Monday, April 23, 2012

We had the HOTTEST day today, it was over 85 degrees and Isak was so excited to get out the bouncy pool that he has been begging me since it got over 60 one day to pull out. I coated him in sunscreen and he still got red around his face. I mowed the front and back lawn and was drenched in sweat afterwards. Its still April, I'm not sure I'm quite ready for this weather just yet!
 Isak and Lucy have finally decided they are friends in the past couple months and have been playing together fairly well lately. It only took three years, but it appears to be happening. Their favorite things to do are to play angry birds with all our stuffed birds and pigs and to play in the dirt area out in the backyard. And their newest favorite activity I think will be playing in the pool. I have a feeling I won't be seeing much of them in the house this summer and that I'm going to need some 80 SPF sunscreen for these kids. They have both always been such water babies and love to be outside in the sunshine.
Our crab apple tree has bloomed and while beautiful, it attracts tons of bees and they are all over my yard. I went a little crazy today outside with the hornet spray.

I brought Edyn outside this evening to enjoy the lovely weather and she enjoyed watching her crazy siblings play in the water. 

She has many endearing faces lately. In the mornings I find her smiling to herself in her cradle and cooing, wide awake. She has been sleeping so well recently at night and I count my blessings that all my kids seem to have pretty great sleeping habits. Except for Lucy's recent stint of waking up between 6-7am every morning for the past few months. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter! Well Easter Morning Lucy spit our jelly beans all over her white sweater and dress as I attempted to comb her hair. So this sweater is another one I found and I had to later hand wash her lovely dress. Her and Edyn were matching in yellow and this was the best picture I could come up with. They just weren't very cooperative that morning!
But if I cropped Lucy out on the end, I have this lovely one I love of Edyn and Isak. She definitely looks more like him than Lucy.
Easter morning the kids woke up to some lovely easter baskets and butterfly nets. Isak was much more excited than he looks in the picture. They got books, laser/flash light things, candy and we regifted Isak a DVD I gave him for his birthday last year and he hasn't seen in a while. He totally thought it was a new present. And Lucy got an angry bird shirt which she would all day and night if I didn't hide it from her. She LOVED it.
Easter weekend was a tad crazy at our house. We also celebrated my birthday in there and I picked up an extra shift at work so we were very busy. Saturday morning we had a giant easter egg hunt out at Kevin's parent's house. I thought it would be such a great place to hid eggs and its a huge lawn so we had everyone bring eggs and I hid them all. The kids loved it of course and had so much fun finding them all. I didn't find an leftover so they all did a great job of picking them all up! All together we had over 20 kids there so it was a great success!
We dyed eggs earlier in the week with Kevin's cousin and their kids. This was the first time we have dyed eggs and Isak and Lucy really enjoyed it and figured it out right away. They were sad when we ran out of eggs to do and started stealing their cousins'.
Isak and I also conducted a PEEP experiment that I stole from someone's blog and we dissolved PEEPS in different liquids and observed what happened. We did orange juice, pop, water, vinegar and soap. We let them sit for a week and Isak liked looking at the changes every morning. They were pretty gross by the end!
We also exploded PEEPS with vinegar, baking soda, and food coloring. It was a lot of fun. We had a wonderful Easter! It was great to go to church and remember the true meaning of why we celebrate the holiday. We talked about it in home evening that week and I was suprised how much Isak seemed to understand. I just hope next year maybe the weekend will not be so crazy!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last week we had really great weather. Isak froze his super hero guys in a block of ice and then dethawed them with a squirt gun. He had his friend Aubrey over to play and they had a great time.
Even Edyn was excited about the warm weather.
I worked last Friday night and so Kevin had Grady over to play on Saturday to entertain Isak while I was sleeping. They found the closet of animal costumes and Grady tried hard to squeeze into the dinosaur one but it just wasn't happening...
So they opted for the bird costumes and went outside and built "nests" out of leaves and branches.
A friend of mine gave me a walker to use for Edyn when she gets older. Lucy has pronounced it her new favorite toy and loves to sit in it, drag her legs around, and eat her snacks there. This doesn't surprise me at all, this is totally a Lucy thing to do. I just hope we can get her out of the crib sometime soon!
Kevin and I have decided to redo our kitchen this summer and ordered our cabinets/counter top last Friday. They will be here in 5 weeks which means, we have 5 weeks to get our demo done, our floor put in, and paint up on the walls. I am SO EXCITED. No more cabinet doors falling on my head. More than one cupboard on the wall. Places to put my dishes. Actual drawers in my kitchen. Kevin is excited, but a little more wary as he as to do all the actual work, I just get to demolish stuff. Anyone have a sledge hammer and want to come take out a bad day on my kitchen? Just give me a call!!