Saturday, March 19, 2011

Isak: "Dad, when is Lucy going to turn into a boy?"
Kevin: "Ask your mom, she's a nurse."
Me: "Isak, Lucy has a little girl spirit in her. She will never be a boy. Maybe someday when Mommy has more babies we can have a little boy".
Isak: "I just don't want another toddler".
Luckily Isak, they don't come out as toddlers. By the way, he thinks babies come from the kid store and that you can go get one when you want. Yes, at 3, I think we will just leave that be :).

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fun Adventures

I went to Isak's preschool meeting Monday night and met one of the parents there of a girl who goes to school with Isak. I got, "Oh so you're Isak's mom. We hear lots of stories about Isak at home". I was afraid to ask. Isak was pretty grumpy today because he skipped his nap. He kept saying, "I wish you would just go back to heavenly Father!". Yes, super nice. When he doesn't get his way or is being disciplined he loves to tell me, "You are breaking my rules! That is not nice. Those are not my rules!".

When Lucy wakes up from her naps in the afternoon, she loves to come lay down on my bed while she is still waking up and talk to me. She has recently started singing the ABC's song and just this week started saying a short prayer by herself before bed. Its very sweet and almost intelligible, but kevin and I can understand her pretty well. Her hair is always is some crazy form when she wakes up. This morning she dumped a bottle of tylenol all over the kitchen (she got the lid off, it was loose) and then tracked it all over. She was very very sticky but she smelled great, very grapey.

Wednesday morning Kevin needed to go out to the dairy for something and the kids and I decided to tag along and pay the cows a visit. It was very rainy and cold though and my kids were rather unsure of the baby cows. I am pretty sure Lucy was expecting sheep and Isak kept trying to have conversations with the big cows out the windows.

We have made some good friends here in Othello and are getting to know families as they move it. This week we made mini pizzas at a friends with several girls and their kids. It was crazy, probably 10-11 kids there, but it was so fun to get out and talk to adults and other moms. I went out Wednesday night to have dinner with my good friend Emily who leaves on her mission in a couple weeks and my friend Crystal. We went to Shari's and it was high school all over again! Best part, free pie night! We are holding silverware for no reason inparticular. I am so excited for her, she is going to northern Brazil and will be an awesome missionary.

And below is a picture of Lucy being cute. She is going through this "very naughty I am 2 and terrible stage " and will scream for everything at me until figure out when she wants. But then other times she is so sweet it almost makes up for her craziness.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The tiling continues at our house, despite little feet stepping on drying tile, Kevin and his dad have made some progress. Hopefully this week we will finish, at least for a while. Lucy, meanwhile, thinks the tile saw is sitting in a drinking trough and likes to play/drink out of it when I'm not looking. I know, disgusting, but this child has shown an affinity for mud and other delicacies.
We managed to make it to the park one day this week where it wasn't too freezing cold. Until Isak went down the slide and got soaking wet and we had to go home.I had a race yesterday down on the Snake River by Pullman. It was a half-marathon and the weather was perfect. The course was out and back on a road along the river. It was gorgeous, the only downside was that there was no spectators because the road was closed for the race. Kevin and the kids occupied themselves throwing rocks in the river and Isak found some 12 year old girls to talk to about the dead fish he found along a dock. They had a lot of fun while I was suffering. I had a new PR though! I was hoping for 1:45, ran 1:46, but as long as it was under 1:50 I was happy. I found this sweet Nike app for my phone that let me hear my mile splits and have "power songs" when I needed them. I could have also had people cheer for me on facebook and then hear cheers while I was running, but alas, there was no service near the river.
Lucy was sporting her sunglasses on the way home to avoid the sunglare through the windows. If only she could figure out how to put them on right side up.The poor kiddos crashed on the way home. I think they were more tired than I was. We had someone ask us if Isak and Lucy were twins. He told us he had boy/girl fraternal twins that didn't look as much alike as Isak and Lucy did. Funny, first time we have gotten that. Lucy keeps getting so tall, hopefully Isak can keep ahead of her or he might not love that so much when he's older.