Monday, April 28, 2008

A little BBQ...

We had some friends over yesterday after church for a little get together and to show off the house now that mostly everything is put away. We thought we would have a BBQ because the weather has been so nice. So I dutifully gave kevin a list to go shopping Saturday night because I had to work. Around came sunday afternoon and Kevin started trying to lite the BBQ. Now, we have this ancient super cheap $20 charcol bbq that we aquired in Rexburg and haven't gotten around to replacing it. It functions fine but just looks awful. Apparently we forgot liter fluid for the thing and kevin was trying to use my hairspray and an empty pear can to light the coals. After about 20 mins, we decided it wasn't going to work so rather than breaking the Sabbath and going to the store (which kevin considered), we set up our George foreman grills out side on some milk crates. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the set up but it was quite amusing with the smoking charcol bbq, red can of "big sexy hairspray", metal cans, and several stacked milk crates with little grills plugged into an outside outlet. It actually turned out pretty tasty and kevin had to leave for a meeting so I didn't bother cleaning it up just yet. Then come our brand new neighbors who we haven't met yet who our buiding a house right next door. I was mortified as to what they would think of their "trashy" neighbors who like to pretend to grill outside with pear cans and hairspray. I made kevin go out and clean it up and it turned out okay. And if they do think we're a little weird they didn't say anything so they're probably glad there will be a fence between us..They are a really nice young couple who are just out of college, in fact her husband is a nurse so I am very excited to have them next door!

Kevin plays with Isak a little more dangerously than I do. He's a great dad, I'm just much more um cautious. Hence why Isak thinks kevin is tons more fun to play with. We really don't let Isak play with fire, I made him put the lighter away after I took this video. I just thought it was funny how much Isak laughed at the fire. We'll see how funny I find it about 5 years from now when he's lighting my flowers on fire outside....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Playing in the Park

Isak on the swings....We had a lot of fun!

Genius Baby??

So the past few days Isak has been trying to help
me with the housework. He's terrified of the vacuumn, but loves to climb in the dishwasher and sit on the mop while I mop the floor. He'll also run around and eat his cheeiros on the floor that have fallen off his high chair if I don't pick them up fast enough. I figure our floor is pretty clean and Isak loves discovering extra "treats". How's that for gross. Oh well. I figure he'll have a really great immune system. We've also discovered what an extremely smart little baby Isak is.

Granted we always thought he was super smart but he's been suprising us this past week. I told Isak to go kick his ball and he toddled over to his ball and gave it a kick! I thought it was a fluke so I tried it again and off he went! I guess at this age they should be able to do that but it caught me by suprise. He also has this little cow that his grandma gilbert gave him, he has 2 actually, that moo when he pull the string or push the tummy. He has started to "moo" back at the cow when it moos at him. Its very funny. He'll sit in the carseat and all Kevin and I will hear from the back seat is the cow going "moo, moo" and Isak going "moo". How fitting considering his dad comes from a dairy farm! Kevin has been out of town so Isak and I have been going it alone and so far we are surviving. We already went to target and I think we might even venture out in the jogging stroller today and go for a little run to the baby swings. Can life get more exciting? I think not.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Birthdays, Family, and Dirt

So I haven't written in a few weeks...I don't know how people can post blogs every few days. I'm lucky if I can get a shower. Usually I end up playing catch up and then vowing to do better only to do the same thing a few weeks later. We are really enjoying our new house and all the space. I'm not so much enjoying cleaning 3 bathrooms or all the vacuumning but such is life. Isak loves to play outside in our yard, rather the empty lot next door with all the dirt. Yesterday he decided to try to eat the dirt for the first time and before I could stop him he was shoveling it into his mouth in fistfuls. I swear we feed him, sometimes it seems like all this kid does all day everyday is eat but apparently he also enjoys the taste of dirt. We've had lots of visitors this past week and its been really fun. My mom came and saw us during her spring break and my little brother Mark came too. It was nice to have extra hands to entertain Isak! Whitney just left this morning and came up for a couple days to visit and see the house. Its so much fun now that we have a place for everyone and can actually give people a place to sleep!

We had my birthday on the 6th and kevin made me this wonderfully delicious chocolate cake with strawberries in it. I worked the night before so we just had a quiet day at home and watched some conference. I got an Ipod and am very excited as the mini disc player I have been sporting while running for the past 3 years is getting a little old. Isak had some practice eating the cake in preperation for his birthday next month. He's really good at getting messy but not so great at getting any into his mouth yet....

Friday, April 4, 2008

So lately Isak has not been sleeping well. At all. He likes to wake up and play with kevin and I. (This is not a great picture of myself at all, but Isak looks really cute).Among his favorite things to do are sit on the couch and chill with his goldfish crackers. I hate hearing him cry and usually do it anyway because I know he needs to go to bed but he has his little top teeth coming in. So I feel bad and usually let him out to play until he gets so tired that he wants to go back to sleep. This is why I work nights. Then Kevin gets to deal with it and I don't have to hear him cry. Perhaps this is why he prefers me so much over kevin...

Isak has also discovered how to open our bottom drawer and climb inside. He has learned how to climb into or on top of almost everything in our house!