Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My kids

I'm trying to blog more but really there is nothing much going on. My kids are still cute and still as crazy as ever. Lucy's hair still won't lay down on her head but I like it that way. She's cooing a lot and smiling all the time. Isak likes to help us put diaper cream on her in random places like her stomach. He really likes having her around and will go look for her when he can't see her. Today she was napping upstairs and he wanted me to get her carseat off the counter so he could check and see if she was there. I told him she was asleep upstairs and he started booking it up the stairs to check on her. Isak tried really hard to fit this on his big head but it just wouldn't go, It kept popping off.
The little daredevil. He jumps off our bed on a regular basis with his hands up in the air, saying, two? two? wanting me to count..1..2...3!. He does this while I"m nursing Lucy so all I can do is pray he doesn't crack his head. Miracously he's fine and has the hardest head of any kid I know. Good thing.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

cheesecake and other random happenings

This past weekend we had the chance for kevin's brother Nathan and his wife come down from Twin Falls for a visit. They brought their new baby Conner who is the same age as Lucy. It was a great excuse for me to bake so I made this delicious white chocolate raspberry cheesecake that I've been wanting to try for a while. I even used fat free cream cheese and fat free half and half so it wasn't so awful. I think it turned out pretty good and now I'm motivated to try my other delicious cheesecake recipes, I just need more people to bake for!

Lucy being cute as usual. Isak is getting the last of his teeth and has taken to chewing on his sleeves with this thumb underneath.This morning I walked into the house coming home from work and Isak goes, "there's the mom" and he ran and gave me a hug. He really can be very sweet when he's not throwing a tantrum or screaming or acting like a tired 2 year old. I gave him a fudgesicle yesterday and he promptly tried to feed it to Lucy. It was all over her face, but she sure was happy. What a great brother to share!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


There is a lot of construction going on in our neighborhood and the house behind us a little ways is being build. They put in the appliances yesterday and put out the boxes into their construction trash bin which will randomly have great finds. I thought these boxes looked like a great toy for Isak and dragged them across the lawn back to our house. (while herding Isak and carrying lucy in the front pack, it was awesome). I cut him out some windows and he ate his snack in there. He kept asking, box? box? when he wanted to go back out to his box. WHy do we buy toys again? THen Kevin came home and retrieved more boxes. They (Kevin) made this fort while I was at work last night, pretty cool, huh? I think Kevin was more excited than Isak. And it has overtaken my living room, but that's okay.
Its been really warm and we need to go buy some Isak some summer clothes...in the meantime, we're being creative.

Kevin after his first night with the kids all by himself when I went back to work this weekend. He actually did really well and they all survived which is all I ask.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter and Smiles

Easter was a lot of fun this year, especially now that Isak is old enough to somewhat "get" how to hunt for easter eggs. We filled up a few plastic ones with some m&m's and placed them around our yard. It took Isak about 5 seconds to figure out there was candy inside..he started to throw them on the patio to open them and then would eat what landed on the cement. Pretty smart, huh? He was even more excited that night when he discovered some extra easter eggs he hadn't found earlier. But Sacrament meeting sure was interesting with him hopped up on sugar...good thing he had some company out in the hallway with all the other over sugared kids.

Lucy has started smiling and cooing and regularly does this to be charming. It is very cute and she is so sweet. Isak continues to "love" her and tries to give her his sippy cup, her bottle if there's one around, and will hand her toys. I hope he always is so good with sharing but I know it probably will not last...


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

lucy's 2 month checkup

Lucy turned 2 months last week and we took her in for her checkup. She's now 11 1/2 lbs (75th percentile) and just over 24 inches tall (95th percentile) so she's one tall girl! I"m glad she's still dainty and easy to carry around but I can't believe how fast she is growing. She has started smiling and cooing a lot and is starting to be a lot of fun. If only we could get her to start behaving better at night......

Sunday, April 5, 2009

lucy's baby blessing

These are some pictures from lucy's baby blessing last sunday in Rexburg. We did a double blessing with Kevin's brother Nathan who had a little boy about 10 days after Lucy. It was great to see everyone and have TWO babies dressed up and cute. Isak is rather large compared to these little babies. He really liked conner as well and tried to maul him and kiss him also. Unfortunately Conner probably still has the scar from this.

Kevin did a great job with the blessing and miracously Isak fell asleep during sacrament meeting which has never happened and will probably never happen again. Of course being in Rexberg, there was a freak snowstorm and blizzard and we could barely walk out of the building without being blown away. The roads were pretty icy until we got outside of pocatello a ways on our way home.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cheap Entertainment

This is what kevin does with Isak for fun. Who needs TV for entertainment? We have a toddler. And a hardwood floor....what else do you need?