiggly!
My parents and Edyn.
Kevin's parents with Edyn.
Edyn was kind of cranky on her blessing day so I dressed her back up today and took some pictures when she was happier. She will be two months next week. She is starting to show some serious chunk!