Wednesday, May 28, 2008

12 month checkup

Today I took Isak for his 12 month check up and shots. It was quite the experience. We had to wait for 20 mins in the exam room for the doctor because somehow they had screwed up their appointments. So Isak wasn't the happiest baby in the world. He hates the doctor mostly because he doesn't know who he is and he's always poking stuff in his ears and making him lay still. So, here are the stats:
Weight- 23 1/2 lbs, (50-75 percentile), has
dropped off a little due to all his walking..
Height-31 1/2 inches (85th percentile)
Head-48 cm (90 percentile), still huge
But the worst was the shots at the end, there were three, 2 in one leg and 1 in the other. Now I have given lots of shots, even given babies shots, but there is nothing worse than seeing your own baby cry so hard that they hold their own breath and don't calm down for 10 mins. That nurse sure got outta there fast though. I informed Kevin he would be taking Isak to his 15 month check up...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The wrong house.....

We bought the wrong house. Whenever we go outside with Isak, he usually heads right across the street to this house. He walks up the front porch and bangs on the window and door. Kevin and I have taken him in it a few times to look around when its open on the weekends and he seems to think this means he can go in at any time. There sprinklers come on in the evening and if we're outside, Isak runs over and plays with them until they turn off.
Luckily, it hasn't been sold yet so no one can complain as to why a small muddy baby is banging their hands and wiping their handprints all over their windows.

He wasn't too happy when he realized that we couldn't go in.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Isak!!

(Post Haircut Isak)..the wings are gone
What a busy week we've had! Isak's birthday was on Friday, he turned 1 year old. I can't believe how the time has flown and how big my little baby is. He loves to eat and most of all go outside and play in the sprinklers and mud puddles. He can say "mama" and mostly babbles to us like he is having a conversation we can understand. He's been walking for a couple months and has now taken to climbing on everything he can find. We love being his parents.

Isak loved his cake. As you can tell, I'm not much of a cake decorator but Isak did not seem to mind. He knew exactly what to do and dug right in. The cake is suppose to be a frog in case you can't tell.....

These are some pics from Isak's first haircut. Next time kevin and I will cut it but we wanted somebody who knew what they were doing to start us off on the right foot...

We thought 16 was just too long to wait for Isak to get a car so..happy birthday! Actually, Kevin and I have been in desperate need of a second car for a while and took the chance on Saturday when we had multiple baby sitters to go find one. Its a little Mazda-3. My favorite part is that the whole dashboard lights up red and night and it flashes "hello" to me when I turn it on..

Isak loved opening all of his toys. I was suprised how intent he was on playing with each one but he did a great job of being a grateful baby and using all of his new toys.

Isak had a fun birthday and now has an outside and indoor lawn mower. Along with numerous other toys and a new favorite stuffed bear he has taken to sleeping with. We loved having all of our family here to celebrate with us and had tons of fun!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Races, Pest Control, and Green Rooms

We finally got done painting Isak's room. Its a lovely "croccidile smile" color of green. I still have lots of other things I want to do with it, but we have the paint done!
Isak loves pest control. This is his team mascot t-shirt I made him for the summer.
Isak was eating lunch and leaned over to our island and stuck this paper towel on his head. He left it here for 5 minutes. I think he forget it was there, because he won't let me anything on his head. It was pretty funny. Weird little baby.
I ran the famous Idaho Potato Marathon this past Saturday, I did the 10 k race (6.1 miles) and it was really fun! I got an awesome t-shirt, apparently it was their 30th anniversary, and a baked potato when I finished. Its the first race I've done since Isak was born almost a year ago. Its my "kick-off" for my marathon training for Mesa Falls in August that my sister and I plan to run together at our family reunion. I'm bound and determined to run it because I've done it before and know that I I should be able to do it again!

I love running for a lot of reasons but one of my favorites is seeing all the different types of people at the races. I saw a girl wearing pearls and a pink ipod and another man wearing long black tube socks and jean shorts. I thought this was weird until I realized that they are still out their running/walking so they deserve some credit. I also learned that just because you wear matching singlets and shorts doesn't mean your fast. It just means you match.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to appease a baby

Isak has started climbing on things lately. His favorites are our nightstand, our ottaman, and his little table. He does pretty well getting up, the problem is getting down. This sometimes leads to spills and consequent tears.
But he is still pretty proud of himself.
So this is the story. Kevin's sister Lindsey and her friend Mackie came into town today and stayed with us for dinner. They are both going to work for Kevin this summer doing pest control. They had lots of fun playing with Isak today and I appreciate their help in entertaining him! Come dinner time, Isak was getting close to bedtime as he had eaten earlier and was getting quite cranky. Being the great mom I am, I gave him some chocolate pudding and stuck him in his high chair so we could make it through dinner. I also threw some green beans up there for balance. He doesn't get much sugar too often (at least when I'm around, can't say what his father might do...) and was quite excited. And very focused.
Life was great until we took him out of his high chair and we just had one big chocolately pudding mess of a boy. Who got a bath and went to bed shortly after. Isak does need a haircut, as you can tell from his little side "wings". We're workin on it.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Night Out

See all of his little teeth? He now has 3 on top and 2 on bottom.

This past Friday night we went out to dinner with Kevin's work at a ranch here in Boise. It was really fun. A covered wagon took us a mile up the road to the ranch that overlooked a lake and the mountains. It was fun to be able to go out by ourselves! We got to meet a lot of the people he's going to be working with starting in September. The white tables and tableclothes reminded me of "The Bachelor" when they go on their little dates in the middle of nowhere and out pops the random white tablecloth and little table.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bananas are delicious

We took Isak grocery shopping today and I placed a bunch of bananas next to him in the cart. I Frequently place grocery items next to Isak so he has something to play with and stays in the cart longer. I looked down a few minutes later to find Isak biting the bananas through their peel. Mind you, we fed him before we left. Kevin decided he should probably at least try to wipe off the dirty pesticide peels of the banans before Isak bit into any more of them. By the time we got to the dairy isle, Isak had managed to bite off the end of banana and was eating the banana. Shoving it into his face actually, as fast as he could. In fact, it was difficult to tell how much of the peel and how much of the actual banana he was eating. At check out we told the clerk to weigh an extra banana so we could pay for it but he decided Isak was just too cute and gave it to him for free. Isak continued to demolish the whole banana on the way home and fell asleep as he began working on the peel. He slept for 2 hours. Maybe there's some narcotic effect to banana peels.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


The past couple days everyone in our family has taken turns being sick, well kind of taking turns. Kevin was sick all day Tuesday so I changed my shift to on call so I could take care of Isak who was also not feeling so great. Anytime that kid refuses to eat food we know that he mu

st not be feeling so great. I was sick today but Isak was feeling back to normal and running at full speed so that meant that I didn't get the chance to be too sick. We've discovered with all the sickies going around our house that Isak loves to have his temperature taken. I think he made Kevin take it 10 times in a row in his ears. He kept handing the thermometer back to him. I think he likes the little "beep" it makes when its done.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Since this blog currently consists of entries from Lena I feel it is time for me to make my mark. I recently recieved an email that made me a little angry. A certain member of our married student ward here in Boise decided that he would use the elders quorum email list to advertise for his own little MLM (multi-level marketing) company. I don't mind if people have job openings and are notifying of employment opporunities using the list by MLM's make money off of dropping people below you and ensuring they spend money on whatever product is the flavor of the day so you can take your cut. He began the email by addressing us as elders and making mention about comments from the pulpit and then saying he would feel like he was doing us a disservice if he did not let us know about this "tremendous" money making opportunity.
So I was bothered to say the least but that incident is not actually why I decided to write this little blog entry. I went and checked out the website for his MLM (I love to see how the things are structured) and stumbled upon a phrase I had never heard before. "Virtual Millionaire." Essentially this is someone who has a passive income from whatever source that is $50 to $60 thousand dollars. They figure this qualifies someone as being amillionaire because this amount is equal to $1 million earning interest at 5-6%. Possibly the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Only and idiot would pay $1 million for an income stream that had no physical assets backing it (which is what an MLM is). I have no problem with MLM's in and of themselves but I do have a problem with the way many of them are promoted. How many gullible people buy into these ideas only to walk away, out $100's to $1,000's of dollars.
Having spouted out nothing even vaguely entertaining or educational for this blog entry I hereby promise that my next one (if Lena allows it since this is her baby) will be more humerous and entertaining, or try to be.

Yard work, mohawks, and teeth

This past week Kevin and I decided it was time to mow our lawn and Isak was "helping" us sweep us the grass clippings.
Look at all of his teeth! There are 3 on top but you can only see 2. He's getting really good at biting and we've learned to wear our socks around or Isak will try to bite our toes. Weird kid.
So we don't have a weed eater yet and we couldn't get close enough to the rock wall to mow the grass. I had the great idea of using my kitchen shears to trim the grass! Good thing we don't have any neighbors moved in yet nearby. This combined with last sunday's bbq they would think we're crazy.

Kevin styled Isak's hair this morning in a mowhawk. Its getting so long he looks kinda funny but we still think he's cute.