Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Edyn is 8 months!

 Edyn turned 8 months today. She is getting so big. I just love having a baby and while its exciting to see her growing, it makes me a little sad she's not longer quite as cuddly as she was a few months ago. She now has 4 top teeth and two bottom teeth. She can sit up by herself and feed herself off of her high chair. She loves baby food and can eat puffs, yogurt melts, crackers, bread from her tray. She rolls everywhere but is starting to get up on all fours and rock so she will be on the move soon. She just got moved into her own room and so far that is going well. She was displaced for a while due to all of our home renovations we have going on but her room finally got finished enough for a crib to fit in.
 She is a super happy baby when she's not teething and really loves her mama. Still no bottle but she eats so many other things its not such an issue anymore. She loves to be outside and likes to go for runs in our stroller with Lucy. Since I now have two kids who will willingly sit in the running stroller I am out of excuses but can I just say that running with 60lbs of baby into a headwind is HARD! Anyway, its a good workout. Since Edyn is now 8 months I probably should also finish losing that baby weight too but all in good time, right?

 My friend gave me these skeleton pajamas that glow in the dark and Isak and Lucy LOVE them. Whenever she wears them they want me to turn out all the lights so they can see her "glow".

Labor Day Weekend

 Thursday before Labor Day Weekend Boise State had their opening game. It was really sad because they lost, we don't lose to often so its a weird feeling. I had everyone dress up in their Boise State apparel but I just realized we forgot to wear our blue and orange beaded socks! Kevin's aunts and his uncle also came up to visit for the weekend and it was great to be able to see them as well. Lori is making my kids hats for this fall and Lucy is so excited for her angry bird hat.

 And because I apparently have nothing to do with all my time, I got a bunch of peaches and found a moment to make freezer jam. We eat it all year and it tastes so fresh and yummy. We use it on pancakes and crepes and sandwiches and I now can't stand the way store bought tastes.
 I found this buggy at a yard sale for $3 and its the perfect size for Edyn. Lucy also thinks she's the perfect size despite her getting "stuck" in it repeatedly because her knees stick out of the top. She somehow has conned Kevin into pushing her in this to the park twice.

 Lucy started preschool last week and also went to a princess party. She was so excited to start preschool as she has been dropping Isak off for the last two years and has never been able to stay. She's gone to a few days so far and has done great. She is very friendly and will talk to anyone that's within 5 feet of her. She especially loves the painting and when they sing songs.
One of her little friends invited her to her birthday party last week that had a princess/dragon theme. They all got to make their own crowns and play a bunch of games. One of my favorite was the catching "fairies" on the trampoline that were marshmallows my friend would throw at them to catch. Their also was a bouncy waterslide that was very awesome.

 Lucy had a blast and all the little girls in their princess dresses were pretty cute. So glad I have stock of my $1 princess dresses for occasions such as these!

Lucy's first day of preschool. She towers over the other children. I never think of her being that tall till she's around other 3 year olds and she's a good head taller than them. We'll see if she stops growing early or if shes just going to be tall. The downside is people tend to think she's older than she is so they expect her to behave differently than she does. She's still just three and definitely acts accordingly.
 Lucy loves her mommy time now that Isak is in school all day. She's always requesting to make cookies and other assorted items. Luckily she also asks to run in stroller almost everyday as well so it kind of balances out...