Saturday, February 28, 2009

My little Helper

I thought this look fit Lucy's hair well..she looks rather startled. Really, this is how she almost always looks when she's awake..very wide eyed. I asked Isak to smile for me and this is what I got.
Isak really loves Lucy and loves to "help" with her. Today he tried stuffing her pacifier in her mouth while I was nursing her. Isak loves to look for lint in his toes, he will pull of his socks just so he can separate each toe and look for lint. He started looking for lint in Lucy's toes as well and also her fingers which I can't quite figure out.

He was helping Kevin change her diaper and noticed him using the wipes. So he decided to help as well and started wiping her down.

He also loves her belly button and likes to point to his and then point to hers. We go through this every time I change her diaper and he's sitting there. I think he's pretty amazed they have the same body parts. Good thing he's not old enough to start asking about which ones aren't the same..

My sister gave us these very cute bunny slippers for Lucy. Her feet are really long so they fit her quite well despite the fact they go up to 6 months.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2 weeks old and growing

So the past few weeks have been pretty eventful at our house. We had family here the past couple weeks to help us and Kevin was out of town for work for a week. I have been adjusting to having two kids by myself the past couple days and so far we have survived. My delivery this time was much, much easier and so my recovery was a lot faster than it was with Isak. An epidural makes a world of difference! Breastfeeding has been easier and overall it just has been an easier adjustment, probably because I have done this all once before.
Lucy is growing like a weed and at her two week check up was 8lbs 6oz (up a 1lb 4oz from her birth weight), which is in the 75th percentile, 22 inches tall (90th%), and her head is wonderfully average in the 50th%. This was when Kevin was gone, Isak usually becomes a lot clingier when he leaves but luckily I still have room in my lap for two.

Isak really loves his little sister and will hug her around the neck and lay on her every chance he gets. He especialy loves to pet her head, I think its because of all of her hair. He is very gentle with her and likes to talk to her. I hope they are good friends.

Her eyes have really brightened up and her face has filled out. I just love having a little girl and all the pink and hair bows. It has been really fun so far and I'm sure will just get better.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby Gilbert is a.......

So I have no idea why all of these pictures are sideways or why I can't turn them but you get the idea. Our beautiful baby girl joined us yesterday at 0456pm weighing in at 7lbs2oz and 21 1/2 inches long. Little Lucy grace has LOTS of dark long hair, a cleft chin just like kevin and isak, and very long fingers and toes just like her mom. I was completely 100% shocked when the doctor held her up and I saw it was a girl, I think I couldn't talk for a good 5 minutes. It was definitely the best way to find out and I think we will now wait with any more kids we have. We are all doing well and feel incredibly blessed to have this sweet little spirit in our family. Good luck with the pictures and don't get a kink in your neck....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So I am still pregnant but I have a scheduled induction for monday, thank goodness. This pregnancy has been very long and mentally very tiring so I am ready to be done! Isak decided to learn how to get out of his crib last night so we did not sleep...great timing on his part. I thought he was too little to do this but I guess I should have known better with all the climbing he does. So we are dropping down the side of his crib and get to start retraining him on how to sleep through the night without leaving his room. Fun stuff with a newborn on the way! Our computer also has died and does not appear to be coming back, this is kevin's work computer, and kevin's phone has also died. It has been quite a week! But we are excited to meet this new little baby and I am even more excited that the day is just around the corner! Wish us luck!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Painted Toes....

I painted my toenails the other day and Isak kept rubbing them and pointing them out. So, I decided to make his toenails to match. Aren't they pretty? I think I need to have a girl. Although Isak is working as a great substitute for now but it may become a problem as he gets older. We've all been sick at our house, it started with Isak and went to me and now Kevin. So I've decided this probably isn't a great time to have a baby anyway..but if it happened I certainly wouldn't complain.

So being the great parents we are and wanting to watch the superbowl, we decided to distract Isak with a DVD and kevin's extra computer monitor.And a popsicle. It lasted for a little while at least.