Sunday, March 30, 2008

So we have moved into our house and are now trying to unpack. It is taking forever but mostly because I am also chasing Isak around at the same time. He has learned how to climb the stairs really fast so we have to keep it blocked off at all times. We have towels hanging in our windows at the moment acting as "curtains" but we should have blinds in soon. Our new favorite activity is watching all the people across the street look at the houses for sale. We just figure we can scare off any of the ones who look a little crazy.

Our landscaping on our house got finished while we were in Utah this past weekend. Here are a few pictures, we have a "dr.Seuss" tree in our front yard. There's also some pics of Us with Isak at temple square.

This is a cool little rock "river" that comes down from the drain.
Our side yard
Dr. Seuss was windy

Temple square with Isak. We went to a Jazz game with Kevin's work Friday night and had a lot fun, they had a suite upstairs that we watched the game from and they fed us. Someday when we are rich we will have friends who have those kind of seats at boise state games....I hope.

So driving home with Isak was an adventure. Well, driving any distance longer than about an hour with Isak is always an adventure. He actually does really well but he likes to take a break and sit in the front of the car with us and play with stuff. His favorite is the steering wheel.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Isak's first steps!

This is how we found Isak the other night after he had fallen asleep. Poor kid. We find him in the strangest positions. We fixed him so he didn't have to sleep on his face.
Isak has discovered that he loves to feed himself. It is very messy, but he has so much fun!

Isak took his first steps today...he's a little wobbly and definitely still prefers to crawl but he took about 3 steps. He did it a couple times and then he was done.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Our Trip Home

We went home to moses lake this past weekend to see Mark who just got home from his mission in Italy. We had lots of fun visiting everyone and showing off fat little Isak. Isak did not like being in his carseat but his bottle seemed to offer some comfort.

Isak with Grandpa

Isak and Grady...2 weeks apart..3 inches difference

These are some pictures of our house we bought here in Boise. For some reason we forget to take a pic of the outside..whoops. So that is to follow soon. We close on March 19th and are very excited...3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths....lots of room for Isak to crawl and to break stuff.

This is from up the stairs..I have no idea as to what to do with this shelf..any suggestions?

This is our master bedroom..the bookshelf

My Favorite part of the whole house..the bathtub. Isak can go swimming!

One part of the closet in the master bedroom...and Isak and I in his bedroom. We'll have to paint

This is the entry way and the little office area.

Our front room.

Dining room, off to the left is the mud room from the garage.


Downstairs bathroom/powder room