Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Kindergarten Graduation

 Oh my little Lucy graduated from Kindergarten today.  While I do roll my eyes a little at the ten balloons and bags of candy every other parent seems to bring for their 6 year old, it is pretty cute.  Even the pomp and circumstance that they have them march in to is pretty darn fun.  But my dear girl, I hope that this is one of many, many other graduations you will have! When you graduate from high school and college, that will warrant some gifts.  Lucy was of course, appropriately excited for the occasion, carefully laying out her dress and hair ribbon the night before and telling me how to curl her hair.
 Lucy couldn't help but wave at me and my dad and Kevin several times during the ceremony.  They sang two songs and I couldn't help at laugh at the enthusiasm Lucy had with singing and hand actions versus Isak who sang the same songs two years ago and barely moved his mouth. Hahahaha.
 And oh  my goodness, the class of 2027?!! What the heck!
 Lucy really grew a lot this year, both socially and academically.  She learned how to deal with her emotions without having yelling outbursts and crying.  She learned to read and can write and draw really well.  She made new friends and she really likes school. I think she's a little sad it's over.
 I threw my back out a few days ago for the first time ever and it was a true blessing I could get up and go to her graduation.  I had pain on Friday, worked 12 hours Saturday, hurt Sunday, hurt more on Monday but limped to work for 8 hours.  That night I was hurting so bad I couldn't sleep and just laid there crying. As someone who has endured a long natural child birth I feel like I have a pretty good pain tolerance but that felt like my upper back was having labor contractions .  Poor Kevin didn't know what to do, no medication seemed to touch me. I finally fell asleep and on Tuesday I could hardly walk.  I had to call in to work which I haven't had to do in years and my amazing family took my kids so I could lay on a heating pad all day and take ibuprofen and muscle relaxers.  I had Kevin give me a blessing Tuesday night and today I feel so much better! I'm still laying in one spot on a heating pad but I no longer scream when I have to move and was able to go to Lucy's graduation.  Kevin has thrown out his back a few times and I'm always so annoyed with him but I now have a whole new level of sympathy. That stuff hurts!
 This is some examples of Lucy's work this past year. She is quite the artist and I always love going through her papers because the back of every blank page is covered in drawing and coloring.
 Lucy's self portrait is just awesome. I love the details. She was wearing a shirt with little rhinestones on the shoulders and her scarf. I love her glasses and the bow in her hair.
 Lucy's favorite place is our local ice cream called Fruitaletas. I love the little chairs she drew outside.
Everyone in her class made a snowman and got to name them. They were posted on the classroom wall for a while. I love that Lucy randomly named hers "Henge". I was so lucky to be able to help out every Monday in Lucy's class for an hour and do math with the kids. I got to know everyone in her class and I love working with this age. Although I definitely couldn't do that all day everyday!  Mrs Bartkowski was her teacher and was pulled out of retirement to teach this year of Kinder and I wish I could just take her with me for Lucy every year.  She was amazing and so patient and so very thorough.  Lucy has Miss Fullmer for first grade which is who Isak had and we loved her.  She also happens to be a friend of ours and in our ward so it works out great!

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Amanda said...

Lucy is an amazing girl, She is so wonderful. So sorry you threw your back out. Ouch!!