Monday, February 17, 2014

Lucy's dance costume for her recital came in and she was happy to model it for us. Ever since Lucy's dance performance Edyn has been obsessed with wearing her "pretty" and watching Lucy's dance over and over.  
 She insists on wearing it over whatever she is wearing, clean or not, so luckily I was able to find an old slip of Lucy's that doubles as the second "pretty" when the other is dirty.

 The kids had a long President's Day weekend and we tried the "rain in jar" experiment. It explored condensation and the kids loved all the blue water and shaving cream.

 We are redoing our kitchen and as part of the process I made a message center for the corner that hopefully will help us keep on top of our menus, mail, kids schedules and chores.
I made some new valances for our kitchen and was happy with how cute they turned out!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

 Lucy posing for me in her new birthday dress. She loves the sparkly belt. And the girl comes up with some great poses.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Lucy Turns FIVE!!

 Lucy's birthday was Sunday and we had a family party for her in the afternoon. She requested pizza for dinner so I made pepperoni and chicken garlic pizza which turned out pretty yummy.
 Lucy wanted a pony cake so I attempted to make a small ponyville cake complete with some of her my little ponies. I even made a rainbow licorice arch and stuck it up with toothpicks.
 Lucy was super excited to open all her presents and in Lucy style, thanked everyone profusely over and over for what they gave her.

 She got a new twister dance game, doll furniture, a big Pinkie Pie pony, DVD, Books, Ariel costume and wig, and some play dolls for her doll house. She loved her Ariel costume and the wig is pretty awesome.

 She happily blew out her candles after we sang to her and thoroughly enjoyed her ice cream and cake.

Poor girl partied pretty hard and crashed on the couch shortly after. She also got this sweet new fluffy pink pillow that matches her "dee dee" (her fluffy pink blanket). Lucy is such a sweet kid at five and by far my easiest one. She is always so helpful and almost always kind to Isak and Lucy. She is very friendly and makes friends easily and always has a smile for me. She loves to draw and paint pictures and can write all the letters in the alphabet. She has grown up so much this past year, it makes me a little sad. It was like she became this big girl overnight and suddenly could do all this stuff for herself. She loves to sing and play with her stuffed animals and I often find her singing her own made up songs to her animals, playing some game with them. She loves preschool and I'm amazed at how fast she has learned things there and progressed. Next year is Kindergarten!! Slow down my baby girl, I need time to freeze so I can soak up this great age she is at right now!

Lucy's Birthday Party

Lucy had her birthday party on Saturday and needless to say, she was a little bit excited. She's been asking me when her birthday is for the past six months so this weekend has been much anticipated. She wanted a my little pony/rainbow party and despite my lack of planning, she was easily pleased with what we planned. She invited about 6 kids and very excited about her decorations and rainbow cupcakes.
We had each girl decorate her own foam tiara when they arrived complete with glitter glue, markers, and foam stickers.

We played pin the tail on Rainbow Dash and I was pretty proud of my free handed pony that I made the night before.

The kids went on a scavenger hunt around the house to find their goodie bags and they loved all the clues.
Then of course we had to break the pinata and obviously I didn't plan far enough to figure out where to hang it so Kevin bravely said he would hold it.  Some of these kids swung pretty hard so he was definitely taking a chance!

And the bursting of said pinata of course brought the candy frenzy of all the kids.

Lucy opened her presents and was very happy with her salon barbie she can give highlights too, dress up clothes, stuffed my little pony, and a new dress.
Rainbow cupcakes and ice cream .

We played Kinnect party while waiting for parents to come. Lucy had a terrific time, her decorations I'm sure will be up for at least a month.  We are lucky to have so many good friends around!

Monday, February 3, 2014


 SNOW! We have had so little snow this year that the first real snow of the winter got us pretty excited.  The kids loved throwing snowballs and  making a little fort and getting Kevin to pull all three of them at once on the sled. We managed to make it over to the park a few times and sled down some hills which was also very fun.

 Oh and the girls especially loved tasting the snow and Edyn ate quite a bit!