Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Library Experience

Lucy is kind of a ham..okay, she is a major ham. As soon as she realizes anyone is watching her, she immediately goes into perform mode and does whatever she needs to get a response. While this is very cute while she is 1, I am guessing this trait may not be so great 12 years from now. Last night we took the kids to this lady at the library who sang songs and played instruments with children. Lucy was entertaining everyone there by twirling, dancing, and yell/singing to the music and randomly trying to talk to anyone who would listen. I am sure the people there thought I fed her sugar beforehand or something, but this is just how she is all the time. Isak meanwhile was doing summersaults, leaping off the railing, and when he did participate in the circle, threw the african sea shell morraco drum thing about 5 ft in the air. I would have stopped him but I was busy keeping Lucy from eating this lady's props and knocking over her guitar. Yea, Kevin was studying late and I took them by myself. When she was done, the lady commented on what a unique experience it was. Pretty sure she was referring to my kids. Perhaps we have some things to work on before preschool starts in 6 weeks...
Above is lucy "performing" and below is lucy filling up the swimming pool. She is way naughtier than she looks..
Below is also a video of Isak chatting at me with his animals. Lately his big thing is having me make them talk.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Isak's bedtime routine has been a rather big issue since we moved from Boise last September. I felt bad because we had just moved and he was in a strange place so I wasn't as strict. When we lived with Kevin's parents, he had his own room but started complaining that he was scared, it was too dark, etc. etc. Some of these were probably valid complaints, others were probably just him not wanting to go to bed by himself. So somehow we got into the horrible habit of having to lie down with him every night until he fell asleep. We moved into our own house in January, it was another big transition and a new room so we again didn't push the issue. Well fast forward about 6 months and this was getting old real quick. Pretty much one of us would have to lie down with him every night for an hour and we had zero time together or to ourselves. Plus its probably a huge no no in every parenting book that I have never read. So imagine our excitement this week when my efforts to get Isak to go to sleep by himself finally worked! He is protected by all his stuffed animals, we leave the door open with the light on in the hallway and he has done really well with staying in his bed. His main complaint is usually that his animals are too loud, then Kevin has to tell them all to be quiet. His next retort is that when he is big he won't have to sleep at night and can stay up and play to which we say, sure Isak..Anyway, we are super excited to again have a few hours to ourselves without kids in the evening and may even start watching TV together again. I know, I know, we are a little crazy.

This is Isak wearing Kevin's hugely tasteless motorcycle helmet. Kevin said that he reminds him of the guy on Spaceballs. Regardless, he looks pretty awesome and loves to run around the house with it on. Hurray for awesome 3 year olds!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


We just got back from a week in Michigan on Tuesday and I am just now finally feeling adjusted back 3 hours. The time change really threw my kids for a loop but after a few painful mornings up 430 and 6 am wake up calls, they seem to be back on schedule. Kevin's brother Jason and his wife Vicki live in Ypsilanti, Michigan and my kids and I have never visited their house so we thought it was time for a trip! With the bravery of my mother-in-law, we journeyed the 5 hour plane ride and airports and made it without too much trauma or injury. Isak really loved being able to play with his cousins and had a great time!
He even got to try on Josh's sweet dress up clothes and Claire would routinely request Lucy to dress up as a "princess" like her. Most days the kids spent in the yard swimming and playing and Isak would usually not being wearing all his clothes...Remove Formatting from selection

Notice Lucy talking on my cell phone? She walks around chatting into it ALL the time. I think we may have a problem when she gets to be about 13. I am pretty sure she has managed to call everyone in my contacts list at some point and have a conversation. So, be warned.We toured the University of Michigan campus where Jason works, this is one of the hallways on campus.
Isak and Josh crashed out on the couch with their "tucker" and "hopdog".

All the kids playing dress up, Josh trying to lasso random objects. Pretty sure he was lassoing the car at some point.

My adorable children on the university campus. Isak was pretty excited. We really have to work on the whole opening your eyes for a picture thing.

I love how they are posed around this sign, it wasn't intentional, but it totally looks like this sign is referring to Isak and Claire. We spent a day at the Toledo zoo, it was insane and really, really hot. The zoo is HUGE and it was very crowded, even the animals looked a little cranky.
Lucy does this crazy yelling thing alot. I think this picture pretty much sums up her whole personality.

Claire and Lucy as pretty princesses. I am excited for Lucy to get old enough to actually understand whats going on, I think she will have lots of fun playing with Claire.

And Lucy ate a marker. Again. Only this time it was red and she managed to smear it all over her lips. I wonder at what point she will quit trying to eat crayons, chalk, markers, everying inedible....

We had a great time, although I think next time I am dragging Kevin with me so he can fully experience what its like to drag two toddlers on an airplane, through an airport, and adjust to a 3 hour time difference. I don't want him to feel left out...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Happy Birthday Kevin! I took some pictures of Kevin on his actual birthday with cake and presents but cannot seem to access here he is running! We bbq'd, I made a vanilla bean cheesecake, and opened presents. I think we counted our weekend in Seattle the week before as his birthday...anytime we can go somewhere far away without kids, I consider it a gift :). Anyway, thanks for being such a great dad/husband and for working so hard for us. We love you! My brother was up from Texas so we took him to the local ice cream shop here in Othello. Isak and Lucy were pretty excited, those kids could live off of popsicles and ice cream. Lucy has an issue with assimilating people's food...she see's it, wants it, and takes it. I guess this could be a great character trait later on in life, but for right now she just steals everybody's food.

Oh and Isak might have the same problem...Kevin looks exasperated because I told him to buy Isak ice cream although he argued he would want a smoothie once he saw Kevin's. Turns out, he was right. Whoops. Isak "posing" with me for a picture. Below, two of my brothers showing me how much they love each other.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Today I am grateful for my two very healthy children and husband and for the freedoms we enjoy everyday. My heart has been pondering lately those who are not so lucky and my prayers are with them. How very, very blessed we are. Tonight Isak was watching the fireworks out the window with me and his hopdog and looked at me and said,
"Mom, I just love my hopdog so much".
He might just be the sweetest boy ever. Sorry for the randomest of the post, it is what has been on my mind lately. More to come on the 4th and Kevin's birthday!