Sunday, May 31, 2015

Happy 8th!! Birthday Isak!

My little Isak turned 8 last Saturday. I swear, I feel like I just had the kid. He had a pretty great birthday. The day before was no school so we let him take a couple friends to the trampoline park about an hour away.  They had a blast and talked nonstop and Isak managed to lost his glasses in the ball pit. We got them pizza on the way home and they were golden.
 Isak's birthday party the next day was pretty simple. He wanted a mad scientist party and we combined that with a water party.  We had the kids build molecule structures out of gum drops and marshmelows and toothpicks as they arrived.

 After that we let them place baking soda filled balloons on water bottles filled with vinegar. Everyone loved how the balloons inflated from the reaction.
 Next we played pin the reaction on the flask.  It needed to be a bigger flask but they liked it anyway.
 Next we made penny shooters and let the kids shoot pennies all over the yard.
 The dinosaur pinata, not really in theme, but at Wal-Mart and convenient. It made it through two kids before it was smashed. They get stronger as they get bigger!
 Next they had a pretty fun water fight with balloons and water shooters.
We also sang Isak happy birthday while surrounded by Diet Coke bottles.  Kevin and I dropped Mentos in them and Isak got a good spray! Then we let his friends rinse him off. I think the picture is on my phone so I'll have to add it later.
 Isak got to open presents and he opted this year for the four layer chocolate monstrosity from Costco as his cake.  It was super delicious and I think is still sitting in our kitchen as it is SO MUCH cake!
He got a great Lego table from Kevin and I complete with a bunch of Legos I scored at a yard sale a few weeks ago.  He got a few Lego sets, water guns, volcano set, MineCraft figures, new books and more fun stuff for summer.  And he got crepes to eat, his favorite food ever. He's getting baptized June 6th and met with our bishop today.  I can't believe how he's growing up.  Isak has the best sense of humor and is a great help with baby Quinn.  He is a terrific reader and has over 460 AR points, a record at the school for 2nd graders. Another kid once had 600 points in 5th grade. The next girl below him has 190 points.  For every book you read you take a test and its worth so many points.  The bigger the book the more points.  Picture books are work like a point, Harry Potter is worth 20-30 points.  I'm so proud of him and glad that he enjoys such a valuable skill so much. He is friendly and makes new friends easily and I love that he has all types of friends.  I can always count on him to do the right thing and I'm so glad that he's our oldest to set the example for his siblings.  I love this kid so much and am so excited for him to be baptized next Saturday.  Happy Birthday Isak man!

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