Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Soccer and Peaches

Isak started soccer this week and so far he has had one game. Kevin is coaching his team and there are 4 little boys on his team. The main goal is for them to kick it in the right direction, use their feet, and have fun. There is one boy on his team who is amazingly good for being 4 and played spring ball. He can kick the ball while running and turning and can steal it away. He scored about 10 goals so our team might be pretty good thanks to him!
Isak mostly likes just running after the ball with the other kids. He gets tired easily and needed about 4-5 breaks, most of which were while his game was still going and he just ran over and grabbed his gatorade. He only went to play on the swings once toward the end and came back pretty easily. And Isak only tried to tackle this kid on the other team a few times who luckily thought it was just as much fun as Isak. So all in all, a pretty good success. He was a lot of fun to watch and I let him roll down the grassy hills when we were done which he was so excited about.
Kevin's parents have a peach tree in their backyard that gives off lots of peaches every September. Since I am trying to build up our food storage and free fruit is a great way to get some, I decided to try my hand at some canning. I have used a steam canner before helping my mom can over the years and know basically what to do but have never done it all by myself.

So I borrowed my mother-in-law's pressure canner and took all her jars and lids and prayed nothing would blow-up in my kitchen. It was a process and I was pretty nervous that none of them would seal, but it worked! I just did 10 quarts but they all sealed and look edible! I felt so domesticated when I was done and now think I could can other things as well and do okay.
I made about 12 pints of peach freezer jam, 2 peach pies, froze about 4-5 bags, and pureed some and froze them in ice cubes to use as baby food later.

Isak was a great help and used the potato masher to help mash the peaches for jam. The best part is that my house has smelled like yummy peaches for a week.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Before I start talking about the fair, I wanted to mention Lucy's latest obsession. Meet baby owl or "owl puppet" and mama owl. Lucy loves to carry them around and goes to bed with at least one of them. She especially likes shoving them into her stroller, box, or halloween bucket and carrying them around with her. She will look for them yelling "ere are you oowwl?". Often times at nap we will hear her playing with it going "whoo, whoo, whoo" quite loudly.

The fair was this week, so on Tuesday, the kids made sheep out of cotton balls and glue. Well mostly Isak made a sheep. Lucy just wanted to play with the animal puppets and make them talk. I am pretty sure Isak used a half bottle of glue.

The kids were lucky enough to go to the fair twice today. Once with the preschool in the morning and then tonight with Kevin and I as a family. Lucy was super excited to see the animals and kept saying "wow, oh wow" over and over again. She moo'd at the cows and talked appropriately to the sheep and goats as well. Isak was especially excited about the turkey he found that gobbled at him.

We ate some very yummy but horrible for you fair food, looked at then animals, then to the rides. Lucy somehow wrangled Kevin into letting her ride a pony that was very overpriced.

But she was pretty darn excited about that horse.

I discovered that you can't ride the ferris wheel when you are pregnant. I tried to get on with Lucy and the lovely carnival man said, "mam, is there something on that yellow sign that applies to you?" I was so confused at first then I realized that he was meaning I was pregnant. I wanted to say, "No, I just had my baby. Its at home. But thanks for calling me fat". Sadly, I was caught off guard and didn't say anything witty. So Kevin took both kids by himself.

And I had a heart attack while watching my babies go up so high and fast. Something about the heights on those things always scares me but apparently doesn't phase my kids any. They appeared to be having a great time!
Isak went on the big pink slide again this year and loved it, even after dropping his blanket and making the ride lady climb up to him and give it back to him. I had a feeling she wasn't too pleased about that one.

A very blurry picture of Isak on the spaceships. .

Lucy rode the floating balloon ride with our friend's daughter and Isak rode them as well on a separate car.

Lucy is just over 36 inches tall so she met the minimum height requirement for most of the rides there. However, she is only 2 1/2 so I was a little worried about her being able to safely stay secured in the rides. She managed to stay strapped into this roller coaster fine and actually did really well with all the rides, never crying, just looked a little wide eyed during some of them.

Isak went through a kids straw maze as well and really liked it. He also got a light up sword that he has been talking about since last year's fair that he his currently using as his night light tonight.

I love our little county fair we have, its just the right size and I love that we see everyone we know when we go. My parents are coming with us on Friday night and hopefully we will get to go through some of the exhibits as well as visit all of Lucy's dear animal friends :).

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1st day of Preschool

Isak started preschool today and he was pretty excited. I think he gets bored at home with me all day everyday and its nice he can go somewhere and see other kids and adults a few times a week. We are doing the Co-Op again this year so I get to go help a few times a month which is nice. Anyway, Isak had a great first day and had many of his same friends in his class this year that he did last year and the same teacher. His favorite part of the day was checking out the new playground toys and of course, snack.
I can't believe he will start kindergarten next year. I don't think I am ready. Lucy and I already didn't know what to do with ourselves with the just the 2 hours Isak was gone today. I cleaned the house, we colored and read some books, and it we had 45 mins till Isak was done. I guess it is good I will be having another baby soon to keep me busy!

It was so hot out today, I pulled out the pool and let the kids play. I'm sad to think that summer is almost gone!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Football Weekend

I gave Kevin Seahawk tickets for his birthday back in July and we got to go to the game on Friday night. Kevin's mom was nice enough to take our kids for the night so off we went! I bought the tickets in June when they were still pretty cheap so I got us tickets 5 rows from the field for a great deal. We have been to several college football games but never to a pro-game and it was really fun to see players in person that we've seen on tv and read about. The crowd was a bit rowdier, mainly because of the open alcohol that was being sold in the stadium...
Align Center

It was so much fun! The main downside to the seats was that the Seagals were 10 ft from us the whole game and they weren't wearing many clothes. I kept staring at their abs thinking, just wait. Just wait till you have 3 kids and its all shot to heck. Perhaps it was the crazy pregnant hormones talking. Thats been happening a lot lately.
And....Saturday night was Boise State's first football game of the season! Kevin's Aunt Colleen came down to watch it with us because she is awesome and his grandma came too and brought Chico's Pizza. We were all dressed in appropriate fan attire and Isak practiced his football throwing throughout the game. He's actually getting pretty good and loves to run, catch, then spin. Its impressive :).
Lucy got in on the action as well but mostly wanted to dance for everyone and hear them cheer for her. As long as she doesn't grow up to be a Seagirl, I am good with her exuberant personality.