Sunday, June 29, 2008


I was tagged by Whitney!

A-Attached or Single? Attached to kevin
B-Best Friend? My sister, Crystal, sis-in-laws, my mom, emily, katie
C-Cake or Pie? Um both?
D-Day of Choice? Sundays. Only day kevin and I are both home together and usually don't have to work
E-Essential Item? my runnin shoes and my bathtub
F-Favorite Color? blue
H-Hometown? Moses Lake...ah good al moses lake.
I-Favorite Indulgence? Hmm. Nestles Treasures in carmel while taking a bubble bath and watching episodes of the bachelor or reading trashy magazines. And sleeping in past 7am.
J-January or July? July. I hate the cold.
K-Kids? Isak is 13 months and the cutest baby ever. Minus the fact he ate his own poo today but more on that later.
L-Life isn't complete without? My wonderful husband and little boy who keep me on my toes.
M-Marriage date? August 11th, 2005
O-Oranges or apples? I love both but I have to say oranges.
P-Phobias? dying alone or having a baby die (when you work where I work lots of scary situations cross your mind. Not looking forward to my next pregnancy...)
Q-Quote? "You can't answer the door for every creep who comes knocking" It was my mantra during my single years. Can't say I always followed it well.
R-Reason to smile? I'm healthy, my family is healthy and we're all happy. We have food to eat and a place to live and none of us are on antidepressants or have mental health issues. YAY!
S-Season of choice? Fall. Its the best time to run and when all the best races are.
T-Tag 3 people: I tag Crystal, Katie, and Michelle!
U-Unknown facts about me? I love football, especially college ball and I am especially excited we live in boise where the Broncos play. I almost went to college to go into real estate. (thank goodness I didn't that route). I can get really mean when I play board games, (infamously I have made various people cry) I listen to NPR podcasts when I run....
.V-Vegetable? Green peppers, tomatoes, and asparagus
W-Worst habit? Nagging Kevin and procrastinating my house work
X-X-ray or ultrasound? Ultrasound.
Y-Your favorite food? I love mexican food namely macho burritos, grilled cheese sandwhiches, cold cereal, pasta, really I will eat anything.
Z-Zodiac sign? Aries

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just another week

This past week we had the chance to have my mom stay with us and help out with Isak. It was really nice to have the extra sleep and meals and of course Isak loved all the fun toys he got as well. Our community pool opened up today and we had the chance to go swimming for a little bit. Isak loves the water, he loves the sprinklers, the hose, the fountain, and also the pool. It doesn't matter how cold it is I think he would stay out all day if he could.
This fountain is at one of our parks in here Boise. I love how many pretty parks there are here and that they have so many different things to do. The water was pretty forceful coming off the fountain and sprayed for quite a ways. It took Isak by shock at first but he kept going back for more.

Isak has a small play table that happened to be next to our end tables. Somehow he wrangled himself on top of the little table, which he's done before, and hoisted himself on top of the end tables. He then proceeded to start pulling stuff off my sink and throwing everything off of the table. He's turning into quite the little monkey.
My family is having a reunion in August and we'll be in Boise for part of it. This is the park where we are going to have our family pictures taken can only walk in and its trails everywhere with trees and bridges and the river. I think its a wildlife preserve.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Isak's 1 year old pictures

Wow. I have been posting a lot. Anyway, we took Isak in to get his 1 year old pictures today and they turned out pretty cute. He was in a questionable mood but they ended up going alright. I now have an idea of what could possible be one of the worst jobs...a photographer taking these pictures. Yes, the kids and babies can be cute. But they also can yell, scream, bite and definitely not cooperate all while their even crazier parents make you take a million pictures and can't understand why it possibly couldn't be working. And you have to look ridicuolous why making crazy sounds and faces like your nuts. Although, she did get Isak to smile so we appreciate her.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer's Here!

It is finally summer here in Boise, we had one of our first "hot" days last Friday and its been warm ever since. We were able to break out Isak's froggy wading pool which he was very excited to splash in. The little community we moved into has a pool that should be opening up this week and we can hardly wait. Since not very many people have moved into this area yet, I think we have a total of 5 families,n our neighborhood, it shouldn't be too crowded.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy father's day! I just wanted to mention a few things that make kevin such a great dad, although I am probably a little biased.

1. When Isak first came home from the hospital and we had no idea what we were doing, kevin was the first one to clip his nails, he would change diapers, and would rotate with me getting up with him during the night so I could get a stretch of sleep. It was a life saver.
2. Kevin loves to play with Isak and he much prefers to play with dad rather than me. I think its because kevin throws him around and is much rougher than I am which Isak thinks is hilarious
3. I had to go back to work sooner than I wanted to after having Isak. I was starting in labor and delivery and had to orient on days 3 times a week for 12 hours. It was really hard being gone but Kevin brought Isak to the hospital every day so I could nurse him and have lunch with him. It always made my day.
4. Despite that kevin claims I worry way too much, I think that we are more equal than he things in this area. A few months ago Isak got a small cut on his finger that bled quite a bit. He was fine but Kevin was convinced that he wasn't getting enough iron. He started giving him rice cereal mixed in with his yogurt every morning so we could make sure he was getting enough. I thought it was very cute.
5. Kevin is very busy right now with finishing school, working, and taking care of Isak at night when I work. He doesn't get much sleep but he always lets me go for a run or take a nap whenever I need to. I really appreciate everything he does for his family and look forward to september when everything will go back to "normal" for a while.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Can you imagine?

Whenever I feel overwhelmed or tired, I like to look at this site. It helps put things in perspective.......

This mom carried her 5 babies to 34 weeks which is AMAZING and they are all healthy. Anyway, its pretty interesting to read about trying to take care of 5 little babies plus 2 older kids. Makes my one little boy seem pretty easy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rain Rain go Away...

So yesterday I had the chance to babysit my friends little boy while she wasn't feeling well. He's just over 2 months and it was fun to hold a little baby again. I forget that Isak was ever that small and than I remember that Isak was an abnormally big baby and was that little for about 2 weeks. He was very sweet and Isak really liked him. He kept making high pitched cooing sounds as he patted him on the head and squeezed his toes. Isak has also started doing "knock, knock" with his knuckles on pretty much everything, our foreheads, the door, the bathtub, and did it as well on the poor baby's head. We had to run a lot of interference but luckily no one was hurt.
It has been really rainy and cold in Boise, we even had some snow last night which was a record. I feel like we're still living in Rexburg with all this crazy weather. This is Isak all dressed up in his garb to go outside. We're more about function than style in my house as you can tell by his outfit....
Isak loved playing in the rain. He didn't care that it was cold or wet. He found every puddle he could and liked to stand under the raingutter and try to drink the water.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Just another crazy week

I asked Kevin to put some socks on Isak. Apparently I didn't specify which socks because he thought it would stick his dress socks on him.
Mark and Lindsey were babysitting...putting Isak in weird poses

The kid just loves to eat dirt. And rocks, and bark, and toilet paper...he's like a little goat. This is usually how our day goes. Isak runs and grabs his sandals and hands them to me. Then he grunts at me until I put them on his feet. Then he runs to the door and pounds on it, yelling. Once we get outside he runs across the street or into the house under construction that is full of nails and other sharp objects. Then he begins to shove rocks in his mouth. This is what it sounds like. "Isak spit that out. We don't eat rocks"
Isak smiles. continues to eat rocks.
"Isak spit it out now"
Isak runs off. Rock falls out mouth.
Repeat, replace rocks with bark and stagnant water.
I love being a mom

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What a crazy day

Isak and I got to spend a lot of quality time together this past week while Kevin was busy with school and his office. We discovered his halloween skunk costume in his closet and Isak loved the way the fur felt. He kept rubbing his head against it so I decided to see how it still fit.
Its kind of hard to close in the front and the hood doesn't fit at all but I had fun dressing him up.
We've really enjoyed having Mark and Lindsey here in Boise this summer, its been nice having family so close. Mark came over today and had dinner with us and tried to serve Isak as well....

So this is the story. I got off work this morning and went to sleep for a few hours prior to going to church. We were running a little late but we were still fine. As we got closer to the church, we realized the road had been blocked for this large "ironman" triathlon here in Boise. We tried to go around but it ended up taking us an extra 20 mins to get to church. So we got to sacrament meeting way late but Isak was suprisingly calm....we should've known. I got up to change his diaper once and came back in to sit down. About 2 mins later I felt something warm and slippery on his back. Well the crazy kid had completely pooped out of his diaper. He hadn't just leaked, chunks of poo were coming out (sorry if this is graphic) all down his brand new little white shirt and plaid shorts. He hasn't done this probably for a good 5 months. Too make matters worse, all of our diapers were in the car (across the street) and we had managed to forget wipes. Oh and a spare outfit. So after we scrounged up a diaper and cleaned him up, he ran around church in his diaper. Looking like some very well fed orphan child. So we decided to take him home, in his borrowed diaper, and put some clothes on the kid. What a day.