Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This past week has flown by, we have been so busy and Kevin has been traveling and gone a lot of work. I keep waiting for things to settle down but I'm beginning to realize that this is just how our lives our going to be now with three kids for a while. Last Tuesday was the pinewood derby that Kevin was in charge of so he made a car for Isak and we painted it. Lucy also painted a block of wood that never quite made it into the shape of a care. Isak had a lot of fun racing his car and thanked Heavenly Father that night for his "derby car" and the "derby race" in his prayer.

I had a talented friend of mine come by last Thursday and help me take pictures of Edyn, since I have no idea what I'm doing. I think they turned out cute, I just need to learn how to edit them now!
Edyn was 6 weeks old in these pictures. She is starting to smile and make little "cooing" noises and she really likes to eat...all the time. And her brother absolutely adores her and talks to her in a baby voice whenever she's around. Today he wanted to show her his room and all his tinker toys.

Lucy is really hard to take a picture of, this was the only one I could get of her without her hands in her mouth or covering her face.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Edyn is 5 weeks old this week and our lives are back to normal..well, a new normal anyway. I feel like this is the best adjustment I've made with a new baby, probably the last two to practice on has helped and my expectations are much lower. I've embraced the chaos and so far we are surviving and doing pretty well. Isak has needed some help with writing his name so we have been practicing in sugar on cookie sheets with his finger and with a pencil. He can do most the letters, the problem is motivation and the letter "s" is kind of hard, all those darn squiggles. Anyway, we've been practicing a lot so I know at some point he will quit saying "but I can't mom" and actually just write the letters he knows. I just feel like whenever he goes to preschool they are thinking, "what a horrible mother, her son can't hold his pencil or write his name, she must let him watch TV all day"..when actually, that couldn't be further from the truth. I think all these postpartum hormones are really starting to kick in these days!

All my sweet kiddos in their blanket sleepers. Isak ADORES his little sister, well Edyn, not Lucy so much these days. Yesterday he insisted on taking a bath at the same time she was and he will try so hard to get her to smile at him. He calls her "edie pie"...so sweet.
My mom got this little dress for Edyn in 3-6month size and I decided to put it on her last Sunday for church. It fits her pretty well so I'm going to start putting her other same size dresses on her...they outgrow them so fast!

Edyn at one month vs. Edyn the day we brought her home from the hospital...I think we need to adjust her carseat straps!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lucy turned three on Thursday. THREE! When did that happen? Below are pictures of her on her first and second birthday.

And this was Lucy on Thursday sitting protectively by her farm cake. The cake was a wash but she loved it so that's all that matter. I literally made it out of whatever I had in the house..the barn is made our of a chocolate bar, the hay is dyed coconut, and the fence is made of toothpicks. I stuck some of her farm animals on it with some hay and a mud puddle out of frosting and declared it done. When she saw it in the morning, she said, "its beautiful. its a birfday cake". Then she appropriately sang her very favorite song, "Old Mcdonald Had a Farm" while sitting by it waiting for her party to start, about 10 verses. It was awesome.

Lucy was also very excited for her presents and was not very happy that she had to wait all day to open them. Both sets of grandparents and Kevin's grandma were able to attend. We had pizza and celery with lemonade, her favorite things.

She opened this little stuffed leopard from Isak that he picked our for her a month ago and wouldn't let go of it to open her other presents, so she did it one handed. She got this cute umbrella from my parents along with a lot of toy food, a bath bubble blower, puppets, underwear (I can hope!), barettes, markers, a keepon, stuff for her baby doll and we got her a wagon.
Lucy is so excited for everything so it makes her present opening fun to watch. I love this age when they just love anything and are so grateful. It will be a sad day when its no longer so easy to please them.

She loved the umbrella and has tried to go to sleep with it. She also has used the wagon to store her ever growing zoo of animals and this morning spent an hour sitting in it singing every song she knows to them.

At three, Lucy has quite the personality and assumes everyone loves her and is not shy at all. She loves to sing and really enjoys nursery at church. She sings all day long and likes to sit in her crib by herself and play with her animals. Oh yes, she is still in a crib because well, until recently, she didn't know how to get out and would just wait for us to come get her every morning. Loves to torment Isak and is really good at it. Likes to wear her frog boots. Will answer a definite "yes" or "no" when I ask her a question. Will randomly ask for hugs during the day and ask to hold Edyn. Loves her nana and gramma campbell and her "bepas'. Likes to paint and eat play-dough.
Loves angry birds and asks to watch angry bird videos on you tube. Loves to talk to herself in the mirror. Still in diapers with no desire to be potty trained, we're working on that. Loves to play with other kids and Isak's friends, jump on the trampoline, go for walks in the stroller. Pretty naughty, we use timeout a lot but she's just so darn cute.
Love this sweet girl and I can't wait to find out what the next year will bring!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Edyn's newborn pictures

My friend, Jen Ritchie, took some newborn pictures of Edyn for me. We had so much fun! And my other friend, Crystal, let me use all of her props from her Etsy shop. Wow, sure is nice to have talented friends!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lucy's hair got cut on Saturday. Her very pretty long blonde hair was getting to be just to much to handle. She would hardly let me brush it and it was always a battle that ended in tears and I decided it just wasn't worth it. I think we will keep it short till she's either old enough to let me brush it or have an opinion about whether she wants it long or not. For now I think its pretty cute short and so much easier to do!
Lucy really loves celery. I can thank the wonder pets. Sunday night she kept asking Kevin for more and I think she ate two stalks all by herself. Pretty amazing if you know how picky my kids are :).
Edyn is just getting so big. I know I say this all the time but it always amazes me how fast they can grow. I weighed her Saturday night and she was 10 lbs. Seriously? 10lbs! She has rolls on her legs and tummy and they are so darn cute! We figured out she sleeps best in her cradle and last night she only woke up twice. Its getting better, we just might all survive!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Kevin was gone all last week traveling for work so I moved in with his parents for five days. It was awesome. I got a nap everyday and someone to help entertain my kids all week. But I think his parents are sure glad he doesn't travel very often!