Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kitchen Remodel

 We recently replaced our countertops and our cabinet doors and drawer fronts. We are in the process of finishing the back splash.  These are the before pictures.

 And the after. I plan to put my china and some other pretty dishes in the glass cabinet. This is our backsplash below, it will eventually go around the whole kitchen. We need to replace the outlets and outlet covers still as well.
Below is the oven before I painted it. It's pretty old but it still works, as do all the appliances, so we will keep them as long they run!  One day we will refinish the hardwood that is under the laminate to match the rest of the house but we are done with projects for a while.

 I was quite happy with how the oven doors turned out. I used several layers of spray paint and so far have had no issues with odor or bubbling of the paint.


 A few weeks ago we went to Tri-Cities to do some grocery shopping and stopped by Columbia Park to play and feed the ducks. The kids really liked feeding them and we loved the beautiful spring weather!

 Isak had career day at school the beginning of March and you were suppose to dress up like the occupation you wanted to have someday. Since Isak has two uncles that are engineers, he thought that would be pretty cool. Not quite sure what engineers wear, so I dressed him up like my brothers and stuck a calculator and pen in his pocket. It works!
 Lucy wanted me to take a picture of her and Ellie her dog. Ellie also has been dressed up a lot lately in Lucy's doll clothes and wore a dress to church last Sunday. So glad she has that American Girl Doll with a stuffed animal that's wearing on her clothes....
 Edyn loves it when Isak is home from school. He's a pretty good sport about it and usually requests me to take a picture of her antics.
 We had snow the very beginning of March and we had to play in it since it would definitely be our last snow of the season.

Edyn found Isak's Cat in the Hat attire and insisted on wearing it one evening all over the house. She was pretty adorable.